Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 5

You were sitting in your house. YOUR HOUSE!! You had an easel in front of you. You were painting Deidara again. You knew what he looked like off by heart. You were so confused.

You felt someone snake their arms around you.
“Looking good, un” he says, “why don’t you add an explosion” he kisses down your neck making you moan slightly. 

You blink and the canvas is black. Deidara was gone. You were so confused. The house was on fire and broken

(Y/N)” you hear a familiar voice “(Y/N), wake up” Everything goes cloudy.

You opened your eyes. It was just a dream. Deidara was next to you worried for you.

“(Y/N), un are you okay?” He kissed you. It was just a dream.