When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 18-20

Chapter 18

Ronald invited me to stay with him till Will gets back and because I don’t want to be alone I said yes. I hope William comes back soon. I really miss him. Ronald hugged me, which made me wince.

“Sore boobs?” He asked. His face turned white. “Are you pregnant?” I nodded. Why did he have to guess that I was pregnant. William doesn’t even know yet. I really hope Ronald doesn’t tell Will. I would actually kill him if he did. A smirk was plastered on his face. “So you and Will got busy then.” He laughed.

“Will doesn’t know I am pregnant yet, please don’t tell anyone till I tell Will” I begged. He was still laughing. How am I going to tell Will? I don’t know where he is exactly or when he’ll be back.

I went back to the house that me and William share to leave Will a note. It read:

“Dear Will- I am at Ronald’s till you get back. I have some important news to tell you- Anna”

He’s going to freak when he find out I’m pregnant. This is making me a bit nervous though, and I am hungry.

“Ronnie, can you smell ham?” I ask on the way to work a couple days later. Grell rushed up to us quickly happily. She had a glow on her face- which I love to see.

“Anna, Congratulations on the baby. You and Will are going to make brilliant parents” I looked at Ronald an all he could say was sorry. Please tell me everyone doesn’t know. Everyone can’t know yet. William doesn’t even know yet. I sighed. “By the way, I saw William go into your house. He’ll be at work probably later. I got to dash, Undie is making me tea” Grell ran off. So the rumors of Grell and Undertaker hooking up are true. Good on her. Undie is a good man and can be a true gentleman. I am glad for her.

Paperwork. Piles and piles of paperwork It was clear I wasn’t getting home till late. Will walked in looking exhausted, but happy to be back. He came straight to me and slumped into the chair next to me. His eyes shut almost instantly, but he wasn’t asleep.

“Will” I said quietly, “I have big news.” He opened an eye to look at me.

“I know, I read the note, what is it?” He sounded a bit irritated. He must be exhausted.

“Well erm…”

“Is it really important, or can it wait?”

“Really important”

“Then spit it out!” His tone was harsh and cold, just like it was when I met him.

“I’m pregnant.” I stood up and walked away. His tone really upset me. I turned my head slightly to look back. He had turned pale.

“Wait what?” he chased after me. He grabbed my hand.

“I said I’m pregnant, I am having your child.” I sighed. “But it’s clear you don’t want it.” I started to cry. He hugged me.

“I’m so happy, of course I want it.” He kissed my cheek. “I love you.”
“I love you to.”

Chapter 19

I don’t like being pregnant. It is weird. I’m always hungry and then there is the morning sickness. 9 months of this? Why? It is practically Hell. As much as I love Hell, this is probably worse, and it’s not just the hormones that are making me think this. I’m still at work and everyone knows I am pregnant. My attackers have been warned that if they hit me they will automatically lose their jobs and will never find reaper work again. That’s stopped the physical abuse, but they are still verbally abusing me.

I’m not allowed to do physical activities. I have to be chaperoned wherever I go. If I need the toilet- someone has to take me, if I want to go home- I have to wait for Will, if I want to go for lunch, someone has to go get me food. I don’t like this. I have always been independent, why can’t I stay independent? These months are going to be really difficult.

William’s Point of view:

Maybe I am taking this pregnancy thing a bit too far, I’m only trying to protect her though, am I not allowed to be protective of my fiance? I understand she’s a demon, and I understand she can look after herself, but I love her and am worried. There is no reason to be worried though, is there? I am just being silly. I just don’t know how to respond. I didn’t expect her to get pregnant. I didn’t even know it was possible for a demon and a reaper to have a child together. I used to be someone who would think a child like that is an abomination. I used to scrutinize Sutcliff for being attracted to demons. Guess I am just a major hypocrite. I fell in love with a demon and am having a child with her. I never expected any of this.

“Knox” I said. He looked up from his work. “Go get Anna please.” He groaned. He has so much attitude around me. What is going on in that head of his? He stood up and walked out in a huff. Have I done something wrong?

Ronald’s Point Of View:

Do this! And do that! I’m in a bad mood, okay William. The deal with Anna was to get you married. Now she’s pregnant, you are bound to marry her. I am doomed. It’s droning on me like a plague. I am scared, very scared. What do you expect? I am going to get my soul eaten by a demon and all you can do is make me do more stuff. The more I’m with her, the more it pains me. I can feel my time running out and I am scared. I once loved this girl. I loved her so much we did stuff. Maybe we shouldn’t have done stuff. Maybe she is right- I am a pervert. Have I wasted my life.

Chapter 20

15th March 1891

Dear Journal,

I am sorry for the time skips. Hormones are kicking in and I seem to be crying more than anything else lately. I’m not sure whether I am upset or it’s just the hormones- I can’t tell anymore. I have that baby bump growing. It’s only small, but this fetusĀ is only 3 months old. It’s old enough for it to start kicking though. These kicks hurt, and it’s only just started. The more it develops the more the kicking will get worse.

I went to see the reaper doctor the other day. This baby can’t come out through a natural birth. I need a C section or I may die. A C section is where they cut it out isn’t it? Even with the C section I may die. Due to this, the wedding is in August- 1 month before the baby is due. I am really excited. I am going to be married, have a kid and get a delicious meal. How could anyone refuse such a delightful life?

Love, Anna.

19th May 1891

Dear Journal,

I lost you Journal, I am sorry. Me and Will are happy. I have started a very long maternity leave. According to Ronald my skin has been becoming pale. I did tell you that I may die, didn’t I journal? I have slept more times these last few months than I have in my entire life. Carrying this baby is exhausting. My fringe is starting to grow, again, but I quite like people seeing my eyes now. Something is happening with them anyway. They are turning green and my eyesight is deteriorating. I am really scared. Am I turning into a reaper? I hope not.

Love, Anna.

27th August 1891

Dear Journal,

My wedding day was supposed to be today, but I went into labor early and had to be rushed to the hospital. All dressed up in my wedding dress and my waters break, followed by a red sticky substance. They got the child out and I’m alive… obviously. The baby is a boy. He has one green eye and one crimson. My eyes are turning green now. I have spectacles. Anyway the boy is called Edward. I like the name Edward. Me, Will and Edward are a happy family. Me and Will have to try and redo this wedding. I need a new dress.

Love, Anna.