Fairy Tail x reader

Chapter 1- Lets join Fairy Tail

You walked into the guild hall. You were barely able to walk, so you sat down at the bar. “Hello there what are you doing here,” said Makarov with Mira behind him. You didn’t want to answer but you did for some reason “I’m following the orders of Laxus Dreyar. I believe that you know him, am I correct?” you said but then you went dizzy and fainted. “Oh no is she okay?” asked Wendy, while she was running over to check on you. “I think so,” answered Mira-Jane. Wendy was worried about you and she wanted you to wake up. “Don’t worry, I’ll heal her” she said and began healing you. When you woke up you was feeling a lot better. “Thank you, but where is my bag? I need my bag!” You started panicking. Mira tried to calm you down, ”

Calm down, you’re okay now. Don’t worry” she said. You stood up and walked to the door, then you stopped and asked “do you happen to know where my bag is? It was near my feet when I fell Mira.” “Er no I don’t, but it might be still near the seat” she answered,” I’ll go and look for it just stay here.” She said, and she walked out. You heard some people fighting. “You ice head!” Said a person, who you think is a boy. “Oh yeah flame for brains!” Another boy said. You stood up and started walking towards them. “Where are you going young lady?” Asked Makarov. You looked at him. “This guild hall is for our guild members, not friends of people who have been banished from the guild. So what did Laxus tell you to do here?” Asked Makarov. You answered with “You’re just full of questions. All he wanted was me to be happy, and part of a family somewhere where I’m not an outcast. And before you ask I am an outcast because of my magic, so am I able to join your guild or not?” With that Mira-Jane came back though with your bag. “On one condition,” he said

“What is that?” You ask. “You can join as long as you tell me two things: your name and magic, and what is in the bag.” He said. You sigh because you don’t want to tell him, but you really want to join the guild, so you tell him. “My name is y/n and my magic is whatever I want it to be because I have every magic.”

Chapter 2- What is in the bag?

As you was talking to master Makarov (the 3rd master of the Fairy Tail guild), you caught Black-steal Gajeel’s eye and he walked over to you and Makarov. “Hey, Master who’s this you’re talking to?” He asked but the master didn’t know how to,  so he poked you- Telling you to say something. “Erm…” you thought for a bit before saying “Hi, my name is y/n l/n.”

“So y/n, you thinking about joining the guild? You never know it, might be some fun if you join?” Gajeel said before sniffing you. “You smell like someone I have smelt before, you know what’s his name- the lighting head,” He said. You smiled; before you got chance to say anything Makarov interjected. “Yes she’s Laxus’s girlfriend!” He sniggered . You weren’t very happy at this comment. “I AM NOT!” you yelled. Then you took a deep breath before saying “I’m just his friend.” Gajeel replied with “Lightning head’s girlfriend huh? Shame this could have been fun.” They were making you angry, so you yelled again “I’M NOT LAXUS’ GIRL FRIEND!!!” Then the whole guild started looking at you. Even Natsu and Grey stopped fighting to look at you. “Great,” You said.

“Hey y/n,” you heard from a distance, it was Mira-Jane. “I found your bag,” she said when she got to you. She placed the bag in front of you. Then it started wobbling and making noises. “The egg,” You whispered so no one could hear you. “What egg?” Gajeel ejaculated and the hole guild heard. They started asking questions like “an egg?” and “what type?” Suddenly you was being attacked with questions.

“Come with me and bring the bag!” Yelled the master loud enough so you could hear him over all of the questions. “Where are we going?” You asked. With that the master turned around and grabbed my arm to drag me. “To talk,” he said and dragged me into his office.