I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 6

The weather was cold, and it caused my back to sting greatly. It was scabbing over, and probably scarring. I need to wash it, or it shall get infected and my health would be at risk. However much it needs washing, it always hurts to put a cut in water- and something this bad will have me screaming in pain. Is that what William wants? He does like the sound of my screams. For now, I should just focus on the “date” that I have been taken out on. I have to admit the dress I am wearing is beautiful, and I am glad that I can wear my red coat over it because it is backless. William’s plan was to take me to a restaurant, which would mean the coat comes of- he would then lie to anyone who saw the whip marks and make me look bad. He gave me a fake wedding ring to tell the men to back off. It is a form of torture to know that no one will ever know the truth, isn’t it?

He took me in the restaurant and we ordered. I refused to take off the coat, which I could tell was angering him (though he couldn’t do anything in public) and so I took it off. His face relaxed once it was off but my face dropped from it’s smile. A waiter brought the food we had ordered and Will sent it away immediately saying it wasn’t satisfactory for me, he then grabbed my coat and hand, and he dragged me out of the restaurant.
“Will, that food was fine. I would have eaten it.” I squeaked out rather scared of my “husband” this evening.
“You are not to eat anything which I don’t like the look of” he said in his cold, harsh, and emotionless voice. He used to always send chills down my spine when he talked like that, I found it arousing, now it scares me. If Will is speaking that coldly then he is gonna hurt me. Perhaps I should hurt myself before he can? No that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Needless to say, I never ate that night. We got back the house and I sat in the front room. Will sat next to me and laid his head on my shoulder.
“Sing for me Grell. I wanna hear your amazing voice.” Will said closing his eyes.
“What shall I sing?” I asked. Anything I sing will be bad because I am rather scared and hungry.
“Sing what ever you want to sing” Will said. He took my hand and kissed it. “I know you know a lot of songs.” It is true, I do know a lot of songs. I used to sing a lot while working- when ever I did work. I thought of something, then the thought came to me. Their was a poet called Robert Burns, who wrote beautiful poems that got turned into songs. A song published in 1791- just 8 years before me and Will met (it would be rather sentimental). Ill sing that for Will.
“Ae fond kiss, and then we sever; 
Ae farewheel, and then for ever!” I was singing, but Will’s face scrunched up. Does he not like the song? I hope he does, because this is scaring me.
“Deep in heart-wrung tears I’ll pledge thee,
Warring sighs and groans I’ll wage thee.-”  I looked at him. He seemed to have relaxed- I think he recognized what I was singing. Will’s eyes had closed and he was calm.
“Who shall sat that Fortune grieves him,
While the star of hope she leaves him:” He sat up as if I were saying that I was going to leave him.
“Me, nae chearful twinkle lights me;
Dark despair around benights me-“

“Grell” Will spoke up once  I finished singing. “Never leave me.” I let out a sigh, which made his pupils dilate. How I had managed to anger him without speaking is beyond my knowledge but he slapped my face.
“I-ill never leave you Will” said I, a stutter evident in my voice. That, apparently, was not enough to calm William down. He did not slap me again but I could tell he was still mad.
“Tomorrow we are getting married for real” Will announced. With William declaring that we were to be married tomorrow, my mood had dropped very quickly. Do I want to marry Will? Honestly no. I do not want anything to do with him. He says he loves me and then hurts me greatly- that just proves he doesn’t love me.
“Will. Would you grieve if I died?” I asked him, like when he asked me whether I’d grieve at Ronald’s death. He ignored me.
“You need a bath. Perhaps I could assist you.” He thought out loud.
“I would much rather you didn’t Willy, it’s gonna be hard for me to do” Will’s face formed into a smirk when I said this.
“All the more to let me help you” I know my screams turn him on, but I’d rather he not hear these ones. Its gonna be hell to wash. I am actually scared of the pain that I will endure.

Will ran the bath.  He put a lot of bubbles in it and made the water warm. I undressed and looked at the water. Placing my feet  in the water, I closed my eyes as I sat down. A normal person would have stood up and dried off, but I knew it needed to be cleaned. It hurt so much, my eyes were watering, my teeth were clenched shut. Will peeped through the door to watch me bathe and laughed a little at my pain. He undressed and climbed in the bath with me.
“I was wondering if you wanted me to help you wash your back?” He asked. I did not answer. I could not answer yet. My body was still getting used to having water on my wounds and it was still stinging. Once it stopped hurting and I was used to it, I turned around so my back was facing him. “Your back is bright red my dear” He smiled and used a sponge to wash it. I let out small whining noises as he did this, it hurt to touch it, but this made him smirk. “You are turning me on Grell.” He said. My eyes widened and I stayed quiet, I do not want him turned on.