Falling in love with an Aburame (Shino x reader)- Chapter 3: A bit about yourself

You were okay with your team. You had your best friend on it. Shino is your team mate so maybe you could learn more about him. Hes mysterious but kinda hot.

Kurenai introduces herself. I sigh. I don’t wanna do the introduction thingy.
“I’m Kiba and this is Akamaru. What we like is long walks what we dislike is bad smells” kiba gags at the thought of the smells. I dont blame him. Hes got a sensitive nose.

“I’m Shino Aburame.” Ooohh his voice is so mysterious and deep “I dont wanna say what I like and dislike because its none of your business.” You shrug.

“Fair enough” Kurenai says “how about you?”
“I-im H-Hinata Hyuga” she blushes “what I l-like is… what I dislike is…” and she faints. What she likes is Naruto.

“I’m (f/n) (l/n), I like a lot of things. I dont really dislike anything. That’s all I wish to say” you have a kind of whisper om your voice then you go silent once again.

Kiba is looking at you with a smile. Shino’s eyes are locked onto you.
“Well that’s all of you” Kurenai says “meet me here tomorrow so I can check out your skills and weaknesses.” You sigh. So now you have to fight. Brilliant!