Falling in love with an Aburame (Shino x reader)- Chapter 1: Classmates

You sat in Irukas lessons. As much as you like Iruka sensei you hate his lessons. They are so boring. You don’t talk to many people. You are what people say “socially awkward”. All around the class there are different types of people.

There is Naruto. The number one knuckle head in the world. Hes fun to hang out with but he thinks your boring because you hardly speak.

There is Kiba. You loved to pet Akarmaru but Kiba would always get jealous and you ended up petting him as well. (not sexually O_O).

There was Choji. He often offered you a crisp/chip (depends which country u are in). You never took it. You would just shake your head and then Choji’s bag of food dissipated in a few minutes. He just got another packet.

There was Shikamaru. He didn’t really have a care in life at all. You wasn’t very close to him. You think he hates you but he actually doesn’t care. He sees you as a comrade and nothing more.

Then there was Sasuke. Sasuke always had the girls around him. You don’t care much about him, just as he doesn’t care much about you. In your eyes you only get out of a “friendship” as much as you put in.

There was Sakura and Ino. They sat next to you in the lessons but you just couldn’t be bothered to you. They are always arguing over Sasuke and it annoys you.

There is Hinata. She is so cute, bless her. Shes the person in this class which you get along with the most. She has this huge crush on Naruto. No one really knows about how much she loves him but you. You listen to her. That’s what she likes about you.

And last but certainly not least. There is Shino Aburame. He looks at you almost all the lesson most days. You dont know him to well though. Hes a lot like you. Hes mysterious and hardly speaks. All you really know about him is that he likes bugs. You like bugs aswell but you dont let them nest inside of you. To you, that is kinda cool and creepy at the same time.