A secret passion (Grell x Will)- Chapter 4-6

Chapter 4- Jealous

At least 3 days have passed. I am still in this stupid room. William called in sick so he could stay with me. He was so tsundere (someone Japanese term for a character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time) before we got together and now hes turning into a yandere and it is scaring me. He is sat stroking my cheek right now.
“W-will-” I stutter. My wrists are killing me. He looked at me “Do you wanna go out on a date?” I asked and bit my lip. He looked at my wrists they were pretty close to bleeding so he unchained them. I am gathering that this is a yes. He pecked my lips.
“I have an outfit that you will love” He lights some gas candles in the room, and for the first time ever I have seen this room, not in pitch black, but with colour and light. Their was a small mirror in the corner of the room. I looked at it. My hair is a mess and I haven’t got make up on. I feel like a proper mess. What have I got myself into. My nails are chipped and my wrists are bleeding a little. He threw an outfit at me. It was a horrible black suit. If I have to wear this I am wearing red. I went through William’s stuff and found a hair brush but no make up. That isn’t nice, I aren’t going to wear make up? How disgusting! I mean look at my face! Ah I would die if I was seen on a date with a handsome man not wearing make up.

Will walked in on me brushing my hair.
“Are you putting it up?” He asked and I shook my head and then he started to put my hair up.
“Will what are you doing?” He tugged on my hair and braided it tightly. I dont like my braids this tight it hurts. Will’s arms slipped around my waist as he finished up the braid. He rested his head on my shoulder.
“If we run into that Henry tonight I will kiss you to let him know your mine but if anyone else sees us we aren’t together” He spoke. My eyes widened. “And if I see him and you flirting together ever again he’ll die.” His tone was dark. I tried to pull out his grip but he was too strong. He’s scaring me.
“calm down” I said quietly and I got free from the death grip. I looked at him with fear, his eyes showed something dangerous, something I don’t want to cross.

I had bandaged up my wrists, that were killing. Reapers may heal fast but even us can’t be chained up for too long. I walked to this resteraunt that Will was taking me to, with my hands behind my head. I looked rather board. We have told people that it is a work meeting but who is that going to fool? Like really? Will called in sick- then again Will is extremely obsessed with work.
“He’s here” Will sighed. We sat down at a table and I released the braid in my hair, earning a slight glare from William. This relationship is not a decent one. He doesn’t trust me. If we went public perhaps it would be improved, but gays are looked down upon by everyone (a/n- they aren’t now a days but back in 1889 they were.) and Will has too high a status to be seen kissing someone like me. Henry caught us and smiled.
“Grelly” he called out. I don’t like being called that. Will snapped his head to the reaper, let’s just say if looks could kill Henry would be buried 6 ft under already.
“Please don’t call me that Henry” I said. I pulled on Will’s sleeve to get him to stop. I think he’s jealous. “as you can see I’m on a work meeting right now.”
“I can see that, so I was just wondering, tomorrow at work can we have a chat, I really need to tell warn you about something.” he looked at Will with the same look as Will was emitting. I don’t like being in between this.
“Sure” I smiled and pulled William away.

Chapter 5- Scary

Last night played out well I think. We had our “meeting” and then we went back to Will’s place. I didn’t go in that dark room, thank God. Will let me stay in his room but only because, well ermmm, we did it last night… If you know what I mean. Today is work. Not happy at all at Will just because he chained me up so ill have a ton of paperwork to do. I figured I would wear what I want to wear today, even if it p***** of Will. I am seeing Henry today as well. He said he needed to talk to me. This will be fun, I really like that man. So today I am wearing a white shirt, brown waist coat and of course my red coat…. If it is where I think it is. It wasn’t there. AHHHHH! I cant wear red! Anyway so I went to work without a jacket and sat down at my desk. Henry came up to me carrying a bag.
“Can we talk?” He asked. I nodded and he lead me out into the corridor. He opened his bag and pulled out a red coat… My red coat.
“Where did you-” I started to ask.
“I stole it” He spoke back and handed it to me. It was a bit sticky “And I used it to m********* over.” I dropped it in disgust. I cringed. EW!
“Why?” I asked. He looked at me with a serious look in his eye.
“I aren’t one to share” He grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the wall, holding them against my head. It was hurting so much. I wiggled a lot, but that only made the pain worse so I stayed still. He stroked my cheek with his thumb “I wish it was you that was touching me, but your hung up with that William fella so I guess it’ll just have to be me who touches you.” I move my head away from his hand  but he grabs my face and forces me into a kiss.
“Look, I know what your going through, I dont like to share either but-”
“You don’t know the half of it. If that William touches you again in anyway shape or form hes going to have a big problem.” I gulp. His eyes showed darkness  and that scared me. “I Will kill everyone he cares about-”
“Even me?” I ask.
“Well your a lot easier to play with if your dead Grelly” He strokes my cheek again.
“Don’t call me Grelly, I dont like it” His hand traveled down my body.
“Of course their is something you can do that will stop little Willy getting hurt by me” I shook my head quickly. No. No I will not touch this man. The Henry I have gotten to know, maybe, but this Henry…NO!

(a/n- this is a bit smutty)

Henry had realized that where we were was a bit too open, so he grabbed my hair and pulled me to the toilets. He threw me in a stall and locked it before sitting me on the toilet and sitting on  my lap. This is it. This is where my life becomes hell. I try to push him off but hes too heavy and this space is too confined. He pulls at my hair slightly.
“If you though William was scary, you have no idea what scary is” He pulled my head up to look at him then took my glasses of leaving me more or less completely blind. This was terrifying. Its scary enough when I can see but now I can’t I feel so vulnerable. I feel his hand on my lap, its travelling upwards. Oh God! I push at his shoulders but he has hold of me tight with one of his hands. The other hand is rubbing me outside my trousers roughly. His hand went down my pants and he rubbed me from there. I closed my eyes, wanting it to end.
“S-stop”I begged but he ran his fingers around me. The toilet door opened.
“Grell are you in here?” A voice asked. It was Ronald.
“Ronnie I am he-” Henry put his hand over my mouth roughly but Ronald had heard me.
“WILL HES IN HERE!” He yelled and Will came in. Then i heard a snap.
“Your an idiot Grell. I will have my way with you” Henry whispered and bit my ear. He stood up and walked out of the stall and out of the toilets. Will opened the stall door to see me, with my pants unzipped, with blood seeping through the bandages on my wrists and my glasses broken on the floor.
“Grell” Will spoke softly. He helped me up and put his spare pair of glasses on my face. “Do I have to hurt him?” He asked

Chapter 6- Stress

“Grell” William spoke. He waved a hand in front of me. “Grell.” I snapped out of my daze.
“Will, he’s bleeding” Ronald pointed out. Will looked down at my wrists. I pulled him into a kiss. I don’t care who sees us right now, I needed this kiss. William was tense but he soon relaxed when he realized how bad I needed this kiss. When we pulled away Ronald’s eyes were wide with shock. “You kissed back?” Ronald asked. His jaw had dropped.
“Were in a relationship, I am allowed to kiss back, is that a problem Knox?” William said blankly. I can’t believe he just did that! Ronald said nothing, he just stayed shocked. His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to figure out what was happening right now.
“So Grell and Henry aren’t a thing?” Ronald had a weird look on his face. He was remembering the cafe. “They were on a date..” I stood up and walked past them. My hands wouldn’t stop shaking I was so scared. I wanted to cry. Am I just an object now? ‘Your easier to play with if your dead Grelly’  Would Henry really touch me if I died? I highly doubt it. How would Will react if I died? He probably wouldn’t care, I’m only his little toy that he can play with. Would Ronald care if I died? Why would he? Why am I thinking like this?I was want to be a toy for people to use, was I not?

William stayed by the toilet he had found Grell at. Ronald snickered.
“You and Grell sitting in a tree doing something you shouldn’t be-” Ronald sung but was interrupted by Will.
“Don’t breathe a word of this to anyone!” William ordered/snapped. Ronald backed up a bit.
“Okay” He said and nodded. William sighed and stood up properly. “So how long you been together? Wait! YOUR THE REASON HE WASN’T AT WORK!” Ronlad yelled loudly. William glared at Ronald and walked out to follow Grell. Ronald followed happily, like a giddy little child.

Its 10:49 pm and I have the night shift unfortunately so does Henry. I am currently hiding under my desk but that’s not going to stop Henry if he wants to touch me. There is footsteps. My hands are shaking.
“Grelly I know your here” Henry sung. A tear came to my eyes. He ducked his head under the table “Boo!” He jumped backwards and banged my head. (the desk has a back to it other wise grell couldnt hide.) He sat under the desk with me so I left and he grabbed my leg pulling me to the floor. I hit my head, some blood came out of my head.
“S-stop!” i cried out and he climbed on top of me.
“Grelly , Grelly, Grelly, if you wanted me to ride you all you had to was ask” He snickered. I tried so hard to push him off but he just grabbed my wrists and slammed them into the floor hard. There was a crunch and I screamed out as my bones in my hands broke.
“Y-You’ll have t-to kill me” I said and he laughed.
“If that’s what you want” he smirked and released one of my broken hands. He pulled out a small death scythe, it was modified to look like a dagger.

to be continued….