Natsu x reader- Chapter 7: Gray

Why do I have this feeling. I don’t know whether I like it or I don’t. It’s so confusing and it’s frustrating me. If I tell Gray, do you think he will understand? I don’t know. Will Natsu understand? Probably not. Mira might, but then word would spread. The only person I could tell is Lucy. That’s it. I’m gonna tell Lucy that I think I have feelings for Gray Fullbuster. Yes the stripper. I dunno. Maybe it’ll be good, but what if it’s not? Oh god I need help.
You walked along the streets of magnolia. You were headed for fairy tail. You had a slight skip in your walk and you nearly fell into the river. Lucy said she would talk to Gray about everything. The thought of that made you nervous. You walked through the guild door, heard Natsu yell in the middle of the huge fight and walked back out.
“Good call” someone said behind you making you jump. You turn to see who it was.
“I thought you would be in there” you pointed at the guild with your thumb.
“I probably would have been, if I wasn’t waiting for you.” You feel your face heat up. He puts his arm on the wall closing you in. You could feel his breath on your face. “A little birdy told me you have a crush on me.”
“W-what n-no” you stuttered making it obvious.
“We will see” he says and you feel his lips brush over yours before they finally touch. He was kissing you. You were shocked at first but then you kiss back. You don’t know what it was about the kiss. It felt cold, there was no spark.

He pulled away and looked down at your blushing face. He moved your hair out of your face, then you heard a smash and Natsu came crashing to the ground from the window.
“OMG ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?” You panic seeing him. He gives a thumbs up then looks at Gray around you.
“Hey icicle pop what are you doing to (y/n)?” Natsu asked.
“Mind your own business flame-brain” Gray said sternly.
“I’m sorry but it looked to me like you were raping her or something Ice cube” Natsu yelled.
“I wasn’t raping her pyro” They were at each others throats. You had to break them up.
“Guys if your like this you wont get to bathe with me tonight” You wink and blow a kiss at em. (a/n- I don’t know, I just… no it was just to break em up, maybe you will, I don’t know) The boys looked at you with blush covering their full faces.
“Bathe… with… you…” Blood ran down their face from their noses. You giggle and kissed them both on the cheeks.
“Your both so cute” you say laughing. They were still blushing. Gray held his nose.
“How do you stop the bleeding?” He asked. You realised that they were both staring at your chest area. You were close to slapping them but you just simply said,
“If you keep staring you definitely wont be” and skipped off back into the guild hall. Lucy winked at you and gave you a thumbs up. Does she know what just happened? Do you even know what just happened? Did you just tell the guys that you were gonna bathe with them?

You sit next to Lucy. A girl with blue hair was sat next to her. She had a yellow ribbon in her hair.
“Hi I’m Levy McGarden, you can call me Levy” She smiles.
“I’m (y/n)” You say.
“So I heard (y/n) that you and Gray Fullbuster are hooking up” a blush spread across your face. How did she know? Did word slip out already?
“Y-yeah” you said. You blushed a lot. Natsu comes in and sits next to you.
“Can I eat some of your fire (y/n)? I’m hungry” he asked politely. You made a small flame on your hand and then you felt something licking your hand. You turned your head to see Natsu licking your flame of your hand. You distinguish the flame and look at him in disgust.
“Sorry, but they are the nicest flames I’ve ever tasted” He said.
“Don’t do that to her Natsu” Gray said. He pushed Natsu out of the way of you and placed his arm around you.
“Are you two together or something?” Natsu asked. He looked quite sad.
“Or something” you said. To be honest you weren’t sure if you was with Gray or not. Once again Natsu looked sad.

“So (y/n), I hear your an artist” Levy says trying to break the heat of the moment.
“That is correct I’m actually-” you were cut of by Natsu.
“Yeah she’s a really good artist, she drew us and I swear it looked almost real.” He laughed.
“As I was saying, before I was so RUDLY INTERUPPTED.” you yell sternly at him, “I’m actually working on something at the moment and it’s going to be awesome if it turns out well.” you say grinning.
“Is it another one of those sgraffito things?” Natsu asks
“No” you reply.
“pencil sketch?”
“Pen sketch”
“Charcoal sketch”
“Chalk?” You shake your head
“Then what is it?” Gray asks, stopping Natsu’s annoying questions.
“it is….”