A shattered soul (William x reader)- Chapter 13-16

Chapter 13

“This is probably nothing but we will treat it like it is serious and will get you seen as soon as possible.” A doctor said, she was scribbling down notes. “if you would just like to answer some questions” she handed you a clip board and a pen. Question 1: ‘when did you find it?’ 2: ‘is it unusual for inflammations like this?’ 3: ‘does it hurt at all?’ The list went on. Most of the questions were pretty much the same. ‘Well I guess if their is a chance of you having a serious terminal illness mistakes can’t be made’ you thought. You walked to the waiting room, where William was. He shot up as soon as he saw you.
“They are going to give me a scan, but that’s not today” you said.
“So it could be…” Will choked up and you kissed his nose.
“It’s probably not” you said quietly.

You had to go back to work, but William wouldn’t let you be in he field so you had paperwork.
“It feels so good to be back, doesn’t it (y/n)?” Ronald said happily.
“Yeah” you said a bit to quiet.
“What’s happened?” Ronald said, picking up on your sadness.
“How’s that girl that you got pregnant?”
“She kinda um died giving birth to it, and the baby died to because it was too weak” Ronald rubbed the back of his neck. “So what’s wrong with you?” You closed your eyes and stood up. You walked away and Ronald quickly followed.
“Will, Can I have the rest of the day off? I don’t feel up to it” you spoke and he understood. He gave you a nod.
“Can I?” Ronald asked.
“No” William said seriously.
“What so you give (y/n) it off but not me. is it because I’m not your girlfriend?”
“Then what is it?”
“She….” he froze and looked at you.
“I might have cancer alright. is that what you wanted to hear?” You said and walked off crying.
“Cancer? Like that big disease that kills of humans. How did she get that?” Ronald asked.
“I am guessing it was a side effect of the machine they put her in to speed up the rate she has a baby and then she got stabbed.” Will said and got up, “now if you excuse me I have to go comfort her.” William ran off after you.
“We need to go out on the field?” You said quietly.
“You sure?” William asked and you nodded.

It was a simple job that William had given you, or at least it was supposed to be. An old drunk man was going to have a heart attack. You had your wazikashi in your hand ready to do it and the Grell and Ronald arrived.
“What are you two doing here?” William asked, slightly annoyed of their presence.
“We had a job, everyone in this room is about to die and we have to collect the souls before the demons get them” Grell explained and Will sighed.
“Well then we are all here for the same job” Will said.
“How do they all die?” You asked and then the roof collapsed crushing everyone. As soon as you saw it collapsing you pushed Will to the ground and shielded him with your body. A support beam went through your chest and blood splattered out of your mouth onto Will’s face. It was pain, raw pain. Grell had a head injury and Ronald was unconscious under some rubble. You turned your head. Your glasses had fallen off so you couldn’t really see, but you saw a figure in black stealing the souls. He wore glasses and his eyes had a yellowish tinge. Will opened his eyes and saw you. You looked down at him. He pulled the beam out of your back and you collapsed onto him. He held you close and the man in black walked up to you and him.
“Reapers” he said with a quite a deep voice.
“You demons really are nothing but scum” Will said. Grell got to Ronald and pulled him out of the rubble. His glasses were cracked.
“Claude” a young boy said and walked onto the rubble. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and wore a purple suit. “Claude what have you done to these people?” The boy said and helped Grell up.
“They are reapers sir” The demon now recognized as Claude responded. The boy walked up to you and William.
“Is she alright?” He asked concerned. You were pale and barely conscious.
“No she isn’t, all thanks you that demon scum.” William snapped.
“We’ll help you, Claude order you take them back to the manor”

Chapter 14

“Shes healing just fine” Ronald said. You were all guests at the Trancy manor for the time being.
“Then why isn’t she waking up?” William asked. He held onto your hand.
“Will give her time, she took a support beam through the chest” Grell spoke. William was panicking and had been since it happened.
“I want her to wake up so I can talk to her” The boy which the reapers now knew as Alois spoke. William stood up and then there was movement. You moved slightly and he saw it.
“(Y/n)!” Will said and launched back down to your hand as your eyes fluttered open. All you could see was blurs because your glasses had gone, either missing or broken. You saw a streak of blond put a pair on your face and you could see again.
“I always carry my trainee pair with me in case something happens to mine. Mine are cracked but I can live with that for now” You smiled and sat up.
“Thank you.” you said. You looked at William “how come we keep ending up like this?” William smiled.
“Because you keep protecting people” William spoke.
“The people i protect are worth it” you said.
“Shes finally awake” Alois said and smiled. He was a happy child and you flinched at his sudden loudness.

You took your time to recover. William stuck by you at all times. You were still at the Trancy manor. Alois was a sweet child, until he got angry. You didn’t really like it there, too many demons. You don’t feel secure here, you feel like you may have to start fighting at any moment. You had hold of William’s hand as you went to the dining hall for dinner.
“(y/n), glad you could make it. I wanted to talk to you” Alois. Claude pulled a chair out for you and you graciously sat in it.
“what is it?” you asked trying to nice to him. It was too early to be fighting with him. A smile was on your face.
“I want to offer you a position in my household. I could use someone like you here” he offered.
“No” you replied, almost too quick. “I don’t want to. Sorry.” you stood up and Alois’s face turned dark.
“Claude, hurt her friend” Alois ordered. Claude bowed and left the room then you heard noise of fighting.
“Alois I don’t respond to violence at all.” you spoke harshly.
“Thompson, Timber, Canterbury. Hurt her other friend.” You got more angry as they left and you heard more fighting. “Now are you going to cooperate?”
“No. Not now, not ever” you said. The tone in your voice getting angry and scary.
“Hannah, hurt her boyfriend.” You grabbed William and pulled out your Wazikashi.
“Your an ignorant brat. I so hope when Claude takes your soul he does it as painfully as possible.” You said harshly. Hannah jumped down with a green blade and you blocked it. “Will we are leaving, any objections?” you asked fighting.
“None.” He said blankly. You kick Hannah away and then ran out of the dining hall. Ronald was struggling against the triplets. His death scythe had jammed. You slashed all 3 of them and grabbed Ronald.
“Come on, we have to get Grell.” You said and started to run.

Grell was having fun with Claude. It was strange the way they fought. It was like it was effortless for both of them. Claude’s eyes narrowed as he saw you approaching, at which point he changed his target and went for you. you flinched and froze. William dragged you out of the way before his attack hit.
“(y/n), focus. Don’t let emotions get in the way” Will said bluntly. You nodded. Your face went emotionless and blank which Claude noticed quickly.
“That is strange” he said and you walked up to him and stabbed your death scythe into his arm.
“I wont kill you but i will delay you while my friends get away” you said seriously.
“You can’t your weak still” Claude said. You motioned for your friends to get by before stabbing Claude in the leg.
“I will fight until the end, and even after that” You retorted. Once everyone was gone you sighed in relief.
“Why wont you just stay (y/n)? All I want is love. I want you to be like a mother figure to me.”A tear starts to form in your eye as Alois’s words make you think of your child which you lost with the angels.
“I cant do that Alois, you dont understand” you said and Alois looked upset. Claude grabbed you and then all the light vanished.

Chapter 15

“Where am I? Why can’t I see? Am I dead? Did Claude kill me? Oh great” you thought to yourself, well more like spoke to yourself.
“Your not dead” A voice said. The light appeared all at once, blinding you. You saw Alois and Claude.
“Where are we?” You asked looking around.
“The wine cellar” Claude answered you sat up. Your head was spinning, what did they do to you.
“Ok, why are we here?”

Meanwhile else where…
“Where is she?” William asked. He was really nervous.
“Will, calm down. She is a reaper and has her death scythe with her, she’ll be fine” Grell tried to calm him down. They had made it back to reaper headquarters without being distracted by demons posing obstacles for them. They got back and all three of them were arrested. Now they were in a gray room with hard chairs. Ronald sat quietly in the corner with his eyes shut, where as William was pacing back and forth. Grell sighed and gave up. He sat on the hard metal bench in a huff. A guard came in.
“Where is the forth member of your party?” the guard asked. He had short, spiked up, brown hair and wore aviator sunglasses. He had one of those ear phones on and the curly wire that came with them to make him look professional. He crossed his arms revealing his strong forearm muscles.
“We don’t know” Grell pulled his hair to a side.
“What gender are you?” the guard asked.
“How dare you ask a lady like myself such a insecure question” Grell looked away.
“So female then” the guard said bluntly.
“male” William said in a cold voice. He was back to his old cold self. He had given up on worrying and decided that if you were dead, you wouldn’t want him to be sad or worry. So he put on his cold emotionless face to hide all that pain and sorrow inside.

The guard grabbed Grell’s arm and dragged him out.
“Where are you taking him?” Ronald asked.
“interrogation” he said in a blunt straight forward manor. Grell gulped and looked at his friends for help before being dragged away. About half an hour later he was brought back and thrown into the room. He fell and hit the floor with his face hard. Blood dribbled down from his nose from this.
“thanks for your cooperation ” the guard laughed and slammed the door shut. Something was different about Grell. William figured it out almost immediately but Ronald took his time. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, and then it hit him like a bolt of lightning.
“Your hair is short!” Ronald exclaimed. Grell rolled his eyes and got up of the floor.
“Did they cut it or you?” William asked.
“Them” Grell said quickly back. Grell sat in the corner where Ronald was previously sat and crossed his arms upset. “They said I looked too much like a lady and I should stop acting like one. The nerve on them.”

Chapter 16

“Let me of here!” You screamed. You had been in the cellar of Alois’s manor for three days now. You were going insane. The room stunk of alcohol and old wood. It wasn’t that bad, they never hurt you and they fed you. It was just that, its dark in the cellar and lonely, and you have to sleep on the floor. You keep praying that someone will come and save you, that your not going to have to be alone for the rest of your life, however that wont happen. Will left with Grell and Ronald. He left you alone. He left you to die, or so the demons want you to think. You don’t believe that. Something is up with him. He wouldn’t just leave you, would he?

William lay on the floor with Grell and Ronald by his side. They let them out, eventually. They were in that prison cell for over a week. They beat them, poor Grell got it the worst. The higher ups believe that the three of them are alright to work still but how could they be? Even if their bodies are in an alright shape, their minds aren’t.
“Do you think shes dead?” Grell asked, trying to start a conversation. It may not have been a good conversation but it is one that they have had many times in the past week.
“Nah” Ronald said “shes to tough a fighter, more of a fighter than any of us here” Ronald said. William stayed quiet listening in on the conversation. Grell looked at Will with a sad face.
“You alright Will?” He asked. William looked at him and sighed. He did something he never thought he would do in that very moment. He rested his head on Grell’s lap and looked up at him.”Will?” he asked blushing.
“I prefer you with short hair” Will said. Ronald got up and looked at them weirdly.
“You do, maybe ill keep it short” Grell said and moved his head close to William. Ronald’s jaw dropped seeing the two individuals about to kiss.
“What are you doing? She’s not dead, so don’t be rebounding on Grell!” he exclaimed. Will turned his head towards Ronald and sat up.
“I don’t mind being a rebound” Grell said and Will looked at him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s going through my head right now.” William apologized and dusted of his jacket. He straightened his tie. “We should go back to the Trancy manor, and try and find her” Will suggested. He has a serious look on his face that no one could argue with.

“Hello, is someone here?” You called out. You could hear keys fumbling at the door of the cellar and then Claude came in. He had a smirk on his face, which scared you.
“(y/n), Alois wants to talk with you.” He said.
“I don’t want to talk to him. You can tell him that hes an idiot that doesn’t deserve any thing from me.” You said angrily.
“Yea, he said that you’d say that, so he told me that if you did then i’d get to have some fun with you” He smirked and grabbed you by the hair. You closed your eyes waiting for him to hit you but that never happened. He let go of your hair and held you close. “i don’t understand you, you want to get out so badly and yet when we offer you a way out you don’t want to go.” Claude said in a quiet voice.
“What are you doing?” You asked, your breathing was heavy.
“You want to leave and let it all go, you want to be held by your man again, but you know that you told him to go and so he went, a real man that loved you wouldn’t have left you, he would have stayed by your side through the worst.” Claude spoke.
“Demons tongue” you whispered. His hand moved about your body.
“I wont leave you. I could never do that to such a beautiful lady.” You felt strange with Claude saying these things to you. You kinda liked it aswell. It was like you were under a trance. “I can show you what a real man can do to please his woman” He said. You let him do that to you. You couldn’t help it. Right from the beginning of your training as a reaper you were told that demons use their words to get inside you head, but when the time came you couldn’t stop it and you just went with it.

When it was over you felt awful. It was good but bad at the same time. The worst kind of torture is love. Demons know all about that type of torture all to well, it is the type they use probably the most. You lay their ashamed of what you have done. Claude was fully dressed now and he looked at you with a smirk.
“Alois will be in shortly, he still wants to talk” He said. You looked at him.
“Oh” you said and sat up. Your face flushed red of embarrassment. You still didn’t want to talk to him, but you gathered that now you had no choice. ‘What have I done?’ you thought. You looked at Claude and then down at the floor. You felt so much like an idiot and that is what hurt the most out of all of this.