Akatsuki Life- Entry 3

Dear Diary,

S*** RUN! I kinda upset Kisame by eating fish sticks, now he wants to kill me. I always thought fish sticks were fake fish, like breaded fish, but nooooo. Master Tobi hid me. Master Tobi said i should just call him Tobi not “Master” because it makes him feel to powerful. He said that if I stopped calling him “master” he would let me look under his mask.

He started to show me his face when master Deidara entered and started to get nosy. Great. I pulled out you diary, to be honest out of all these people in the Aaktsuki the only one I trust with my life is Tobi because we are close. Tobi and you of course diary, ill never forget to put you on the list. Master Deidara has ordered me to stop writing in my little book so ill see you later

Love, Kazuko