Falling in love with an Inuzuka (Kiba x reader)- Chapter 1: The boy in the pet store

You went into the pet store. You were getting kind of lonely being on your own at night and was hoping to buy a puppy to keep you entertained. Before you was a ninja, no body respected you. You were no good at fighting, you had basic chakra control but not enough to use any jutsus, well apart from you kekkei genkai. You were just like that boy, Rock Lee, only you didn’t get along well with people. You also had a major draw back, you had eye problems.

You walked around the shop looking for a suitable puppy. It needs to be like a guard dog but not a burden for you. You hear a bark from a dog in a cage and you run towards it but trip over a table. (you ran into it.) You braced yourself for the impact of the floor but that never came. You felt a pair of arms around you, stopping you hitting the ground.
“Are you okay?” He asks. You got out of his grip and look at him. You blink to focus on him. You sort of recognise him. He was in the academy with you. He’s that boy with the dog. Kiba you think his name was.
“umm, yes im fine Kiba” you says. He looks at you confused. You are focusing chakra to your eyes so you can see him clearly.
“How did you know- wait your (y/n). I remember you from the academy. Your the girl who could barely do anything and managed to pass the test to be a genin with one jutsu” you nod as if to say, yes that’s me. “I see your clumsy as always” He laughs. You stare at him.
“Rude” you say and release the chakra from your eyes and your vision goes blurred again.
“sorry I forgot about your disability.” He says and rubs the back of his neck. “How is your sight anyway?” He asks.
“Still blurred, not as bad lately seen as I haven’t been using my kekkei genkai but still” you explain and then remember the dog you was after.

You rush to the kennel and open it. The dog comes out and you pick it up.
“Hello” you say to the little puppy in your hands. The dog was brown and white but female. (it was the same type of dog as akamaru.) Kiba walked over to you and stroked the pup.
“She’s a beauty isn’t she?” He says. You looked at him.
“Yes she is.” You went back to looking at your new pup. Well she’s not yours yet but she will be. Kiba looks at you. You don’t remember much about him and he you. He pokes your forehead. You have a seal on it. The seal was a black diamond with two tear drops stretched across from it. ( I have a picture of it but it wont let me put it at the top)
“That wasn’t there when we were in the academy” He stares at it in curiosity.
“No it wasn’t. My mother died putting that their to stop me going completely blind little more than a year ago” you looked down.
“Oh, that must have been hard on you” You started to tear up at the memory of losing your only remaining parent. He kisses your forehead. “If you need anything (y/n) feel free to come and visit Inuzuka veterinarian, my sister will lead you to me or take care of you” He smiles and walks off.

You go to the till and purchase the little puppy, which you named Aoi. (if you have listened to the Naruto shippuden theme song Blue bird then you will know that aoi means blue XD) You head home and feed little Aoi then snuggle into your bed. The puppy climbs onto your bed and snuggles with you. You think back to the pet shop. Kiba. You had feelings for him, but that was a long time ago. He had completely gone out of your mind until today. You have lost them feelings for him. You hope to God it stays that way because last time you felt that way towards him you soon got a lot of pain. Oh well. He is now only that boy  you met in the pet shop today.