Grell x reader (one shots)- Tears

You sat in your room crying your eyes out. Your mother had just passed away. You knew that it was going to happen, she’d been incredibly sick for weeks. You just didn’t think it would happen so fast. You father had died when you were little so you were left with your mother. You can’t say you were the closest of people but you got closer throughout the years, now shes gone and your all alone.

You walked in with the groceries. Your mother had sent you shopping. She’s been frail for days, no weeks, and it’s really been scaring you.

“Hi mother I’m back.” You said cheerfully and closed the door behind you. You did’t get an answer so you went to check on her. You opened the door and dropped your bag. A flash of red went by and then your mother was laying still on the floor. You rushed to her. She was cold, stone cold. Tears started to fall from your eyes as you fell to your knees your mother wasn’t breathing. She was DEAD!

You sat there with a bowl one your knee. You had been eating ice cream all day. The darn window blew open. Yo looked at it. You covered yourself in a blanket and left it, not thinking twice.

“My I did not expect you to act like this” A guy with long red hair said. He was sat on the window sill with a chainsaw in his hand. The red was the same colour that you had seen when your mother passed away. “How long has it been? An hour? A day? A week?”
“week” you responded and covered yourself up more in the blanket, being only in pajamas with a guy in your room, so you thought it best to cover up.
“You knew it was going to happen” He spoke “why was you so surprised?”
“It just happened so fast. Wait who are you and way?” You asked him. He stood up.
“I’m a deadly efficient reaper” He said and put his index and pinkie up and stuck his tongue out.
“Whats your name reaper boy?” you said slyly.
“Grell Sutcliff
“Sit down red” you said and he looked at you weird. He hesitantly sat next next to you and you picked up some of his hair. It was soft. “How’d you grow your hair so long?” You asked smiling, trying to lighten the mood.
“A long wait” Grell said “And i use *insert shampoo make here*” He smiled realizing what you were doing.
“I want my hair to grow like that” You laughed. The two of you sat for hours just laughing until another reaper came in through the window and picked Grell up by the scruff of his neck and carried him away. You were quite sad when Grell left but you were happy knowing you had just made a friend. A friend which you could honestly say you had a crush on.