Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 4

“I love you, un” Deidara said to you. You blushed.

“I- D-Deidara, I-i d-didn’t know” you stuttered. Deidara caressed your cheeks making you turn a dark shade of red. His lips found yours. You were kissing.

What seemed like hours later, Deidara got off you.  You got up and got dressed.

“So what are you going to do today, un?” Deidara asked you. You shrugged.

“Art, I guess.” Deidara smirked at your answer.

He grabs your waist.

“You are true art, un” he whispers in your ear. You smile.

“But I thought that art was an explosion” you argue

“It is, un” Deidara says.

“Then how am I art?” You ask “i’m not an explosion.”

“You are art, un. When I look at you many explosions happen in my stomach.” You blush at his answer.