I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 7

I swear I have gotten fatter. There did not used to be this much stomach to me. My breasts are larger, and more painful. I feel sick when I wake in the morning, and I have been craving food more and more. Not to mention, I skipped a period. I feel drained, like all the energy has been sucked from me and its making me want to do nothing more than sleep. All of these symptoms lead up to one thing… Pregnancy. If Will has gotten me pregnant, should I tell him or not? I’m not sure I want a child with him. But I can not get rid of a baby, so perhaps I should tell him. Maybe he will man up and stop whipping me in order to keep the baby healthy. Maybe this child will save me from the lifetime of pain that William keeps punishing me with.

“William” said I, getting the attention of my crazy yandere ‘boyfriend’. He walked up to me while I looked at myself ┬áin the mirror.
“What is it love?” He asked and hugged me from behind. The only thing I like about Will now, is when he hugs me from behind. I know it is his way of caging me in and saying that I am his, though for some reason I feel warm and safe in the embrace- like with Will holding me, nothing bad will happen to me.
“I think I’m pregnant” I closed my eyes while saying this and I felt Will let go of me.
“You being serious?” He asked, “Because if this is a joke it is not funny.”
“I am being serious. I feel tired and run down. My breasts are larger and sore, I missed a period, and I am craving jam.” Will picked me up and spun me around.
“This is great news!”

You would have thought that he would have stopped hurting me once he knew, and he did for a bit, until I told him I wanted to go see Sebastian. That’s when it started up again. Do not get me wrong, he avoided hitting my stomach, but everyday he hit me until I told him I loved him. Sometimes it would be one hit because I would say instantly, others he would just hit me a few more times after I said it. My face, arms, legs and chest was covered in ugly green, blue and purple bruises. That wasn’t what was bothering me. The thing that was bothering me was the sick feeling I constantly had. I had been sick many times, I couldn’t move for if I did the nausea attacked me. Knowing something was wrong, I begged Will to take me to a doctor. He did not want me ill but he also did not want them to see the bruises. Eventually he came to the conclusion that I needed to go. The baby is more important than me to him. If I am ill though, the baby is ill aswell.

“What is wrong with her?” Will asked, I looked weakly at Will then at the doctor. I sat up and violently threw up all over myself. My beautiful red clothes were ruined as the sick stained it. Will rubbed my back and started to remove the ruined clothes.
“She is suffering from stress. I would advice you keep her out of stressful situations, or the baby would be at risk.” The doctor explained. I chortled out a small giggle at this. How would I get out of stress? Will hurts me once a day, and treats me like scum for the rest of it. Will agreed with what the doctor said, I had missed it because of the thoughts in my mind. “She needs rest.” The doctor said. I closed my eyes- some rest would be nice. My brain shut down and I slowly drifted into a deep slumber.

When I woke I was laid in Will’s bed. He was playing with a knife by my side. I looked at him worried he was going to cut me, but he never. He placed the knife down and rubbed my stomach. It felt good and I let out a small moan and he smirked.
“So you like that?” He asked and I nodded. Will decided he was going to pleasure me that night and he did, but some how it made me more stressed. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The world was spinning, I felt to hot and I was about to be sick again. I ran out of Will’s house to find someone who cared, and so I arrived at the Phantomhive estate. Knocking the door, I felt I could no longer stand. The door opened and Sebastian stood there looking at me. My cheeks were flushed red, while my skin pale.
“Grell” Sebastian said and I fell.

Grell does not know what happened after that because she was unconscious, so I will tell you. Sebastian put his hand on her forehead, only to find her temperature was sky high. Her breathing was off, and I was generally terrified for my mentor.
“Amelia go get a bucket of water and a cold rag” I nodded and ran off as quick as I could to get what was needed. Grell seemed to have been getting worse when I got back. Her face was covered in sweat and Sebastian had laid her on her side because she had been sick.
“Do you know what is wrong with her?” I asked and placed the wet rag on her head. Sebastian shook his head and stroked her pale hand. “Should I get a doctor?”
“That is probably best” Sebastian said. I rushed off to get a reaper doctor, and seconds later when he arrived Grell had started to groan in pain. The doctor put a stethoscope only to find her heart rate being too fast, he then put the stethoscope to her stomach. I do not know why he did that, but he explained it afterwards with one sentence.
“The baby is struggling and it is putting her at serious risk.” Said the doctor. Sebastian looked at Grell then stood up.
“Excuse me” He said and walked away. I know that after the day with Grell, Sebastian has felt something towards her. He suffered that day though, Will had stabbed him multiple times with his death scythe and it almost killed him. I had to save him. I guess he figured that this is William’s fault, as I have also sussed out.