A shattered soul (William x reader)- Chapter 9-12

Chapter 9- Lemon warning!!!

You came back into your cell. You hadn’t had much contact with the people outside your bunk room. You and Will were becoming closer everyday.
“I think we should drink tonight” you said. You were missing the outside world. You were missing your job, you were missing your bed.
“Agreed” William said and took your hand. A few drinks later and you wasn’t drunk, just tipsy. You had apparently reached your limits of alcohol for a week so you and Will couldn’t have any more to drink. You had still drunk enough to  have a bit of a hangover though.
“Will, has anyone ever told you that your very good looking?”  you said, a little bit slurred.
“Your the first” William replied, “Other than Grell.” He was just as slurred as you. You knew that there would be an angel somewhere watching them, getting excited that there was finally some chemistry between the two of you. Bet they were sure that you were a lost cause.
“Well good sir. I want it to be special” You said.
“You don’t have to call me sir, and what to be special?” You kissed him which shocked him. He slowly kissed back and you took it upon yourself to sit on his lap. The kiss got more and more heated, and it was with tongue. He grabbed your bottom and pulled you closer. Your chest was pushed against his.

Meanwhile in a different location, two angel guards were looking at a small screen. They was watching William and (y/n) getting all heated. They were kind of getting turned on by it.
“Finally someone is doing what they are needed for, we will start the training tomorrow with the man” The other guard nodded.

You unzipped his pants and smiled as your went into them. William’s eyes opened with shock. Your hand was inside his boxers, stroking his length up and down. He was quite long, at least 6 inches, maybe more. He grabbed onto you and stood up off of his chair.
“We do all of this on my bunk” William said, he was bright red, just like you.
“Yes sir” you said and he carried you to it. The bunks had curtains for privacy. William closed them and was laid practically on top of you. You removed his pants as best as you could, and his boxers. He removed them and left them at the end of the bed. He looked at you. You wanted to remove yours and his glasses, but you knew that then you wouldn’t be able to see squat all. You pumped your hand up and down his member, earning moans from him. He grabbed your hand to stop you when he was close. He pulled down your pants and stuck a finger up you. He thrusted his finger in and out of you. You moaned quietly. His hand went up your back and unhooked your bra, while he was fingering you. He removed your shirt and tie, he removed your bra and looked at you. You were a moaning mess so he added another finger into you.

He played with you a little while more before his urges took over and he entered you. You arched your back and moaned. It hurt, but not much. He had prepared you well. He thrusted into you rapidly. You felt yourself stretching to fit him in. You moaned out loudly. The guards surely knew what was happening right now. You had removed Williams top half of clothing, leaving you both naked. You were having sex and skin was slapping against skin. You were going for about an hour and then you started to feel William twitch and he went sloppy with thrusts. He kept going as long as he could, until he released inside of you. You released feeling his warm seed enter you. His eyes widened as he realized you had done that without protection. He pulled out and laid next to you.
“You just lost your virginity before Ronald, I’m proud of you Will” You said. He smiled at you. A genuine smile. He removed his glasses, and yours, and put them somewhere safe before laying down comfortably on the bed.
“We didn’t use protection”  He said with a bit of a sigh.
“God you always look at the negative don’t you.” You giggled and kissed him. “Good night sir” you said and rolled over so your back was facing him. You spooned with him and you both fell sound asleep.

Chapter 10

The door opened, waking both you and William up.
“Guys, I hope you enjoyed yourself last night. You have just completed faze one. Faze two starts immediately so if you would mind getting dressed I have to tell you what you are doing.” Doctor Henry Stephenson’s voice said.
“good morning to you to doc” you said. You and William got dressed before getting out of the bed. You sat on your chairs while the doctor talked to you.
“I can’t officially tell you what part 2 is but I can tell you that it may hurt a bit. Subject William T spears, you will be going with my lovely friends here.” Some guards came in and William tensed up. He stood up and walked out with them. You watched them leave. “(y/n) (l/n) you will be coming with me.”

You walked down the corridor. There was windows practically everywhere and everything was white. You saw William panting holding his death scythe.
“What are you doing to him?” You asked, you was extremely worried for him.
“Don’t fret (y/n), he’ll be fine” the doctor said. That didn’t help your nerves any less. “besides if you don’t relax now this is going to hurt more.” You looked at the doctor and then there was a bang and an angel was pressed to the window, which you saw William in, and he was bleeding badly.

You walked into a room. It was pretty much plain, there was a white chair with straps on and a machine stood up next it and a monitor.
“You lay there” the doctor said and you did as you were told. He strapped you in tightly.
“What are the straps for?” You asked.
“So you can’t run” he said and put the machine over you. There was a red light that went over your body and then a scan of the side of your body showed up on the monitor.
“Oh look at that, isn’t that beautiful. lets see if we can speed that up” the doctor pushed a button and then there was just pain. Your hands turned to fists and your eyes were tightly shut saying ‘pain’ everywhere. You screamed loudly. “there we go. I give you 5 weeks and then baby will be ready” you didn’t hear what he said through the pain. Tears were rolling out of your eyes.

You were in that much pain that you had to be carried back to your bunk. You were coughing blood from the procedure. William was in the room. He stood when they brought you in and they laid you on his bed.
“This is for the right reasons William”. A guard said and they all left, locking the door behind you. William didn’t look to good himself. He was bruised and cut all over and his hair wasn’t it’s usual laid back slick self. His wrist had a red rash on it and it was swollen, clearly broken.
“(Y/n), what did they do to you?” He asked.
“W-what d-di-did what did t-they d-do t-t-to you?” You asked back. You sat up, closing your eyes at the pain.
“(Y/n) don’t push yourself.” You grabbed William.
“so what did happen?” You asked.
“They made me fight stronger and stronger people until I lost” William said. He picked up his death scythe and started to clean it.
“At least you have that back” you stood up and took it off him. “let me look at that wrist, sit down.” He sat down and you walked very slowly due to pain in your lower abdomen. You got the first aid kit and then put it on the table, sitting down next to Will.

You wrapped a bandage around Will’s wrist slowly, trying not to hurt him, but still trying to keep it tight. You were an alright medic. Your parents always told you should go into reaper medicine, not soul collecting.
“So what did they do to you?” William broke the silence.
“It’s complicated, let’s just say I’m going to have a child soon, or something like that” you said to him and looked at his face. You got a wet cloth and started to clean his cuts on his face.
“Your pregnant.” He said.
“I might not have been. They put me in a machine to ‘speed up the process'” you said.
“Speed up by how much?”
“Well instead of me finding out if I’m pregnant in 2 weeks and then giving birth in 9 months, I give birth to this child in 5 weeks” you said and he winced a bit when you dabbed his cut. You stopped dabbing and put his arm in a sling. ‘It looks like they can’t use William for a while’ you thought. You looked at William and he leaned in to kiss you. You kissed back gently, trying not to hurt him.

“Ya know boss, this is pure love. I would have thought people would start sleeping together just to get out of this place but these two are actually in love” The doctor looked at the monitor that the guard was looking at.
“We have another sex couple” he pointed. Ronald and his girl were getting it on. Well to be honest it wasn’t going to be long before Ronald hit it of with his girl.

Chapter 11

“Ronald Knox, what the heck is this?” Doctor Henry Stephenson said as he handed Ronald his death scythe. You were invited to watch this one. It had only been a day and you were already having cravings, you had a bump and you felt sick. William was helping you around.
“It is my death scythe.” Ronald said.
“God you lot. You like to be inventive in how you harvest souls dont you?” The doctor laughed. “Lawn mowers, chainsaws and hedge clippers, are you lot sure your reapers and not gardeners?”
“Shut up” You said sternly.
“You know (y/n) you look a lot different from when i last saw you, are you getting fat?” Ronald asked you. You slapped him for that.
“I’m pregnant” you said and laughed.
“With Will’s baby? That’s cute. I don’t want to say it but… I told you so” You slapped him again.
“Alright (y/n) dont beat him up before the fight even starts” The doctor said and you slapped the doctor. “I deserved that.”
“Yes you did.” You said harshly.

Ronald got put through the training. He was fighting for his life. The angel he was fighting had the upper hand, and a blade in his hand. Ronald was losing. You couldn’t stand back so you threw your self at Ronald to push him out of the way. The trainee angels blade went through your stomach. Bye bye baby. The angel pulled it out and you fell. William had never moved so fast. He caught you as you fell. Doctor Stephenson stood up. He grabbed the blade from the angel and stabbed it through it.
“You idiot” Stephenson said. He went to your side and looked at the wound. “Yep the baby is a goner, but you aren’t and your uterus is fine”
“Is that all you care about?” Ronald asked.
“I’m gonna save her life, so shut up or i wont” The doctor said. He looks at William “Faze one starts again for you to.” William didn’t know what to say. He was furious with the doctor, but you were in his arms dying. He gritted his teeth then kissed your forehead as you slipped in and out of consciousness.

You woke up a few days later in a hospital bed. William had his head on the bed and he was sleeping.
“L-last time you w-were asleep w-with your glasses on, i-i carried you to bed” you spoke. Your voice sounded parched, but it was enough to wake up Will.
“Last time I fell asleep with my glasses on my face, we weren’t stuck in an angel institution and in a hospital room because the person I care for most in the world has been stabbed and my child is dead” He said harshly. He was crying, or had been crying, “I thought I was going to lose you.”
“Nah, it would take more than that to take me down, I’m a tough cookie” You said and laughed a little. William smiled.
“Good” he said and kissed you. You kissed back and then he pulled away. The doctor walked in and caught the end of the kiss.
“Look I’m all up for you two making babies, just don’t do it in a hospital bed” The doctor said. William stood up.
“If I am going to ‘make babies’ with William, I’m not going to do it because some doctor wants to make angels and reapers stronger, I’m going to do it to start a family and be happy” You spoke up before William could say anything. “I think you should leave Doctor.” The doctor sighed and pulled out a syringe with a pale blue liquid in it.
“Now here is what you to are going to do. Your going to go back to your bunker and stick with the program or we will drug you.” you burst out laughing at him.
“We will go back, but if you have any guards near us then all hell will break loose” you said and he agreed.

You told William the plan then it set of in action. Will went one way and you went the other way. You were going to find the other reapers. Bunker block 198. Inside the cell was Grell and a beautiful girl.
“We are breaking out” you told them. The girl shook her head.
“(Y/n) my how they have changed you, not just your personality but your looks aswell”
“Grell hurry up and get out of this bunker or when we retrieve the death scythes we will leave your chain saw.” you threatened.
“You have definitely changed.” Ronald came running past with a few death scythes.
“Ronald.” you said and he came back. He handed you your wazikashi and you smiled.
“What happened to you (y/n)?” Grell asked.
“She had sex with William, got pregnant, got tortured, jumped in front of me when I was about to be stabbed and lost her child” Ronald said, smiled and then ran to go get the other death scythe.
“How terrible, at least when we get out you can get back to your old self” Grell smiled and walked out of the bunker room really sassily. The girl he shared a room with followed and grabbed his waist scared. She was a mute. The plan was going well, everyone was back together and you all had your death scythes. You were literally going to walk out of the front door. You had one thing you had to do before you left. You stormed the hospital and pinned doctor Henry Stephenson to the wall.
“What you are about to see, you created” you said and stabbed him in the stomach and then chest. You walked back out and you all left the angel head quarters as a group. The top 10 strongest reapers were leaving. You had to take a few men out on the way however.

Chapter 12

“Some of you came back in better shape than others” the higher ups were giving you an assembly to welcome you back “but we are glad you are all back safely and we expect you back to work as soon as possible.”
“Gee welcome back to being a free reaper guys, here is a load of work which needs doing. Great welcome party” you said sarcastically.
“It’s just because most of us are souls collecting reapers and there is a shortage of reapers who do that. When you have 30 reapers who do that job, and then 10 of them get pulled away from there jobs for a few weeks. Times become difficult” William said in his usual cold voice. He had lost all emotion in his voice again. You looked at him.
“If I read your name out your going for a check up in hospital, if I don’t your back to work immediately. so: William T Spears, (y/n) (l/n), Ronald Knox and Elizabeth splatter. Everyone else back to work” The higher up commanded. You gripped William’s hand quite tight at the thought of going to hospital.
“It’s only a check up (y/n)” Will said. You didn’t know what hurt more, the fact that William spoke sternly to you or the fact that you had spent all that time getting to know the soft side of him and now he’s gone.

The doctor gave you a check and then said you could go. The only advice he had was that you had to take it easy for a bit. It was quite late and William wasn’t out yet. You wanted to do something special for him so you headed to his. You sat on a chair and waited for him to come home. He came home about 10 minutes later and walked through the door.
“Hello” William said not realizing you were there and sounding tired.
“Hey” you said back. He stood up straight.
“(Y/n) I thought you went home.” Will said stiffly.
“Oh so you don’t want me here, okay” you got up and started to leave.
“I didn’t say that, please stay” He said. You grinned in response.
“Ill make you a nice tea” You said brightly and he smiled at you, showing you his soft side once again. ‘I get it now, he doesn’t like to show his soft side in public’ you thought and went into his kitchen. You started to cook some chicken. You were gonna give him a home made curry. Arms snaked around you and Will’s head rested on your shoulder.
“That smells nice” He said and tightened his grip on you a little bit.
“Yeah, i did this all the time as a child” you grinned. You could feel his breath on your neck. His hand raised up and you thought he was going to do something inappropriate and then he took your tie of.
“It might catch in the flame” he said and you laughed nervously.
“Thanks” you said.

You served up the food and put two plates of curry on the table. William smiled.
“I have thought of some stuff we can do after we eat” You said. William stared at you. It was his time to think dirty. “Not like that.” You said waving your hands in front of your face proving your innocence. William chuckled.
“I’m not judging you” He said and pulled his chair up close too yours. He put his hand on your lap.
“u-uh William…” you said and he removed it, “sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” You stood up.
“I gotta pee” you said and rushed out. You went into the bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror. You didn’t know what to think. You washed your face. “I need a drink” You said to yourself and went back to William.
“Want a drink?” He asked and you nodded. He got you a drink and himself one. You drunk it and finished your curry.

You had a fun night with William and then when it was time for you to leave you didn’t want to go. You held onto Will.
“Lay with me?” you asked and then walked to the bed, kinda dragging him with you. He held you close and wrapped his arms around you. He held his hands around you tightly and then the mood changed.
“Whats that?” he asked, feeling a part in your stomach.
“What do you mean?” you asked back looking at him worried.
“An inflammation. You should get that checked out.” Will said.
“Way to kill the mood.” You said and punched the pillow before rolling and facing away from him. You felt your stomach. There was definitely an inflammation. Your eyes watered up as you felt it.
“I’m sorry” William said quietly and held you close. “Whatever it is, we will work through this together.” You nodded and the tears started to flow.