Akatsuki Life- Entry 1

Dear Diary,

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Kazuko, meaning obedient child. I am, in a way, the Akatsuki’s pet. I am to obey my masters and mistress. I aren’t really a fighter, I am just there to help. When Tobi became an official Akatsuki member I became their little helper.

My master Deidara keeps staring at me. He says that I shouldn’t listen to master Tobi because master Tobi is an idiot. I teach my masters how to read and write, in return master Deidara teaches me about art. “Art is an explosion!” he says. I have to admit explosions are beautiful but master Sasori says art should be made to last. It confuses me.

Today master Deidara wanted to steel eyeliner from mistress Konan, so I kept a look out for him. I heard a bang coming from another room. Guess Master Deidara blew something up again.

Love, Kazuko