Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 1

“where are you going?” you asked the young man with blonde hair and blue eyes.
“Away!” he snapped. You looked at him with sad eyes.
“Away where?” you were begging for a reply. He was getting pretty angry at you, he never got angry at you though, just everyone else.
“Do I really have to tell you?” he looked like he was giving in. You nodded.
“yes Deidara, you have to tell me because I care for you” you look at him with sad eyes. He hugs you.
“I’m joining the Akatsuki” He says quietly into your ear.

You frown because you knew this day would come but you didn’t think it would be this soon.
“please don’t leave me Deidara” you beg. You have no family and Deidara is your only friend. If he leaves you will be in deep shit. The whole village will turn on you and start torturing you. You can’t live like that and you aren’t a strong enough shinobe to join the Akatsuki.

“Come with me (Y/N)” Deidara offers, he pulls you close by the waist. You shake your head.
“I can’t join the Akatsuki, they wont let me. They wont accept a weak shinobe like me” You reject his offer. Deidara sighed.
“Well I am leaving, you can come with me or stay but I have my mind made up” he releases his grip from you and closes the door.
“I’m staying” you say but it was to late.