The Gourmet Ghoul (Tsukiyama x reader)- Prologue

They are everywhere. You couldn’t see an exit- there was no exit. You were trapped with no way of escape. Tsukiyama’s voice spoke out to the crowd of ghouls.
“And for tonight’s main dish we have a little obsession of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs we have little (y/n). This girl has been quite close to me lately and it would be a shame for her to go to waste.” You knew you shouldn’t have trusted him, he was a ghoul after all. Not all ghouls are bad, you know that because of the guys at Anteiku. However Tsukiyama is a gourmet ghoul, he told you that and you never listened. He told you that one day he’ll have no choice but to eat you- and you never listened. You always have been quite stubborn.

“Tsukiyama…” You spoke as the massive thing that was supposed to prepare you as a meal came out. “I love you.” The audience of ghouls gasped out in shock. A human loving a ghoul is unheard of in this place- especially a human loving Tsukiyama.
“My chéri. You knew this was coming and yet you still stayed with me. I have been playing you like the fool you are for some time now.” That hurt your feelings, but little did you know it hurt Tsukiyama’s aswell. He didn’t mean what he said and he didn’t want you to die, but Doves have been in the 20th ward and you were at risk. He’d rather you be eaten by ghouls than tortured by doves. He couldn’t bear to see that happen.

The blade came down hitting you in the shoulder. Blood splattered everywhere. You closed your eyes and smiled. It hurt like hell and you knew you were going to die, and yet you continued to smile. Maybe Tsukiyama was right, you are a fool. Death like this is a fitting end for someone who has been meddling with a ghoul for so long.