When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 24-25+Epilogue

Chapter 24

William’s point of view:

I can’t believe Anna ate them souls, she’s been told not to eat souls- told her myself. I suppose I will have to tell the higher ups about this. She’s going to be in trouble but it will be my fault. What will I do then? If I go to the higher ups I will be told off as well. They don’t know I married Anna. They weren’t very happy when I let her work for us; imagine how they react to that. What do I do?

I told them. I can’t do what I have been told to do. They want rid of her. They want her dead. She’s “too much of a threat to us.” They want me to kill her. I can’t do it. I just can’t. She is my wife. How would you feel if you had to kill your spouse? Love is going to get in my way. In the past I would have killed her in a heartbeat, but I fell in love with her and married her, now I will never be able to do my job.

Anna sat down with Edward in her arms. She looked very beautiful. How can I do it? If I kill Anna then what happens with Edward. She turned to look at me and smiled.

“Hey love, back from work early?” She asked. I nodded. My face had turned emotionless and Anna could tell something was wrong, but she smiled anyway. I sat next to her. “He’s sleeping” She whispered. Why must I do this? I think I may lose my job if I don’t. I’d rather lose my job than kill her- but if I lose my job, she will get attacked and I won’t have the power to stop it. We will be broke. I decided, I have to do it, even if it costs me my own life.

I decided that Edward was to stay with either Ronald or Grell. This house is not to be touched by anyone accept Edward- That is a rule. Anna thought that getting rid of Edward was just an excuse for me to be alone with her. I still had a blank, emotionless face. If only she knew what really was happening. I want her to run. Run and scream. Why didn’t she run?

“Willy, what is wrong?” She asked. I didn’t answer her. She hugged me. “You don’t have to tell me, just know I will always be here for you.” I breathed in her scent. It was the last chance I was going to get to see her natural beauty and smell her natural scent. I love this woman so much, I can’t let her go.

“I’m sorry” I responded. I had begun. A knife I held pierced her abdomen. She gasped at what was happening. The knife won’t kill her; it’s just a warning that I had to kill her. Maybe she will run. I hope she does.

Chapter 25

He stabbed me. Is he trying to tell me something? Is it time? Is my dream about to come true? I backed away from him and pulled the knife out of my abdomen. He picked up his death scythe. I ran outside and his scythe extended. It hit my arm, causing blood to leak out.

“Will, what are you doing?” I asked. I know what he’s doing. I don’t know why I asked. He looked at me blankly as he followed me outside.

“I’m sorry” He repeated and slashed his scythe at me. I only just managed to evade it, but it slashed at me again. He looked possessed. What did I do wrong? I don’t think I did anything, what happened at work? I did what anyone would do in this situation and I ran.
His scythe extended again and it clipped at me. I got a nasty cut from being hit by it and when it clipped I lost some hair. I grabbed the scythe, but it pulled it back, bringing me closer to him. He slashed at me again. I had to do some flips to get away from it. I stood facing him a good 20 ft away from him. His scythe extended again and I couldn’t get away. It pierced into me, cutting through my chest. As it was pulled out my cinematic record came flying out. I cried I think, but all too fast. Will had cut it and I fell down. Everything went numb and cold. I couldn’t see. I felt so lifeless. I think I died.

William’s Point of view:
I-I did it. I killed her. As soon as she fell I ran to her body. I threw my scythe and laid her across me. Part of me was praying I didn’t kill her. I was praying that she would wake up and it would be alright. I killed her. I killed my wife. I killed the love of my life. I kissed her and then the tears fell.

“I’m so sorry Anna.” I caught Grell passing by. It’s about time I called him a she. Anna always did. “Grell” I said and that got her attention. Her eyes widened and she ran to me. She checked Anna for a pulse but was sad to find none.

“What happened Will?” Grell asked. I couldn’t answer though. I did it. I killed her.

“I-I did it. I killed my wife.” I cried harder, “Please wake up Anna. Please don’t be dead!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. “Live!” I knew this was hopeless.

“Why? Why would you kill her?” Grell was tearing up. I cried more. I knew she wanted to comfort me and tell me not to cry, but she couldn’t. She kissed my head and walked off.
I picked up my death scythe and looked at it before stabbing myself with it. Blood splattered everywhere. It hit Grell as she walked away, which made her turn back. Blood splattered from my mouth and I fell, my cinematic record flowing out. My one regret is losing Anna. I can be with her now. I can be happy with my love. Grell rushed to my side.

“Willy! Willy no!” She cried more, but it was too late. She couldn’t stop it now. My cinematic record is almost finished. It’s too late.


Edward’s Point of view:

The date is the 27th August 1907. It is my 16th birthday. Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Grell are taking me somewhere special to celebrate. They have raised me for 16 years and last year they married. In their vows they mentioned a demon named Anna Lee and a reaper named William T Spears. I have always heard so much about these two but I have never met them.

They took me to this house and told me that this is where Anna and Will lived. Lived… Past tense. What happened to them? I looked around and found a load of paper work. The house was fairly basic. It had a photograph of the two holding the baby. In front of it were two rings. They died? What happened to the baby? I found a death scythe which looked something like weed clippers. Was this his?

A pile of papers were in the draw. A diary? Anna’s diary. Also there was some letters and notes. I have to read these.

T-they were m-my parents. No wonder I never knew them. They died when I was a baby. This brought a tear to my eye. I read their story. I know who the villain is. First it was the bullies who hurt my mother. Then it was Ronald for hurting her. Next was Grell for making them cheat on each other. After that was my mother for eating the soul and finally was my father for killing my mother. Overall the villain of this story was love. Love killed them.