Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 2

-4 months later-

You looked out of the window to see if you could see the fireworks again. They never showed. You missed them explosions. You had to get it into your head that Deidara was gone, the other villagers had. They figured that out 3 and a half months ago and now they hate you more than ever. You had been taken into questioneing at least 5 times now and each time you left that room the villagers threw things at you. You now had a scar down one side of your face where a kid threw a kunai,with a paper bomb attached to it, at you. The explosion had hit you but luckily you came out with minimum injuries. You regret not going with him now.

“HEY YOU!” You heared a voice below you. Surrounding your house was a mob of angry villagers.
“You know where he is, you just wont tell us” one yelled. A sharp stone got thrown up and only just missed your face. You turned around to look into your house. You couldn’t get him out of your head, which was true. You had painted many, many, many paintings of him. You missed him dearly.

“IF YOU WONT SAY THEN YOUR WONT SAY ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!” You smelt smoke and then started to choke. The villagers had set your house on fire. You tried to run down the stairs but the flames grew high. You had no choice. You looked out the window to them then ran to the opposite side of the house and jumped out the window. Your home was gone, the memories gone. Everything you own, gone! You looked at your house helplessly then one of the villagers spotted you. You ran for your life until you lost the mob. You knew exactly where you were going.


You knocked on the door of a house. You knew this was the place, it was so artistic. The door opened and a deep voice said “come in.” You wandered in the house. No one was downstairs so you went upstairs. There he stood. He was painting a picture. You walked around him to spy on the picture. It was a painting of an explosion.
“You always did think art was an explosion, didn’t you?” You say getting his attension. He turned around to look at you.
“(Y/N)? what are you doing here,un?” He asked. You were about to answer but he grabbed onto you tightly and hugged you. “I missed you” he whispered.

You looked at him sadly.
“So why are you here? but more importantly, what happened to your eye,hm?” He asks. You cover up your eye with your hair only to have deidara remove your hair from your face.
“After you left The villagers grew mental, they thought that I had information on you where abouts. I got taken into questioning 5 times by the police. One kid threw a kunai at me. It scratched my face but missed me. I didn’t realise the paper bomb until it exploded and hit my face” you look at him, “I just had to run for my life, they thought I knew your whereabouts, and because I wouldn’t tell them they tried to kill me. I have no home anymore!”

Deidara hugged you again.
“You are welcome to live here (Y/N)…. oh and..” he removed the hair from your face again “you shouldn’t hide a piece of work as beautiful as your face,hm.” This made you blush.

You smile. “we’ve got a lot of catching up to do Deidara!” you say and he nods.
“But first,” He takes your hand and takes you to the roof, “Fireworks, hm” He made fireworks just like old times and you watched. You felt safe again. You felt loved again. You felt like you was home!