Natsu x reader- Chapter 5: Art and the fair


Nastu walks down the stairs when Gray is eating the first of the new batch of pancakes you were making. He sniffs up, smelling the delightful smell. (when anime or cartoons smell summat the like they literally hover to the source of the smell, that’s what Natsu did)
” Good morning” you said putting sugar and lemon on a pancake you ha made.
“Marry me right now” Natsu said. You froze in your tracks and blushed while Natsu ate your pancake. “These are delicious, you should make some more often (y/n)” your blush grows and you get slightly annoyed. How could you have been so stupid. He only asked you to marry him because of the food. Gosh Darnit (y/n)


 After everyone was fed you waddled to the bathroom to go to toilet. You felt pain and lifted up your shirt and looked in the mirror. There was a large scar across your stomach.
“Is that still causing you grief?” Gray said behind you, making you jump out of your skin. You drop your shirt and turn to face him. You nod. “Let me see it” He asks and you lift up your shirt. His fingers trail over the slightly raised skin (the scar).
“You saved my life” You tell him.

Flash back
You were running for your life. A scary wizard was chasing you and was ready to kill you. You backed up against the wall. The wizards twisted smile was plastered on her face. You ran towards stairs and slipped. You went tumbling down the stairs. Pain filled your body, especially on your stomach. You looked down to see a metal object stuck in your lower abdomen.
“(Y/N)!” A voice yelled. Gray came running towards you. He pulled the metal thing out of you, making you screech in pain. Natsu, Lucy and happy came to you. Lucy took your hand.

Your stomach felt cold. Gray was patching you up. Erza came running with bandages. ‘Thank god they were here.’ you thought. Your arm went around Natsu’s shoulder as he carried you out.
“You’ll be okay (y/n), I promise” he said.

End of flashback.
You didn’t realise that you were blushing. Natsu walked in holding a book.
“Hey (y/n), what’s this?” He asks holding the book up. It was a sketch book with a drawing of a rose on the front.
“That’s my art book” Natsu closed the toilet seat and placed your book on it. He opened to the first page. There was a sketch of you smiling with a girl who looks just like you. You take a deep breath looking at her then turn the page quick. On the next page there was a pen sketch of you and a boy. You turned the page again.
“Your good at drawing, why do you keep turning the pages?” Gray asks. You stay silent. You were crying in your mind. Gray noticed your discomfort as Natsu turned the pages back. Tears fell and Gray’s arms pulled you into a hug. Natsu turned the page past the boy and looked at the owl drawing.
“This is weird, how did you do this?” (the drawing was the sgraffito one up there ^^^) You just left the bathroom. Natsu turned the page and there was a drawing of him and Gray arguing. Gray laughed slightly and Natsu shut the book. “She’s brilliant at art.” Natsu said.

You sat on the couch with your knees to your chest. Happy sat next to you.
“Knock Knock” Lucy said coming in. She saw you upset and hugged you. “What did you do Happy?”
“why do you always think its my fault?” Happy said sadly.
“You know what you need (y/n), you need to go to the fair.” You shook your head instantly to her request. You had major motion sickness, like just as bad as Natsu’s. “Oh come on, ill give you 20 jewels if you can get Natsu on a ride with you” You shook your head again.
“I have motion sickness, ill just be sick on it” You say. Lucy looks at you then blinks then bursts out laughing.
“There are so many similarities between you and Natsu its unreal” She says. “come on” she starts dragging you. She sees the boys in the bathroom and drag them also. It was your group going to fair. You sat in the magic car (thingy magiggy lol cant remember what its called) The car started to move and you and Natsu laid on the floor looking like you was going to be sick.
“You weren’t kidding Lucy, when you said they had similarities” Happy said looking at the two of you. You laid your head on Natsu’s stomach and Natsu laid his head on your coat. You were both quite comfortable. You closed your eyes trying to imagine yourself else where when the car stopped.
“Were here” Lucy said.
“FREEDOM!!” You and Natsu yelled in sync jumping out of the car. Your eyes widened when you saw all the rides spinning and going upside down.

“I like this one” you said pointing to the tea cups, hoping that a small ride would not make you wanna be sick.
“No were going on this one” Lucy pointed to a circular one which appeared to have no straps or seats. You weren’t gonna lie. You didn’t know what it did. She dragged you all on and you stood in the stands. You were next to Natsu holding his hand tightly. The ride started spinning. Fast. You were pushed back to the edge of the metal and couldn’t move. You felt sick and Natsu looked awful. Right that moment you were sick and it flew all over the ride and the stranger next to you. Both you and Natsu crawled off of the ride afterwards and you saw Gray paying Lucy 40 jewels. ‘great they did a bet on us getting on a ride’ You thought. This upset you. Gray helped you up.
“That one next, its not as bad as the last one” He promises you. The ride says ‘Biggest person here’. You were all roughly the same height so you sat on that seat and Gray made Natsu sit next to you so if he got ill he could lay on you. You groaned and then the ride started.

cliffhanger… ish…