A shattered soul (William x reader)- Chapter 5-8

Chapter 5

You felt so awkward that full day, especially when memories started to come back. You knew William had the memories coming back because he started to avoid you more and more. The good thing was that you hadn’t had sex with him however you did do a lot of other stuff.
“(y/n)” Ronald said loudly making you jump. You were kind of zoned out. “So (y/n) what did you and William do last night? I watched him walk into your house but not come out” Ronald asked and winked at you.
“Nothing, we had a few drinks. Hang on, why was you hanging around out side my house?” You interrogated him. He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.
“Well i kinda.. uh… gotta pee” he ran off leaving you there laughing.
“What are you laughing at?” William asked you. This is the first time hes spoken to you since you woke up next to him this morning. You looked up at him.
“So your not avoiding me now” you said and finished off paperwork. He looked back at you.
“Its not the most pleasant thing you know. To wake up next to you and then remember things I did with you. It has scarred me for life.” Will spoke, it kinda insulted you but you just laughed.
“Oooh that hurt. Ya know you could show me a bit more respect ya know. I can give you more fun like last night” you joked. You wouldn’t do that stuff again. 1) you wasn’t ready for commitment like that and 2) things get complicated. The comment you made seemed to have made William feel weird because a light blush grew on his face and so he got up and left.

By the time you had finished your shift it was 8 pm. It was already dark and you were very tired, run down and drained. You had walked the long way home sub consciously and ended up walking down the other end of the street as to what you were used to. That meant you walked past Will’s house. You decided to have a peak in. The inside was all neatly arranged and tidy. William sat at the desk with his glasses pushed up his face and his head on the desk. He was obviously asleep. You thought about where he may keep a spare key, well he does seem like the type of guy who would have a spare key in case of an emergency. You found it hidden on his front porch and let yourself in. You picked him up, which surprised you because you didn’t think you were that strong, and you put him to bed. He held onto you like a teddy bear.
“S***” you whispered to yourself when he wouldn’t let go. You were going to have to spend the night if he held on any tighter, which he did. You sighed and let him keep hold. You fell asleep with the two of you cuddling. ‘Imagine how he is going to feel in morning’ you thought to yourself and mentally chuckled.

His alarm went off. It was your day off today so you ignored it, then you felt a shift in the bed. William pressed his alarm off then started to get ready for work. He looked in the mirror to straighten up his tie and that’s when he saw you fast asleep in his bed. He turned around and shook you. You rolled over in your sleep and grabbed his arm. Similar to how he had you last night, you held on tighter and tighter and he couldn’t get you off.
“(y/n)” he spoke in quite a stern voice. You woke and screamed a little. You rubbed your eyes.
“Will, why did you wake me up? Its my day off” you said still half asleep.
“(y/n)” He shook you and spoke in a louder, more stern voice. You looked at him.
“Oh, Good morning” You said. He looked rather angry.
“Why are you here?” He asked, his eyebrow twitching.
“It was your fault, you wouldn’t let go of me” You said defending yourself.
“Why were you in my house?” he wasn’t angry anymore but he was still being stern and cold hearted.
“I saw you asleep on your desk with your glasses pushed up your face. I thought you wouldn’t be comfortable and so i tried to put you to bed” You told him. He looked at you.
“Thank you…” he said and walked out. You smiled at the little bit of emotion that William had just shown you.

Chapter 6

Date (birthday): the first birthday since you became a reaper. This excited you a lot. You were expecting it to be a big deal, especially since you hadn’t really celebrated it in a while. You were expecting food, presents, cake and alcohol. You wanted to get drunk. You were having a little bit of a party, not a big one though. You had invited Will, Grell and Ronald round and said they can each bring a guest. These people were your closest friends and you was hoping that by letting them bring someone you could meet some new people. William was the first to arrive, though he hadn’t brought anyone. you didn’t mind, at leafs he came. Grell arrived next with a rather handsome man, dressed in a black tail coat.
“Hello. it is very nice to meet you. I am Sebastian Michaelis, I represent the Phantomhive house hold” he said and bowed.
“Grell did you drag a random handsome guy off of the street? I knew you were desperate but men off the street is a bit low” you said and Grell looked at you all offended.
“Madam I assure you, I have known Grell for some time now… unfortunately” The guy said. Grell didn’t get offended by that comment though.
“There is nothing unfortunate about knowing Grell, he’s a really nice and fun guy” you said and let them in. Ronald arrived soon after with his “girlfriend” but she had to leave early because she had over time. Sebastian eventually left because his master needed him so it was just you, Ronald, William and Grell. You each had a bottle of (alcohol) and was sat drinking it like a group of friends at a pub.

“So what do we do now?” Grell asked. you shrugged.
” Get drunk?” You suggested. Will shook his head and you remembered the last time you was drunk.
“We could gang bang (y/n)” Ronald suggested. He was clearly drunk but you kicked him out for that comment leaving you, Will and Grell for an awkward silence.
“I kind of feel like I’m 3rd wheeling” Grell said. He looked at you and William sat next to each other. He loved William to pieces but he had to admit that you had a closer bond to Will than he did. He could see the chemistry, even if the two of you couldn’t.
“How do you mean?” You asked. You looked at Grell and Will did aswell.
“Well you two are destined to be together, leaving me here without anyone, not even bassy to keep me company” Grell explained. You looked at him with a poker face. He finished his bottle and stood up. ” well that’s my cue to leave.” you hugged him. “save me some cake.” he said before leaving you alone with a tipsy William.

“You know it’s funny how I only drink with you” Will said. you looked at him rather confused. “Usually drinking goes against everything I stand for but you make me happy so I want to do stuff like that with you”
“Your obviously drunk” you giggle.
“No I’m not drunk I am seeing clearly.” Will said. “can I stay the night?” He asked which made you blush. This wasn’t like him. you took his drink off of him.
“You can stay but you sleep on the couch” you had turned into the cold one, what was happening with the world?

You had the cake the next day. It was chocolate. You had started to feel awkward around William, just a little bit. You told Grell and Ronald and they laughed. What is so amusing about feeling awkward around someone? You started to get the feeling that William liked you, but you didn’t like him back. Or did you? Its all so confusing. The two of you would have to work it out. He definitely liked you, Ronald got you flowers for your birthday, Grell got you chocolate and Will had gotten you a necklace. Its a bit of an odd gift to get someone if they are just friends. You went to find Will to give him cake.
“Do you reckon they are going to hook up eventually?” Ronald asked Grell. Grell’s smile grew.
“There isn’t a chance in hell that they wont” He said in reply.
“Its cute and all watching them chase each other and try and figure their feelings out on their own but id rather see them happy together” Ronald spoke.
“They’d kiss” was all that Grell could say, but that short sentence made Ronald cringe a bit. Lets face it, its rather awkward to see two people kissing in public isn’t it?
“Still, they would be good together” Ronald said and Grell closed his eyes.

Chapter 7:

Screams of pain and death started to run through your head. You curled into a ball in the corner of your office. It was getting to be too much for you. You thought you had gotten past the taking of a life but so many had died now by your hand and so many were only young. Screams. More and more screams. Heat beat. Louder. Louder. Friends, not here. Overtime. You stood up shakily. You closed your eyes. A hand grabbed yours and you were pulled into a close embrace. Who had you? You were alone. Warm lips pressed against your head. You stopped shaking, it was like it never happened. You looked up to see William. He was the rope which you had to grab on to. You had to grab that rope to pull yourself out of that pain.

“Focus on me (y/n)” he said. You looked up at him, he was a bit taller than you, well more than a bit. He had his hands on the side of your face. Your breathing slowed and you were calming down. “Are you alright now?”

“I-i think so” You said. He still had hold of you.

“What happened? I haven’t seen anyone have that as bad as you just did.” William spoke, “Thank God I knew what to do.” He left you then.

—————————————-time skip—————————————————————-

“So who pulled you out of it?” Grell asked. You were telling him and Ronald about your episode in your office.
“Why?” you asked and started to drink through your straw. You had a strawberry milkshake and it was running out.
“Because the person who pulls you out of it has to have feelings for you, its basically the law” Ronald smiled.
“Why is that a law?” you asked.
“Its not really a law. Its just that you can’t pull the person out of it if you dont have feelings for that person, you have to have the connection of the simple gesture of a kiss to the forehead wont work” Grell explained to you.
“Yeah right. Shut up.Have you two ever had one?” You asked and laid back not believing them.
“I haven’t” Ronald admitted, “Not seen that many serious death patches to be honest.” You both turned to Grell who had gone quiet.
“I did have one. Lets just not talk about that alright.” Grell spoke. He was quiet and his voice was slightly broken.
“Alright” You said.
“So who pulled you out?” Ronald asked.
“Will” You said just under a whisper. You prayed that neither of them picked up on what you said, but both of them did.
“WHAT!!!??” They both said in sync. You got up and left quickly.

You wanted to know if the rumors were true. So you found your self walking to Williams office. you stood outside of the door before knocking.
“Come in” William said and you entered. You sat in front of him awkwardly. “what is it (y/n)?”
“What did you do to pull me out of it?” You asked.
“Are you having another episode?” William asked and you shook your head.
“Grell and Ronald said the person who pulls you out of it has feelings for you. Do you have feelings for me?” You questioned him.
“That is just a rumour and neither of them two idiots would know anyway because it hasn’t happened to either of them. It only occurs in females.” William said coldly.
“Grell had one. well then again he is probably as female as they come” you said.
“No Sutcliff hasn’t had one. He faked it to get someone to kiss him” William said, “and then that person died and it hurt him.”
“Do you have feelings for me?” You asked. William looked at you blankly.
“Please leave my office if you are finished.”
“Your avoiding the question”
“No I most certainly am not, please leave I have a lot of work to do.”
“Oh you do like me” you smirked.
“I don’t know alright, I don’t know. I was there and I pulled you out of it. I don’t know what my feelings are towards you” he said. You smiled and kissed his cheek.
“Have a few drinks with me some time. I enjoy your company” you said and left happily. You made William T Spears confused about his emotions. That means he does like you. Sometimes you hate Grell and Ronald for what they put you through.

William was a mess right now. He slammed his head against his desk in an attempt to figure things out. That didn’t work and he ended up with a head ache from it. He stood up and left his office, only to be pushed over by men in white suits.
“Get as many as you can” The main guy in white said. They weren’t human. They were angels. Will found himself helpless as they grabbed him. He broke his arms free and started to run, hearing the sound of a chainsaw. He got his death scythe and stood with the people he had to call friends right now. Grell held his chainsaw and had a smirk on his face. Ronald held his lawn mower. (y/n) had her wakizashi in her hand, she looked really quite scared.
“What are they?” (y/n) asked, knowing that they couldn’t possibly be human due to the fact that they were taking out full groups of reapers.
“Angels” Will said. Grell burst out laughing.
“Oh this will be fun.” Grell said and the fight started. The fight for your lives.

Chapter 8:

The front, behind, to the left, to the right, up above, down below. The odds were stacked against you in this fight. It doesn’t help that they keep gassing you.
“Men we only need 10 of them” One said.
“We need these 4. They are still fighting” Another said.
“Nab them quick then, or do I have to take over” The first guy said. You gritted your teeth. And then black.

“(Y/n)?” A voice said. You were rocking or swaying or something. “(y/n)?” The voice repeated. You opened your eyes and looked up a the voice which had called you.
“Will…” You said. He helped you sit up. “what happened?”
“We were attacked by angels. They have Ronald and Grell aswell.” Will said. You looked around. It was like a prison cell, which held you and William. “Are you alright?”
“Where are Grell and Ronald?” You asked.
“In a different Cell. They gassed us with a sleeping draft and the last thing I remember was you grabbing onto me” Will explained.
“What do they want with us anyway?” You asked. William didn’t know but you had a hunch. You grabbed Will’s arm as you heard a metal door open. Someone entered your cell.
“So your awake, I do apologise for what happened, we tried asking the higher ups for some of you but they refused to let us borrow you so we had to take matters into our own hands” the guard in white said.
“What do you want with us?” You asked.
“Well it is part of our program to make strong soldiers to defend against creatures like demons”
“Your angels, surely a power as strong as yours can take on low life demon scum” Will said coldly.
“It is surprising isn’t it. well I guess as our generations go on we are getting weaker, which is where you come in. The 10 reapers we have, you two, your two friends and the other 6, are the strongest of the reapers we faced in that fight. We need you to help us get stronger.” the guy said, “by the way my name is doctor Henry Stephenson, you can call me Henry or doctor.”

The doctor left leaving a couple of trays with food on them. You looked at Will.
“Can I…. snuggle up to you?” You asked nervously. He looked at you and opened up his arms. You smiled and hugged him, his arms going around you. You were so scared. You heard a woman’s voice scream and then Ronald yell loudly “Get your hands of her!” You didn’t understand what was happening, and that’s what frightened you more. You gripped onto William tighter. William looked at you.
“It’s going to be alright (y/n)” William reassured you. The cell door opened, but no one came in. You got up out of Williams grip and left the cell. He followed slightly behind you. You couldn’t escape though. You walked out the cell into a corridor with cells at either side. There wasn’t many of them, maybe 20 but only 5 of them were occupied right now. Ronald and Grell were in separate Cells as they walked out of them. It looked like they had paired every boy up with a girl, and had gotten Grell’s gender correct. The girl which had screamed was stood at the door at the end of the corridor with a guard. She was smiling.
“Guys, they are going to give us rooms, proper rooms, so we aren’t prisoners no more” She said excitedly. That managed to excite all the other reapers apart from you and William.

“oh yeah, because this is a lot better than a prison cell” You said as you entered your new room. The arrangements were exactly the same as the cells. The angels wanted to see how it works and to see if we end up in bed together. Messed up isn’t it. ¬†They wanted you to breed. Whole new strength of reaper and whole new strength of angel. They were watching your every move and they had paired you with William.
“at least there are beds” Will said and he claimed the bottom bunk. There was bunk beds, just big enough for 2 people to sleep in but ideal for one person. There was a gray table in the middle, two gray lockers and a fridge. The toilet was behind a red door. You climbed up to the top bunk.
“Ya know that they want us to ‘Breed’ i can’t wait to see how that works out with Grell.” You laugh.
“What do you mean (y/n)?” Will asked.
“Well he is gay isn’t he” You laughed and the corner of Will’s lips rose, as if he was smiling a little bit. You jumped down. “Maybe we should give them what they want” you whispered seductively into Will’s ear. He blushed mentally. “Just kidding” you said and laughed.
“Oh” he laughed a little.
“Or was I kidding?” You said and winked. You walked into the toilet, there was a shower in there aswell.