Natsu x reader- Chapter 6: Emotions run wild

“That one next, its not as bad as the last one” He promises you. The ride says ‘Biggest person here’. You were all roughly the same height so you sat on that seat and Gray made Natsu sit next to you so if he got ill he could lay on you. You groaned and then the ride started
You felt awful. You wanted to be sick again. Natsu was laid on your shoulder and the ride was called jumping bean, so as you imagine it bounced. You grunted every time it did as Gray and Natsu crushed you. You were glad when it stopped, but then it went backwards. You leaned over the edge.
“(Y/n) your gonna fall out” Gray said pulling you up right.
“That’s what I’m aiming for.”

The ride stopped and you and Natsu were laid on the floor by it.
“Are they alright?” A guy who had just rode the ride with you asked.
“Aye. They have motion sickness” happy chirped. It took you a while to finally stand but when you did you planted your foot deep in Gray’s face. He rubbed his face.
“What did you do that for?” he asks trying to sooth his stinging face.
“Because your an a$$” you said turning away. You picked up Natsu and made sure he was alright. Come on, be honest, How could Natsu ever be alright after being on them rides? He was groaning and looked rather ill. You held him up against you.
“You know I’m starting to ship you to” Happy said with a big smile on his face, which caused you to blush.
“You do look cute together” Gray said. He was in his boxers.
“Ya know, This isn’t 50 shades of Gray, put your clothes back on Fullbuster” you said with a wink.
“Have you ever actually read that book?” he asked.
“Maybe..” you blush.
“That’s a no then” You nod in defeat. You look down sad.
“I cant read” you say. Tears fell and a hand touched your shoulder to comfort you.
“Neither could I once” Natsu said, “Till I joined Fairy Tail” He pumped his fist in the air proudly. You laugh a little.

Natsu passes you your sketch book back.
“I love your art, especially the ones of all of us” he says.
“yeah” you simply say “i drew that because I love you guys, even though I haven’t known you very long” you smile.
“why was there two of you in the first sketch and who was the boy in the pen sketch?” Natsu asks, killing the moment. You frown.
“The boy was my boyfriend and the reason there is two of me is because that was my twin sister Amara” you state looking sad.
“Was?” Gray asks, “past tense?”
“About 3 years ago when me and my brother were out training with my boyfriend, and his best friend, our village came under attack. My boyfriend, Tetsu used his ice magic to protect us the best he could. He failed as a spear came at him from behind and stabbed him through the chest,” your eyes tear up, “he left me behind” Natsu held his arms around you. “After that the raiders started to take hostages, I was one of them along with Amara. My brother went missing and I had to look after Amara. I was very weak at the time and got beaten up pretty bad… They killed Amara in front of me as punishment for trying to escape.” tears where flooding down your cheeks at this point. Happy started crying because of the awkwardness of females crying. (a/n- not gonna lie, people crying is awkward)

(no ones pov)
Gray stepped outside for a moment.
“Tetsu… Where have I heard that name before?” he thought out loud, “Tetsu and ice magic. hmmm. WAIT I GOT IT!”
“You got what?” Natsu asks coming outside, carrying you on his back.
“Nevermind” He said. You smiled at him and he smiled back. You felt your heart pounding and he did also. What is this strange feeling? It feels false but real at the same time. Like it is a nice emotion with a little bit of bitterness in it. You didn’t understand and nor did Gray.

Natsu looked at you confused. He had set you down a while ago and felt awkward being stood by you two.
“Are you two gonna kiss or what?” he asked, pulling you out of your daydream. He scratched the back of his neck.
“Natsu why would you say that?” You ask. You tilted your head like a puppy.
“Well you were staring all lovey dovey at each other, I didn’t know if you were gonna make out or stay staring at each other” Natsu said in defence.
“AYE!” Happy said backing him up.

(Gray’s POV)
She was the girlfriend of Tetsu Eba. That girl. She’s so pretty and has been through a lot. I think I’m starting to have feelings for her, but I would never tell anyone of course. When Natsu said that thing about us kissing I wanted to kill him, but I didn’t want to make a scene because that would show him that I do like (y/n). Maybe it is best that I stay silent about these feelings, she’s been through enough pain as it is, but Tetsu Eba. Tetsu Eba, he was the guy who during the battle of Fukimoto (Made it up) saved around 100 women and children from being killed or captured. He really is an amazing guy.

((Y/n)’s pov)
Why do I have this feeling. I don’t know whether I like it or I don’t. It’s so confusing and it’s frustrating me. If I tell Gray, do you think he will understand? I don’t know. Will Natsu understand? Probably not. Mira might, but then word would spread. The only person I could tell is Lucy. That’s it. I’m gonna tell Lucy that I think I have feelings for Gray Fullbuster. Yes the stripper. I dunno. Maybe it’ll be good, but what if it’s not? Oh god I need help.