Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 6

Their was a knock at the door. You opened it and stood outside was several Akatsuki members. You slammed the door on them.
“who was it, un?” Deidara said making a sculpture of you. The Akatsuki members walked in.
“you didn’t lock the door” The red haired one said.
“Sasori, my man! Meet (Y/N), un, isn’t she the most beautiful art ever” Deidara tells him. You looked at Sasori and the rest of the Akatsuki members, which were in the house.

Their was a guy with blue hair. He had red eyes. You recognized that technique as the Sharigan.He is a Uchiha. You only recall two members of the Uchiha clan was left. Sasuke and his brother Itachi. This was Itachi. He looked at you with no emotion. That creeped you out, this guy murdered his clan in 1 night, all of it.

Next to Itachi was a guy who looked like a shark. He has a massive sword on his back. You recognise him as one of the 7 ninja swordsmen.
Shark + Swords man = Kisame. 
His name is Kisame Hoshigaki. He is Itachi’s little buddy.

Their was one more. He was like a little kid. He was very hyper. He had a bright orange mask on and honestly looked like a lollipop. You couldn’t think of a name.
“If your wondering who he is, un. His name is Obito” Deidara informed you. You went to Deidara and pecked his cheek.
“Okie Dokie Deidara” You say. This caused a bit of a laugh from Itachi, Kisame and Sasori, but Obito seems clueless. These were the people Deidara worked with.

A thought came to your mind. ‘If Deidara works with these guys, how about a little embarrassment’ You think to yourself, ‘Later though.’