When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 12-14

Chapter 12

Ronald, being a jealous idiot, as chained our wrists together. He doesn’t want me go off and flirt with William. Telling him about the engagement maybe wasn’t the best idea. I think the fear of him dying is hitting him had. As soon as I marry William, I get his soul and he will be gone.

“Anna, do you possibly want to hang out later?” Grell asked, coming up to me. She saw the chain on mine and Ronald’s wrists. “What is happening here?”

“Anna is my property- I am making that clear” Ronald pointed out. I looked away from both of them. I am starting to hate reapers. Not William, of course, just the ones like Ronald.

“She doesn’t look very happy Ronald” Grell said. She took my hand “and the chain is giving her a rash!” I have had these on since last night when Ronald claimed me. My wrist is starting to get very sore. Maybe I should just give into Ronald and ignore Will. But I love Will.

“Will asked me to marry him” I told Grell. A smile grew on Grell’s face. She looked generally happy for me.

“They aren’t engaged” Ronald declared. I snapped at him.

“Yes we are!” I yelled. He pulled on the chain on my wrist, pulling me close.

“No you’re not” he had a very dark aura around him. He was scaring me. I have never seen a reaper so angry.

The day was long and awful. I am dreading the night time. Ronald has been very vicious. He told Alan and Eric (two reapers that aren’t really that important to this story) that he was keeping me in my place. “A woman should behave herself.” He told them. If I wanted too, I could hurt Ronald so much. Why do contracts tame me so much? What if I? No I can’t do that. That would make Ronald realize he’s hurting me though.

“Ronnie?” I ask, getting his attention. “Do you still have you training sickle?”

“Yeah, why?” He asked. What do I say now? I can’t tell him what I am going to do. He won’t let me do it if I tell him.

“No reason, just curious” I told him. Did I just lie? “I need it.” No I didn’t. Damn it. I wish I could lie.

“Why?” Ronald questioned. How do I change the subject?

“It doesn’t matter, are we going home?” I tried to sound eager. William I am sorry for what I am going to do. I have to do it. You can’t save me if I am chained up. Ronald has full control over me.

“Someone is eager. Can you not wait for me?” He smirked and winked. I forced a smile to respond to him. “Well I guess if my lady wants my body, I cannot deny her it.” I smiled but inside my head I was shooting myself.

I waited for Ronald to fall to sleep before starting my plan. His sickle was under the bed-only just in my reach. I am about to do something very stupid. I hope it works.

Chapter 13

Ronald’s Point of view:

Blood. Blood everywhere. The chain was slack. She wasn’t connected to it. Her hand lay on the bed next to a note. Is this what she wanted the sickle for? To cut off her hand? I read the note. It was stained in blood.

“Ronald- I am going to die. Recently you have reminded me that I don’t have the strength to fight for what I want. I won’t ever forget you- don’t ever forget me. Tell Will I love hi-“The rest of it had too much blood on to read. She can’t be gone. I love her too much! She can’t be gone!

The contract on my hand is still there. She isn’t dead. Thank God for that. I got dressed so quickly then ran down the stairs to find her laid across the floor. She didn’t have the blind fold on. Her eyes were stuck open. She had my trainee death scythe sticking out of her chest. Multiple stab wounds all over her body. I walked to her and pulled the scythe out. She didn’t move. Tears came to my eyes and I pulled her close.

“Anna, please don’t die.” I cried. Her body was so cold, so light, and so lifeless. It looks like her cinematic record hadn’t played yet. I am glad for that. It means she is still alive.

“R-Ronnie.” She spluttered out. She moved slightly but groaned in pain. The cuts she had started to heal. “I’m sorry” her voice sounded sad. Have I driven her to this?

“I should be the one apologizing.” I admitted. She looked up at me. I kissed her forehead. “I am sorry. I got so caught up in jealousy- I didn’t see the damage I was causing.”

She groaned out in pain. I got a rag and started to wipe the way the blood, which made her breath hitch. This is scaring me so me.

“Don’t you die on me” I said. She watched me with a look of both fear and sadness.

“I’m sorry” she repeated again. Her body was frail. Then it happened. No. I can’t watch this.

Her cinematic record was based from me becoming her master on wards. I saw me kissing her, I saw Will’s letters too her, I saw her get beaten up and abused –most importantly there, I saw who did it and wrote their names down- I saw her and Will, I saw their love for each other, I saw me hurting her, I saw the monster I had become. Oh what have I become? I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I am so sorry Anna.

I shook her. How do I stop this? I heard somewhere that if you break the death scythe that caused the cinematic record, before the record ends, it would spare their life. So I quickly got my modified scythe and turned the trainee sickle into tiny pieces. The cinematic record went back into her body. I hope I saved her. I hope she is alright. She moved. Yes. I saved her!

“Anna. You can marry William, I won’t stop you” I told her. Removing her blood stained shirt, I tried not to hurt her. It was stuck to her tender skin in places. She didn’t make a fuss nor try to stop me. She just watched me carefully. That God she’s alright. “I won’t tell him what you did, I promise.”

Chapter 14

14th December 1890

Dear Journal,

Should I say journal or diary? Does diary make it seem a bit silly? Oh I don’t know. Anyway, Ronald has changed. He’s finally the Ronald I know and well just know. He is nursing me back to health personally. He told Grell what I did and the two of them both agreed that William isn’t allowed to know. I might tell him just to annoy them. Ronald has been skeptical around me though. He has to double check everything he says and does before he does it. He doesn’t want to upset me, it’s kind of cute.

I am, obviously, back at work. William doesn’t know what happened so I can’t not work, can I? I was thinking about telling Will, but does he really need to know? He won’t let me work if I tell him, and yesterday he told me I can come with him to collect my first soul. He gave me a trainee sickle and everything. He’s turning me into a reaper and I’m okay with that.

Love, Anna.

15th December 1890

Dear Journal,

So he took me out to collect the soul. I did really well. I am enjoying this reaper stuff. I kind of wish I was a reaper now. It’s strange though. As I collected that soul, I couldn’t see a thing for a few seconds. This is maybe an issue. Wait… Is it possible for a demon to be turned into a reaper? If so I am in trouble. I can’t become a reaper. That’s terrible. I’m not collecting any more souls now.

Love, Anna.

16th December 1890

Dear Journal,

So this thing called Christmas is coming up and I’m supposed to get people presents. What is the point in presents? I’ve never given them before and I’ve never been given any before. Why should I do it now? I am a demon not a human. What is Christmas anyway? Is that when the humans sit and worship that fat God called Santa? He’s the one that eats all your cookies and drinks your milk isn’t he? Why worship someone who eats your food? Wait can’t he fly? Reindeers… They can’t fly, are you actually kidding me? I’m not getting any one a gift if they don’t get me one. Well I might give Will, Undie, Grell and Ronald one. Undertaker can have a joke. Grell can have a red scarf. Ronald can have a pair of socks. Will can have- Yeah, I aren’t telling you Will’s gift journal. If someone reads you, I don’t want them knowing what I am giving Will.

Love, Anna.