Natsu x reader- Chapter 9: Following from behind bins


Natsu go out of the water quickly. I wonder why. Gray wont let go of me perhaps that’s why.
“Whats wrong flame-brain, the water to hot for you.”
“No” ‘Natsu didn’t fight, that’s odd right?’ you thought to yourself.
“What is it then?” You asked him.
“Its.. y-nothing” He was about to say ‘you’.
“it doesn’t seem like nothing” You say.
“Are you jealous, Natsu?” Gray asks teasing him. He pulls you close and grabs you inappropriately to make Natsu jealous.
“HEY!” You yell and slap him hard.
“Don’t touch her like that!” Natsu glared at Gray. Shit was about to get real.
“I can do as I like, shes mine” Gray said. You started to glare at him.
“YOURS!?” You snapped. Your fist entered his stomach. “I am not yours! I am my own!” You said seriously as you saw a bit of blood come out of his mouth from the impact. You got out the water and went to Natsu. He seemed really angry and hugged you tightly.
“If he every touches you again ill kill him” He said defensively.



“Natsu are you okay?” You ask. He was sat there staring at you.
“Im fine” he said. He wasn’t even blinking. It was creeping you out. Gray grabbed you.
“Hey can I talk to you for a moment?” he asked quietly.
“yeah” he tugs you to take you private.
“you can say it here Gray” You say in a serious tone. Gray sighs and hangs his head low.
“Im sorry for how i treat you at the hot-springs, i didn’t mean to do that” he mumbles. You didn’t hear him.
“What?” you ask.
“Im sorry for how i treat you at the hot-springs, i didn’t mean to do that” He said more clearly.
“You didn’t mean to do what? Treat me like an object or feel me up?” You said angrily.
“For both, im sorry alright, i just got jealous.” Natsu stood up and was slowly walking towards Gray.
“Jealous of what, there was only me, you and Natsu there… Wait you was jealous of Natsu… Why? No don’t tell me… you are scared that I’d choose him over you” You say feeling proud of your deduction. Gray hangs his head low.
“Would you have?” He asks quietly.
“Maybe” You say, “but it is mostly likely a definite yes”

Loke was stood hiding behind a pillar. He was looking at you.
“LOKE YOU BETTER HAVE A FREAKING GOOD REASON TO BE LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!” You yell. You were rather angry. “Sop hiding and come out!” You ordered.
“Please don’t kill me” He says quickly. You sigh and sit on your knees with your head in your hands.
“What am I doing with my life?” you cried.
“Your life? (y/n), it doesn’t matter about your past, it doesn’t matter what sort of person you were back in the past, now your a member of fairy tail and we are proud to call you our family” Lucy said comforting you.
“(y/n), look” Loke looked at you. “I am sorry for how I have been treating you, I was just scared. Will you forgive me?” he said. He put on a charming smile. You rolled eyes at his smile.
“All is forgiven, now if you don’t mind, i need time alone” You got up and left the guild hall. Little did you know that Natsu had left just a few seconds after you and was following you.

I felt as though i could punch somebodies lights out. I was so mad with the world. No that’s wrong, i was mad with myself. ‘I miss you Tetsu’ i thought to myself, then i heard a trash can move. I took my shoe off and threw it at the person behind the bin. They yelp and then fall out from behind the bin. It was Natsu. He gives me back my shoe and i put it on.
“Why was you following me Natsu?”
“Why you so upset?”
“Why are you following me Natsu?”
“Why are you so upset?” This went on like this for a few moments. I finally gave in and told him.
“Because everything I do is wrong, i cant go anywhere without the past catching up with me. You cant run from your problems apparently” Natsu looks at you and blinks.
“Oh, i see now, your still upset about what happened at the hot-springs with Gray” Natsu said, confident with his response.
“No its not”
“Ill kill him for you”
“Kill who?”
“Gray of course, he hurt you so ill hurt him”
“Natsu he apologized. i forgave him”
“Then why you sad”
“I answered already now you answer me, why are you following me?” Natsu blushed slightly trying to come up with an excuse. He didn’t want to tell me that he was about to start his … season ¬†and he had
chosen me as a … yeah and he was following me to protect me from other men.
“There was news about some rogue assassin monkeys and i wanted to make sure you were safe” he was terrible at lying. I blinked at him.
“assassin… monkeys?” I raised an eyebrow at him.
“Thats right so i was-” He was cut off because Happy flew behind him and stopped him talking.
“Just tell her Natsu, she will be safer if you did” Happy said with a fish in his mouth.
“You tell her” Natsu looked at me and ran back behind the bin.

“so whats happening Happy?” I asked. Happy looked at you.
“Natsu has chosen you (y/n)” Happy says. Chosen me for what? “Hes sworn to protect you and is in deep love with you. ” Why me?
“He loves me?” I ask.
“Well more than loves”
“So why is he following me from behind a bin?” I ask in curiosity.
“Its spring… Mating season… Natsu has chosen you to be his mate (y/n)” he wants me as a what?!