Art Is An Explosion (Deidara x reader)- Chapter 7

Deidara left you alone. He had to leave on a mission.  The guy that came in with red hair was glaring at you as if to say “leave my man alone” hes deluded. Deidara isn’t gay. Maybe you’ll follow him. Yeah you will.

You follow them.  Interesting that they are going after tailed beasts. Oops you snapped a branch. They spotted you. S***.

“(Y/N) why are you here?” Deidara asked. Quick think of a lie.

“You left me alone… again and I hate bring alone” that’s not a lie at all but it worked. Deidara hugged you. That puppet guy is really hating you. You might draw him as you see him.

Deidara watched over you like a hawk. This tailed beast must be something or there wouldn’t have to be 5 people going after it. Well 4 1/2. Tobi doesn’t seem whole. They make camp. Its getting dark. You pull out a sketch book and start drawing Sasori with his puppet glaring at you. Deidara watches over your shoulder.

“(Y/N) its time to sleep. You need to sleep” he says

“No I dont” you say and start colouring in your drawing. When you were done it looked really realistic.