A shattered soul (William x reader)- Chapter 17-20

Chapter 17

“So how are we going to get (y/n) back?” Grell asked, looking at his acquaintances. Ronald looked back and shrugged.
“By getting back into the manor to find her” Will said, “If we fight, then we fight.” Grell and Ronald gave him the thumbs up.
“But we can’t just storm the front door….” Ronald said.
“We can, only an idiot would do that, they know we aren’t idiots, the plan is brilliant, they will never see it coming” Grell discussed. They all agreed on that plan and they decided that for this job, only Grell’s death scythe was good enough, so Ronald and William grabbed their trainee scythe. Sickles are practical but not adequate. Good enough for this mission though. They all set off.

You were dressed in a beautiful dress. It was black with a blue corset and no sleeves. You stood next to Alois. You had accepted his offer of working for him, though he didn’t treat you like a servant. You were not asked to do anything. You were Alois’s mother figure and due to what you and Claude had done, he was the father figure. When ever you were near Claude your smile faded and you went quiet. You felt ashamed of that incident. You tried your best to forget it, but Claude was making that difficult for you to.
“Claude, (y/n), I am expecting guests today, you two will be their to greet them. Claude, you let them in, (y/n) you stand behind me and don’t speak” Alois spoke. You Curtsied and walked out to do your job, which was to tell Hannah and the triplets of this news. You didn’t know who the guests were, you were hoping it wasn’t Phantomhive. If it was Phantomhive, that would bring yet another demon into the house hold and five demons is already enough, you dont need another one added onto that list.

You waited with Alois. Your head was held high, your hair was tied in a very formal style and your hands were linked round the front of you. The doors opened and it was Phantomhive. Your eyes widened slightly but you didn’t change your expression on your face, nor your posture. Before you were the three people you never thought you would ever see again. They walked in with their heads held high, like they owned the place.
“(y/n)…” William stopped and you looked that him then at Grell.
“Your hair is short. I do not like it, your attire was a lot better when it was long” you spoke like the posh noble woman you were supposed to be in this incident. Grell looked at you confused as to why you were acting like this. “Master, you did not tell me that the guests were these reapers.” You looked at Alois. Your eyes showed sadness looking at how beaten they were.
“Did I not say?” Alois asked, like he truly didn’t know that he hadn’t told you.
“No my lord” You responded. The reapers looked at you with horror.
“We’ve come to get you back (y/n)” Ronald smiled. You returned back to your original position. Alois looked at you. ‘What will you do (y/n)?’ Alois thought to himself looking at you, waiting for you to react.

“Maybe I don’t want to leave” you said backing up a little. Will looked at you, heart broken but standing strong.
“(y/n) whats happened to you?” Ronald asked. They were all very shocked.
“I’m gonna get you back (y/n), no matter what i have to do” William retorted. You pulled out your wazikashi and pointed it at him, though it broke your heart to do so.
“Even fight me” you said with determination in your voice, but also sorrow. William was shocked. He pulled out the sickle and pointed it at you.
“Grell, Ronald, stay out of this. This is between me and her” ¬†Will said and you both charged at each other. The fight was intense. Kicking, punching, slashing, blocking. Eventually William had you pinned down and your blade to your throat. “(y/n) please just come back, please for me” His eyes filled up with tears. For the first time ever, Grell Sutcliff and Ronald Knox saw William T Spears cry.
“You can go (y/n)” Alois said. He looked upset, “they need you more then I do.” You looked back at Will.
“Fine…” You said. Will got off you and offered you a hand. You didn’t take it and stood up. “lets go then” You said bluntly, walking away.


You got back to the reaper HQ. They took you into custody, just like they had with Grell, Ronald and William, only you were alone. You told them everything that had happened and a couple days later they let you out. You walked out that day to see Grell with long hair again.
“Its extensions until it grows back again” He explained, “William is waiting for you in his office. He was so worried about you (y/n).”
“He shouldn’t have been. I’m scum” you said and walked away. You opened the door to Will’s office hesitantly and stepped inside. He looked at you and smiled. He stood up and brushed some hair out of your face before kissing you. You never kissed back and he looked at you.
“What happened to you in there?” he asked. You stayed quiet and he knew that what ever it was had broken you. “Tell me when you are ready” He said and sat down. You looked at him and mumbled something before walking out.

Chapter 18

You still weren’t 100% but you were opening up again. You were sat in Will’s office. You looked at Will, he was sat next to you with his hand on your lap.
“Will…” you whispered. He smiled at you.
“I love you (y/n)” he whispered back,”I love you more than anything in the world.” You looked at him. Your stomach started to hurt when you decided you were going to tell him. You felt sick and dizzy.
“I-I had sex with Claude” You said quiet. Will backed up a little.
“What?” He asked looking sad.
“In the academy of the reaper dispatch association of the London division they teach you about how a demon has a wicked tongue and knows just the right things to say to you, I thought that knowing that then I wouldn’t get pulled in but when it started I just froze.” You said. Will’s face went cold, not cold like his usual face, cold like angry.
“He used you and took advantage of you” This was a new side of William which even you had never seen before. He was growling. You put your hand on his face.
“Calm down” You said quietly. His breathing slowed and he put his hand over yours. You kissed him and sat on his lap.

A reaper came in with a box. He looked at the two of you and shook his head.
“fraternizing at work, that isn’t like you Mr Spears.” The reaper said. He had been in your class when he was learning to be a reaper. He got Cs in his exams so wasn’t good enough to be in the dispatch team unlike you. You turned to see him. “Oh its (y/n). Wait, no wonder you got better grades than me in the exams, you were sleeping with the teacher” You bashed him in the head for this.
“I didn’t start sleeping with the teacher until the angel incident idiot.”
“Still, he must have liked you.”
“I did not mark the exam papers, that was done by the higher ups. Any grades that (y/n) got, she earned properly” Will clarified. The reaper shrugged and gave him the box.
“Still I can’t blame you for fraternizing at work,” He smacked your bottom, “shes sexy as hell.” You turned to him.
“I suggest that if you don’t want to find out why I did so well in my practical exam, you leave now” You said in a serious tone. He left quickly. You sighed and put a hand on your head. Will opened the box and then took your glasses off, leaving you completely blind. He put a new pair on your face. They were (f/c) glasses and suited you amazingly.

You took Will out to the cafe that Grell and Ronald tried to hook you up in before. The memories it brought back put a smile on your face. Its just a shame you didn’t decide to stay. You went back to Will’s and well the drinking started again. That ended up in a massively heated make out session that went into something further. You woke up the next day with a major hang over. Grell came knocking and laughed seeing both you and William in pain with your head.
“Tip. Don’t drink so much” He said. He laughed even more when he spotted a massive red hickey on your neck.
“We need to kill Claude Faustus” Will said randomly. You looked at him and smiled slightly
“He can’t help it Will, hes a demon. Its in his blood to be how he is.” You spoke. Will smiled.
“Your voice is so beautiful.” He kissed you ¬†again and then realized that Grell was still their. He pulled Grell into bed with you and him and well you can imagine what happened. It was a fun morning for the three of you.

Chapter 19

You honestly don’t remember what happened last night and from how Will was acting, you Didn’t want to. You were at work when a lady rushed to you.
“(y/n) (l/n)?”she asked. She had a white jacket on, and a blue top on, like a doctor or nurse.
“yes” you said back and she handed you the piece of paper. Some how with all the mayhem you had manager to do that scan at hospital. This was the results of that scan. You opened it slowly and pretty much instantly dropped it. There was a lot of writing but the first thing you realized was the words ” Cancer confirmed.” you felt where the lump was. You could feel it, which made it all worse. You called out Wills name a lot while tears poured out. He obviously hadn’t heard you so someone ran to his office and got him, William ran to you. He grabbed you and held you close. The person that had got him had given him the piece of paper you dropped. You wiped your eyes and got out of Wills grip. He looked at you weird.
“I’m continuing with work” you said firmly and you did. will let you, he wanted to keep you happy.

But then this happened:

You were on a job to reap a soul. You had just collected it was now on the walk home over the roof tops. Everything became fuzzy and you were going dizzy. You fell off the roof into a group of people. They all gathered around more to see if you were all right, which put claustrophobia on top of the dizziness and fuzziness. You closed your eyes and passed out. You could hear the doctors talking… The human doctors that is… You weren’t breathing. Reapers don’t need to breathe, but humans do. The claimed you as dead but no one knew who you were or how you died. Either the fall had killed you, which you had no injuries from, or the cancer which they took a while to discover. You weren’t dead though. You could hear a voice speaking.
“you sure she’s dead, theres no scratches or anything.” that voice was all to familiar. You were at the undertakers parlour.
“yes sir” another guy said, presumably the doctor.
“How boring” undertaker spoke. When the guy left he walked up to you. “(y/n), can you hear me?” he asked. You wanted to respond but you couldn’t. You tried so hard to move but all that happened was your finger twitched. From that undertaker knew you were alive, even if you weren’t breathing.

Grell came in a bit after he was a bit hysterical. He leaned over the coffin which you were laid in to talk to Undertaker then he looked down and saw you.
“(y/n)!” he yelled. You were, however, unresponsive. He panicked and poked your cheek. “(y/n)!” he yelled again.
“Shes alive.” Undertaker told him “coma.” Grell was still worried.
” I have to go get William” Grell said. No not William. Any one but William. I don’t want him to be hurt by me again.
“No. You stay” Undertaker said “unless your going to get a doctor to get rid of this lump” he poked your cancerous lump. It hurt but you couldn’t move to flinch away.

Chapter 20

A bright light. Too bright. Am I dead? I don’t think I am. No I am not.

“(y/n)” William said “Your awake.” He had been crying. He kissed your face very quickly. I blinked wondering what was happening.
“Shes okay Mr Spears” A voice said. I didn’t recognize it. It must be a doctor, judging by the fact I am in a hospital again. I think I am in a hospital, I can’t actually tell who spoke. It must have been a doctor.
“Will” My voice was hoarse. His head turned to me and he pulled me into a rather tight hug.
“Don’t ever do that to me again, you spend too much time in a hospital bed. I only nod in agreement. He kissed me. That’s the one thing I haven’t wanted to feel for what feels like forever. I like the feel of his lips, soft and warm with life. My lips, on the other hand, are cold and cracked.
“She should be out by tomorrow sir” The doctor said. Is the cancer gone? Did they cut it out?

Oh Will. My eyes start to tear up as I think about Will. He is right in front of me, though he seems so far away. Will…Will…William! He looks at me as I start to sit up.
“Will” I whispered, which caught his attention and got him rushing to my side.
“I am here” he responded. I started to cry.
“She probably is not able to focus right now Mr Spears, she will be saying thing that seem random to us.” This was a new voice, did the doctor leave? I moved my eyes to see a slightly plump, ginger nurse. She smiled, I bet she had a great bedside manner.
“Will I love you.” He was all I wanted on my mind right now.

(Will’a pov)
She was discharged a week later with some medication, though I don’t think she was ready to leave. (Y/n)’a eyes often wandered the place, like she was looking for something but couldn’t find it. She spoke my name regularly, but had nothing to say. To tell the truth, I think her brain has been muddled up and it needs putting back on track.

When I got her home, I found Knox and Sutcliff sitting in my apartment. Grell’s hair had started to grow back and was now shoulder length, so she was comfortable not wearing the wig.
“What are you two doing here?” I asked in a stern voice. They had broken in.
“We heard that (y/n) was being discharged today and wanted to welcome her back” Grell spoke.
“Is she okay?” Ronald asked. The pair of them looked at (y/n) and smiled, but them smiles dropped when they realised something was wrong with her. I sat her down on the couch and her eyes followed me as I went to the kitchen for a coffee.
“Will…” she repeated my name again, she had clearly forgotten what she was going to say.

“Um, (y/n)” Grell spoke. (y/n)’a head turned to face the red headed reaper to see what she wanted.
“Do you want anything to eat or drink?” Grell asked, which was responded by a shake of the head from (y/n). By the looks of it, she is only speaking to me and she’s doing very little of that. I’m scared I’m going to have to sign her into the mental institute, but that’s a final resort. If I can fix her, then she won’t need to go there. I suggested To Knox and Sutcliff that they stay here, because I want her to speak to people other than me.
“Will…” (y/n)’s zoned out voice was starting to scare me, “William T Spears. We hooked up during an experiment and I was so scared to lose you. Don’t go Willy, I need you.” I can’t tell whether she’s talking to me or trying to recall memories anymore. I hope if it is the second one then she will recover properly.