When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 15-17

Chapter 15

“I am never celebrating Christmas again! I am never going into that building again! I am never leaving this house again!” I yelled loudly. Ronald looked at me confused. The date is the 25th December. Yeah Christmas day.

“Thanks for the socks” Ronald said trying to break me out of my angry, upset state. I ran up the stairs and slammed the door shut. I was a fool for thinking I could love a reaper. I was a fool for thinking I could be happy. I was a fool. Ronald came up and tapped on the door lightly.

“Go away Ronald!” I snapped. I wasn’t in the mood. I am in too much pain. Tears are actually streaming down my face.

“What happened? Anna, you can tell me” Ronald said. He walked into the room and hugged me tight.

“You really want to know?” I asked. He nodded his head so I told him. I will tell you now too.

A few hours earlier

“Merry Christmas” I said happily as I gave Ronald his gift. He smiled and gave me one back. I had already given Undertaker and Grell their presents. Undertaker gave me a hat in return and Grell gave me some red gloves. Of course red, what other colour would they be? I opened Ronald’s gift. A scarf. Now I have a hat, scarf and gloves to keep me warm, even though I don’t need them. I forced a smile. ‘Remember Anna, it’s the thought that counts’ I thought as I walked away. I was going to give William his present. The thought of William’s present made me blush a bit.

Outside William’s office was a box full of gifts. Obviously he didn’t want to be disturbed today. I picked up the gift that said my name on it. I opened the present. An engagement ring. I put it on my finger and smiled. Mrs Anna Spears. It has a nice ring to it. I went to knock on the door but heard moans from inside. I opened the door quietly, trying not to be noticed. Clearly Grell had the same idea as me, because she was with Will, fondling him. The worst bit was that he was fondling back and they were kissing. I took the ring off my finger and dropped it on the floor. I then slammed the door shut, getting their attention as I ran off. My heart broken.

William’s point of view:

I was busy with Grell. He told me it was a present, so I had to repay him. He told me I owed him for not getting him a present. I felt so bad, I wouldn’t let this go too fa. I love Anna, not him, but he’s blackmailing me. The door slammed shut, which got me and Grell to stop. I opened the door to catch a strand of blonde hair running around the corner and Anna’s engagement ring on the floor. Please tell me she didn’t catch me. Now I feel worse than I did before.

“Come on Willy, lets continue” Grell didn’t even care that we had been caught. “Or do you want me to tell everyone about what you and Ronnie did a while back.” Just be clear, nothing happened between me and Knox. Grell is saying that I did to blackmail me. I picked up the ring.

“Sutcliff we are done here.” I said and walked out. I have to find Anna.

Chapter 16

“Will you can’t come in here” Ronald told William for the tenth time this week. He keeps saying it was a misunderstanding, but I know what I saw. I went to the door, trying to be calm.

“Mr Spears, I don’t want an excuse. I just want an apology, then I may consider going back into work. Just know you hurt me.” I said. I wanted to burst into tears but that is illogical with the circumstances and would be irrational.

“I’m sorry, I love you” He said. He sounded deeply guilty.

“Sure you do” I responded. “I thought you did as well.” I broke and walked away. This is why I don’t feel. This is why I don’t fall in love. I take a risk one time and it destroys m. This is what happened in 1297 with a guy I don’t want to say the name of.

I decided to go back to work, only to regret it instantly. I sat at my desk and wished I wasn’t here. Talk of Ronald and William hooking up was spreading rapidly. First Grell and now Ronald. Is everyone I care for turning against me? Am I really just nothing more than useless scum?

“Anna, me and William never hooked up” Ronald said, sounding sincere. I don’t know if I believe him. I just need to finish my job and get Ronald’s soul. I need to marry William.

“Mr Spears, now that you’re single, do you wanna go out some time?” The woman that attacked me asked. I stood at the door. Will didn’t look happy.

“No” he responded. She sighed but then sat on his lap.

“I can give you something she couldn’t” She flirted. I grabbed her hair tightly.

“He said now you whore!” I threw her out. William was surprised to see me. I closed the door and sat down. “Give me a good excuse as to why you did it” I demanded.

“Sutcliff was blackmailing me. Because I didn’t get him a present, he decided that I had to make out with him or he would spread a false rumor about me and Knox to break us up.” I have to admit his excuse was a good one. Even I didn’t anticipate my next move. Our lips were locked instantly. We were kissing.

The make out session we had got intense and rather heated. His kisses were so good and they were only for me. One thing lead to another and you know how it is when a man and a woman love each other very much. Let’s just say I went to his house and had a lovely night with him. I still aren’t happy he cheated but I can live with it. It’s funny, I always thought it would be me (the demon) to cheat on him. I didn’t expect it to be the other way round.

I was cuddled up to him as he woke up. I placed his spectacles on his face and he smiled. Because he was shivering slightly, I gave him most of the covers and tried to keep him as warm as possible. He was laid a bit higher up the bed than me, due to me resting my head on his chest. He leaned down and kissed me.

“I’m glad were back together” I said and pecked his lips.

“I’m glad I gave you my virginity” he said. Wait he was a virgin? I knew he hadn’t been in a relationship before, but he’s a grown man. I figured he would have gotten drunk and wasted it. Come to think of it though, Will doesn’t drink does he?

“I’m glad I took it” I smirked, making him to bluish lightly.

Chapter 17

15th January 1891
Dear journal,
So the Christmas period is finally over, thank God for that. Their has been a bit of a time skip since i last wrote in you so I should get you up to speed with what has happened. Me and William moved in together. Ronald was a bit worried about me moving in to Will’s place, but he just wants me to be happy. What else happened? I got attacked again but this time I fought back and Will came out to help me. Grell apologized. It was about time she said she was sorry, she really hurt me. I finally have my engagement ring on. Which flows better? Anna Spear? William Lee? Or Anna and William Spears-Lee? I reckon Anna Spears does. I’m so excited and i don’t know why.
Love, Anna.

16th January 1891
Dear journal,
Will had overtime again. Since me and him got back together, Grell has been doing less work than usual, and more flirting with people like undertaker and this demon called Sebastian. I feel bad for Will. I heard that Grell did more than flirting with Undertaker. Rumor has it that they hooked up. Good for them if they did. I have something to tell Will but he’s rarely at home now, and when he is, he’s working. I am a bit concerned.
Love, Anna.

17th December 1891
Dear journal,
will finally got a break. All he wanted to do though was cuddle and sleep. I shall be having words with Grell. I really wanted to tell him the good news. He got a letter saying he had to go into work. He went, though he didn’t want to. I was left alone again. I can’t keep this up. I’m not a housewife journal, i am a demon. I am also very hungry.

Will came home late again. He told me they wanted to send him on an away job to collect some souls of fishermen out at sea. He was to set off immediately. I guess i will have to tell him some other time that I’m pregnant.
Love, Anna.