The Gourmet Ghoul (Tsukiyama x reader)- Chapter 1

The day was young as you walked into Anteiku, just like you did every morning, however you were earlier than usual today because you got a text from a friend asking you to meet him there. Yes a he not a she. you have known this guy for a while now, but you weren’t exactly close. You only agreed to meet him at such an early time because he was quite good looking and rather amusing. You checked you phone as you arrived to see if he had messaged you. There was no text so you messaged him to let you know you had arrived at Anteiku.
“Morning (y/n), You’re here early” the friendly, dark haired boy greeted you.
“Morning Kaneki. Someone asked to meet me here. He should be here soon. Can I have my usual?” You asked. He nodded and went to go make you your morning coffee. The door swung open and a tall handsome figure with purple hair walked in. He swung his arms out dramatically and took in a deep breath.
“Ah smell that air. C’est tout simplement magnifique” His loud yet posh french voice spoke. Everyone’s heads turned to him, including yours. You beckoned him to join you at you table and he obliged happily.

“So why did you want to meet? You said it was urget.” You asked and Kaneki brought the coffee.
“(Y/n)? This is who you were meeting?” He placed the coffee on the table and stared at Tsukiyama.
“Yeah it is. This is Tsukiyama, we met in a library-” You began but Kaneki interrupted.
“I know who he is.” You slapped his arm lightly.
“That was rude.” You said slightly mad.
“Oh (y/n), I am sure dear Kaneki here did not mean to be rude. Could you find it in your heart to forgive him? For me?” Tsukiyama asked of you. You let out a sigh and a nod.
“Go back to work Kaneki.” You told him and he nodded. He went behind the counter but you could feel his eyes were still on you and Tsukiyama.

“You never told me why you wanted to meet with me” You spoke before taking a sip of your delicious hot chocolate. You quite like this place, you knew the people here well and you knew the staff were ghouls. You tried to get a job here once yourself but the manager said he’d prefer it of you didn’t as some of the workers would feel a bit uncomfortable.
“I simply wanted to get to know the beauty that is (y/n) better.” He smiled. Your cheeks turned lightly red and you looked at him. He had leaned forward and placed his hand on yours. You weren’t going to fall for him that easily. You are sure he treats everyone he meets the same.
“How is that urgent?” You asked and pulled your hand away from his.
“Anything to do with you is urgent. You’re the fairest maiden of them all. Oh tu es belle!” His hand was on top of yours again and his fingers walked up your arm. “Please accept me” he begged.
“I’m sorry Tsukiyama. I can not accept your offer.” You said and finished your coffee. His face dropped. “I do not have relationships.  I’m sorry”