Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 3

Deidara lent you his bed that night. He knew you had been through a rough 4 months because of him. He told you when you woke up that he hadn’t slept and that he had watched you sleep. It apparently gave him comfort. You looked at him and blinked.
“i’m sorry if i just made you uncomfortable, un” he says getting close to you. You blush.
“No its fine,” you say looking at him “I feel safe around you Deidara.”

You get up and tell Deidara to leave the room.
“But whyyyy?” he complains.
“I wanna get changed” you tell him. Deidara had lent you some pajamas to sleep in for the night but he didn’t really want you in them, you could tell because he said you should just sleep naked. He always had a thing about you and his clothes.
“fine stay in the room…” you say and he looks at you smirking,”But turn to face the other way” you finished off your sentence. He sighs.

You get changed and face away from Deidara. You knew he would turn and peek. That’s what he did. He grabbed you by the waist while you had no clothes on.
“Deidara” you say. He holds you tightly and rests his head on your shoulder.
“Why must you cover up the most beautiful art on the planet, hm?” He asks holding you. You turn and face him.
“because it isn’t that beautiful” you say pulling out of his grip. You start to get dressed when he tackles you and pins you to the bed. He was straddled over you.
“It is beautiful, don’t argue coz you’ll only lose the argument, un” he says.

You looked up at him.
“Deidara let me go get dressed” you say blushing. This is what he was like towards you before he left aswell, only he didn’t tackle you to the bed naked. With clothes on, yes he did tackle you to the bed. He held you there until you felt better about yourself.
“No” he says, “because you are beautiful and i love you, un” He says looking down at you.