I hate you (A Grelliam Yandere story)- Chapter 8

The doctor told me some distressing news about Grell’s condition. He told me that he was only able to save either the baby or Grell and would need the father to make the decision. Judging by the fact he then sent me to go find Sebastian, he must have assumed he was the father. They do seem like they would make a nice couple, even if one is reaper and the other is a demon. It is very easy for Grell to fall for a man, but it is very difficult for that man to respect her properly. Mr Spears never respected Grell. For nearly ninety years he was trying to push her off of him and suddenly he likes her but because he likes her he is causing her pain. That is not true respect. Sebastian, on the other hand, also spent a while pushing her away but since the day they spent together he has spent his time wishing he could hold her close. This is why he walked out when he found out she was pregnant.

I managed to get Sebastian into the room to make the decision. He was not very happy with the idea that he has to make this decision. However, he did choose. He chose Grell. Well you would choose the mother- would you not? She is going to mean more to you than the child, however if I think about it- Will would have probably chosen the baby. He does not very much care about Grell. The doctor sent us out of the room while he removed the child. It is amazing how fast reaper babies develop. When we were allowed back in, the child was still alive and crying.
“She is very sick” The doctor spoke. “Chances are she will not survive. I am sorry.” He was talking about the baby, not Grell. He handed the baby to Sebastian. She was very small and delicate and was coughing in between crying.
“Is there something you can give her so she might have a chance?” I inquired and was given a bottle of medicine.
“I can not promise anything though. Come see me if anything bad happens” he left after that. Sebastian was rocking the child while being sat at the foot of the bed which Grell was laid.

A few hours later and Grell woke up coughing. She had a lot more colour in her face, but still looked exhausted. Sebastian was asleep with the baby still in his arms, but Grell’s coughing woke both him and the baby up. The baby cried loudly and Grell looked curiously at her.
“I-is this mine?” She asked and took the baby off Sebastian. The babies cries calmed slightly as her mother held her.
“Yes, but she is very weak Grell.” Sebastian told her, “She may not survive.”
“Of course she will survive. She is a fighter, just like her mummy” I interjected and Grell smiled. Sebastian gave Grell the medicine and she made sure the baby took it. “What are you going to call her?” asked I, “She needs a name.” Grell looked at her.
“I had not thought of one for she was not due just yet, but I guess if she need to be named I will call her Gwen.” It was a cute name for a cute baby.
“Gwen Sutcliff. I like it.” I spoke up. Grell looked at me and did a closed eyed smile. I thought best to leave Grell alone with her new baby and Sebastian. Lets hope that Sebastian looks after them both.

I looked at my baby and smiled. She was so cute. Once I had administered her the medicine she calmed right down. Sebastian smiled at me and kissed my head. I never gave him permission to do that but I did not react to it either.
“She is beautiful, just like you” Sebastian spoke. I did not know how to respond to this. The only other person who has called me beautiful is Will and then he hurt me. How can I trust Sebastian? He could be just like Will. I did not know what to do, I still felt weak but I did not want Sebastian to see me weak any more than he has.
“Bassy” I whispered. He held my hand.
“You are welcome here Grell. Forever and always.” No- Bassy is nothing like Will. He has actually invited me rather than forcing me. Sebastian stood up. “I should be getting back to work now, if you need anything just shout.” He walked out. My face fell into a frown as he left.

Later on in the evening I was holding Gwen when Ciel came to see me. I found it very odd for Ciel to talk to me voluntarily, so I was a bit dumbfounded when he decided to.
“Hello Grell” Said he in attempt to start conversation.
“Hi” I returned quietly, I was trying not to wake my daughter up for if she did wake she’d cry.
“This your daughter?” He asked and I responded with a nod, “Can I hold her?” I sat him down and laid her in his arms carefully.
“Be careful with her, she is very weak” I told him. Ciel nodded and looked at her. He poked his finger at her small hand and her little fingers wrapped around his. I smiled in awe. It was a very cute sight. Sebastian walked in to talk to Ciel, but I put my hand over his mouth to stop him talking. He looked at the baby in Ciel’s arms. A smile grew on Sebastian’s face and then his arms wrapped around me from behind, which shocked me a bit. I felt a immense amount of pleasure from being in his embrace. I wonder how long my happiness will last. When will William come along and hurt me again? I do not want this to end. Sebastian makes me feel so happy and safe. I closed my eyes praying for this moment to never end. Gwen’s cry woke me from my illusion and Ciel handed her back over to me. I rocked her a bit and went off to changed her.

Ciel had sent Sebastian to find me a room that I could stay in. I was very welcome in this place, and very free. Gwen was giggling at me while I pulled silly faces at her. I got a sudden sick feeling in my stomach and had to lay her down on the bed then ran off to the bathroom. I was sick and it was red. It was blood.