A secret passion (Grell x Will)- Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1- Hidden Away

I looked around the dark room not hearing anything that could indicate that he was here. My red hair was hanging over my body. My porcelain skin was getting ruined by the chains that held my wrists above my head. Will had kept me here since we got together and had been telling people I was slacking off my work again. He was going to get me fired at this rate. My eyes shut hearing the front door. That means he is home. He loves to tease me when he gets home, usually, but today is different. He told me earlier that he was bringing a few guests home tonight so he couldn’t play with me. I am nothing but a toy or a slave to him now. The cloth around my mouth, keeping me from talking, had become rather uncomfortable to me. The voices went quiet and then William walked into the room shutting the door quickly.

He sat next to me on the bed and stroked my cheek.
“Hello my pet” he said. He untied the cloth from my mouth so I could talk back to him. “We have guests here, so your going to be on your best behavior and talk to them like you would normally” I nodded quickly and he undid the chains on my wrists. I sat up and he put my clothes on my lap. I got dressed quickly and then left the room which I was to be hidden in. My wrists were red, bruised and slightly rashed, a reaction from the metal chains.
“Hey Grell-Senpai, where have you been lately?” The blonde haired reaper, Ronald, asked me. I looked at him.
“I’ve been a bit Ill” I responded. His jaw dropped shocked.
“Will said you were slacking, did you not call in sick?” Ronald asked and hugged me. I felt kinda awkward by this but hugged back. I don’t like to lie, I never have, but I had to lie in this incidence.

I sat down in the corner of the room away from people. They looked at me. It confused them that I wasn’t as loud as I usually am. I wouldn’t call myself loud, I’d call myself flamboyant and fabulous. The reason I’m quiet is because when Will finally returned my feelings for me, It shocked me to wind up chained to a bed naked and him playing with me. Hes turned into a proper psychopath. He came and handed me a drink. When I took it he noticed my bruised wrist.
“Are you alright?” William asked me. In all the time he’s had me, this is the first time he’s asked me if I was alright.
“Will I don’t want to be held here like a prisoner” I whispered to him and he heard it.

Chapter 2- Henry

I did my work, well I say I did it, more like I piled it up and laid back. Will walked in and scowled seeing that I hadn’t done my work. This shouldn’t surprise him, he knows what I am like.
“Sutcliff, my office” he said coldly. My eyes widened. What could this mean? I got up slowly and followed William. Peoples eyes followed me, they knew I was in trouble. I walked into the office and closed the door. Will sat down in his chair and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You could at least do some work Grell” he said. I rolled my eyes.
“Do you even know me? If I do paperwork ill chip a nail” I looked at my nails then at him. He didn’t look very happy so I sat on his lap and pecked his lips. He pushed me off and I fell on the floor on my bottom. I knew we would go back to normal but I didn’t think it would be quite literal. He scowled at me as I pouted. He sighed and helped me up of the floor.
“I’m sorry, if we are caught doing that then we both might lose our jobs” William explained. He held me by my waist.
“We wont” I said, “I flirt with a lot of people and I haven’t lost my job.” He sighed and pecked my lips before telling me to get back to work. I nod and left his office.

“What was that about?” A guy which I had never seen around before asked. I looked at him and smiled.
“Not doing my paperwork” I replied to him. He was gorgeous.
“A lady shouldn’t have to do paperwork though” He smiled and took my hand and kissed it, “I’m Henry.”

“Grell,” I responded “I haven’t seen you around before, are you new?” I asked. Henry had blonde hair that was a similar colour to Ronald’s but the style was more like Bassy’s.
“I just transferred last week. I saw you on my first day, your beautiful red hair caught my attention but you never came back the next few days and I got worried something had happened to you” He smiled. His voice was so husky and it kinda turned me on. He looked at my hand and kissed it then he realized the red marks on my wrists. “By the looks of it I was right to worry.” I pulled my hand back quickly.
“Its fine” I said a bit too quick. He knew I wasn’t fine from the way I spoke.
“What happened?” He asked. I looked at him and noticed something in his eyes that I liked.
“How rude. Asking a lady a question like that!” I pouted.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude I am just worried about you” He stroked my cheek. I am being flirted with outside of Will’s office. What if Will hears this?
“You don’t even know me” I snapped at him. He looked a little hurt. “I’m sorry” I sighed, “Maybe we should get to know each other better.”
“Sure, Want to go for coffee in morning. ill pick you up at 7?” He asked. I smiled and nodded.
“That’ll be nice” I say back and walk of with a little spring in my step.

I walked home after my job and smiled happily. I fondled with my keys to open my door and felt some arms snake around my waist. I looked to see brown hair. It was William.
“Hello darling” I spoke. I was extremely happy but he didn’t look happy.
“We need to talk” Will said in a serious tone. Oh god he knows. “About Henry Marlo.” He knows, he knows, he knows.
“What about him?” I asked casually and opened my door. I walked inside and William followed.
“I hear your going on a date with him” He said and made himself comfortable in my home.
“So…” i responded. He looked and me and pulled close by the waist.
“Your taken” He kissed my cheek “It hurts to think what he may try to do to you.” I pulled out of William’s grip.
“Its just coffee” I spoke. I walked into the kitchen and he followed.
“Am I allowed to take you tonight?” My eyes widened at his question. He took me by surprise. “Grell?” I nod slowly and he pulls me close kissing me roughly. “Im gonna mark you as mine.” I didn’t know what he meant by this but he kissed my neck making me moan slightly. He found a nice spot on my neck and sucked it hard. I shut my eyes. He was leaving hickey’s down my neck, which made me moan. So this is what he means by marking me.

Chapter 3- Date

So me and Will did… that…. and when I woke up this morning he was gone. My lips were slightly bruised and I had many many hickeys. I think he did it so that Henry would know I am taken, but by telling him that William has told everyone I have been claimed and marked by someone. Questions are going to rise. Maybe that was his intention. He wasn’t having sex with me for pleasure, he was doing it so people are warned to back down. Dammit William. I look at the clock. 6:50. I have 10 minutes to get ready. How will I ever manage that? I did my make up, and by the time I had finished that it was 6:57 so I put my hair up in a pony tail, but that showed all the hickeys. A knock on the door made me jump. I opened it to see Henry, who was in his work clothes. He looked at me and laughed seeing me in my red pajamas. He kissed my hand.

“Good morning” he said and looked at my neck “you been having fun?” I covered the hickeys with my hand quickly.
“Its nothing” I said and giggled nervously. I let him in and went to go get dressed “I’m not usually an early riser so I apologize for not being ready.” He looks at me.
“William was here last night, are you and him… friends with benefits or something?” he asked. I look at him. How did he know it was Will?
“Or something” I whisper and get dressed. He pulls me close seeing me in my shirt and waist coat. He looks down and me and smiles.
“What a beautiful lady you are” he whispers and kisses my cheek making me blush slightly. Will wanted me to act normal, he doesn’t want people to know about me and him, but what do I do now. Now a boy likes me and I’m scared that if I respond like I normally would, then I would hurt Will.

Henry takes me to this cafe which he thought I would like. Their is red seats in it so yeah I do like it. We sit down and he orders me something to eat and drink. This man is gorgeous. I think I have a crush on him. Oh no!
“Um Henry, can we not call this a date?” I asked. He looked at me.
“Is that because your in a relationship with William T Spears” I look away at his response. Someone over hears and sits next to me. It was Ronald. He can’t keep any secret.
“I’m not.” I say quietly, lying through my teeth. “Excuse me” I got up and walked out. I liked that man and now he knows me and William are a thing. I walk out and Will grabs me. He drags me to his house and throws me in the room, that I know all too well. “So I was thinking Will, Sex on the desk everyday at work” I joked. He didn’t look happy and shook his head, “once a week?” He grabbed me and forced a kiss onto my lips roughly and when I felt something cold slip onto my wrists. It tightened and I winced in pain. He chained me to the bed again.
“I can’t have you running off with other men when your mine” Will stroked my cheek and kissed my neck. He’s so jealous right now, its rather awkward.