January 2017

The day has been ordinary. We went to college, went shopping, and now we are at my house. By ‘We’ I mean Clara and me. U am practicing my flute […]

The building was dark and full of cobwebs. Shattered glass covered the ground from all the windows that now no loner existed. Rusty wheel chairs and old hospital beds with […]

Chapter 1 “I aren’t happy. Not happy at all” You said sounding angry. “Which one are you then?” Lucy commented making you groan. “of course she’s not happy Lucy, I’m […]

“Hey Lucy, do you wanna join me on this job?” You asked. It was a job for a scientist so only smart people could go. Levy was so disappointed when […]

You rubbed your eyes. You were up all night thinking. Everyone knows that thinking on a night is bad for you. It stops you sleeping. “You okay (y/n)?” Mira asked […]

“Stop following me!” You yelled. you had a load of snotty 13-14 year old following you. The reason for this was you had gotten into a dare with your best […]

(y/n) will you please be my girlfriend?” A random guy asked you. “I’m sorry but I’m gay” You denied him. This was the 4th guy to ask you out today. […]