Natsu x reader- Chapter 8: HOTSPRINGS!!!

a/n- this chapter is a lime(if I’m correct with the meaning of lime (I know what lemon is)), so I wouldn’t recommend you reading this if you are not comfortable with that stuff


“So (y/n), I hear your an artist” Levy says trying to break the heat of the moment.

“That is correct I’m actually-” you were cut of by Natsu.

“Yeah she’s a really good artist, she drew us and I swear it looked almost real.” He laughed.

“As I was saying, before I was so RUDLY INTERUPPTED.” you yell sternly at him, “I’m actually working on something at the moment and it’s going to be awesome if it turns out well.” you say grinning.

“Is it another one of those sgraffito things?” Natsu asks

“No” you reply.

“pencil sketch?”


“Pen sketch”


“Charcoal sketch”


“Chalk?” You shake your head




“Then what is it?” Gray asks, stopping Natsu’s annoying questions.

“it is….”


“Oh come on (Y/N), When are you gonna let me see your art?” Natsu complained. You sighed and held your head low. You sat down and shivered. Something seemed odd. The chair you sat on didn’t feel hard like wood, it felt soft but also a little bony. You turned your head to see Gray sitting underneath you smushed.
“OMG IM SO SORRY!” You exclaimed standing up shaking your head and arms quickly to apologise.
“No its fine, I actually kinda liked it” He said standing up. His arms snaked around your waist and he sat back down pulling you onto his lap. You blushed like hell. You felt that cold empty feeling again. “Now if I seem to remember correctly,” Gray leaned to your ear kissing it a little, “you owe me a bath” he whispered. This made you blush even more.
“Y-you remembered c-correctly” You stuttered kind of embarrassed. His hands found there way under the hem of your shirt and he was rubbing your stomach with his cool hands. This made you blush more.
“I’ve been dying for that moment” He whispered.
“Then why don’t we head back to my place” You whispered back, you didn’t feel very confident about this but you went and made it worse by saying “But if you also remember I promised Natsu as well” Gray got a little annoyed. ‘Maybe I can pull of something so they don’t see me completely in the nude’. Gray’s annoyed expression changed.
“Hey Flame-brain” he said. Gray invited Natsu to the public baths. ‘oh ok so they wont see me anyway.’ you thought with hope.

We went to the hot springs. It was a mixed sex hot-springs. you was kind of nervous so you stayed at the edge. Natsu had agreed to come. Gray was at one side of you and Natsu at the other. Even though you are used to seeing Gray without clothes, you were still really nervous and was blushing a lot. Gray moved round the front of you.
“Your really red” he said. He brought you into a warm embrace. “I hope you are feeling alright.” You blushed even more with his body so close to yours.
“I’m fine” you said. You felt his hand on your bum and you made a squeaky noise as he squeezed. Natsu wasn’t looking very happy.

Natsu’s POV:

Look at him with her. I wanted her. Shes so beautiful. When he grabbed her but I was close to throttling him. (A/n- throttle is a good word. if you dont know what it is i think its english, it means strangle)Why do i feel so protective over her? I figured out that I’m in love with her but still. Wait is it spring? Maybe I should leave…

normal POV:
Natsu go out of the water quickly. I wonder why. Gray wont let go of me perhaps that’s why.
“Whats wrong flame-brain, the water to hot for you.”
“No” ‘Natsu didn’t fight, that’s odd right?’ you thought to yourself.
“What is it then?” You asked him.
“Its.. y-nothing” He was about to say ‘you’.
“it doesn’t seem like nothing” You say.
“Are you jealous, Natsu?” Gray asks teasing him. He pulls you close and grabs you inappropriately to make Natsu jealous.
“HEY!” You yell and slap him hard.
“Don’t touch her like that!” Natsu glared at Gray. Shit was about to get real.
“I can do as I like, shes mine” Gray said. You started to glare at him.
“YOURS!?” You snapped. Your fist entered his stomach. “I am not yours! I am my own!” You said seriously as you saw a bit of blood come out of his mouth from the impact. You got out the water and went to Natsu. He seemed really angry and hugged you tightly.
“If he every touches you again ill kill him” He said defensively.