Falling in love with an Aburame (Shino x reader)- Chapter 2: Team Kurenai

You all became Genin. Yay. You had been dreaming of this for the longest time. You sat in the classroom waiting for your new jounin sensei. Kiba sat next to you.

“I so hope you are in my team (y/n), we would have the wildest of times” he says. Akamaru licks your face.
“Okay” you simply answer. He smiles. You notice Shino come into the room. Instantly his face locks onto yours like a hawk. Hes staring at you again.
“(Y/n)” Kiba starts to whisper in your ear, “I know we dont talk regularly but I think your hot” he says with a smirk.

You Kiba had a crush on you, just as its obvious Shino does, but to be honest you weren’t that interested in Kiba. Not like that at least.

Kiba placed his hand on your lap. At first it was uncomfortable but you got used to it. Shino was shuffling closer and closer to you, until he sat next to you. He slapped Kiba’s hand of your leg and glared at him.

Iruka sensei came in and one by one jounin senseis came in to collect there genin students. A woman came in with black hair and red eyes.
“Okay this team has 4 people on it because of unevency in the class” Iruka says “Kurenai’s team will consist of Shino Aburame, Hinata HyĆ«ga, Kiba Inuzuka and (f/n) (l/n).”

‘So I am in a team with Kiba and Shino then, and Hinata. Interesting team’ you think to yourself.
“Yes!!!” Kiba says.