When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 3-5

Chapter 3

Ronald took me out for a meal, just like he said he would, only he made me wear this skin tight dress. Women of this time should not wear skin tight clothing on a date. We should wear a corset and a flowing dress. I thinks he only likes this dress because it comes off easily and is practically sculpted to my body shape. Pervert.

“You look really nice Anna.” He said. His cheeks were slightly red. I wore finger-less gloves to cover my contract seal, and Ronald wore normal gloves.

“Well don’t you two look like a cute couple” the waitress came over and smiled.

“We’re not a couple” Ronald spoke, in a rather sad tone.

“He’s my boss” I added and she looked shocked.

“My apologies, may I take your order?” I told her what I wanted and Ronald ordered the same.

“Anna, tonight I want you to pleasure me.” He ordered. I wanted to smack him so hard for this, but I didn’t. He isn’t the first master I have had that has asked me to do that. Perhaps I should change my looks so they stop asking.

“Yes master” I answered calmly.

I would love to say that I didn’t go back to his place and do stuff with him, but I did. I can’t break my master’s orders unless his life is at stake. Besides, this way it brings me closer to him, and I could smell his soul. His soul was hypnotizing. It would be enough to turn someone inside. It smelt so very nice. I am going to need to come up with a plan to get Will married, I need that soul so badly.

I saw Grell at work the next day. She could tell me and Ronald did stuff. The swollen lips and bruised neck was enough to give that away.

“I thought there was nothing between you and Ronald” She teased. She knows I can’t reject my master’s orders.

“Grell I need to get Will married. His soul, it smells too good” I prayed that Will didn’t hear that. Grell burst out laughing once again.

“Why don’t you talk to Undertaker?” she suggested. I shook my head. He’s even more perverted towards me than Ronald. “Fine, then I will help you come up with a plan, but it may not work” we discussed the plan. I hope it works. The plan is to hand around Will until it annoys him. Then I ask him out. I doubt he will say yes, but I will tell him that if he goes out with me, he will be able to get rid of me sooner. That has to work, right? Not sure how the marriage thing will work though.

In my dream; Will, Grell, and Ronald were attacking me. What if this is why they were attacking me? What if it is because I marry Will but I can’t get away from him? I have to go through with this plan, but it can go south very, very fast. I hope it all works out. If I have to do that again with Ronald, I may actually go insane and attack him right there and then. I would be breaking contract rules and will be stuck in Hell for an awful long time, but, it might be too difficult to stop myself. I doubt that I will be locked up, my dream is more likely to come true. It wouldn’t be the first time it did. I am rather scared now. Something bad is going to happen.

Chapter 4

 “William T Spears!” I yelled rather loudly. He has been talking about me behind my back, why would I ever want to date him now?

“Yes, what is it?” he asked. His cold demeanor was very powerful, I get why Grell likes it so much. It makes him seem mysterious, which is kind of attractive.

“You have 1 minute to explain why you have been talking about me behind my back, or ill-“He cut me off. How rude!

“You’ll what? Anything you do, Knox takes the consequences for. If you must know, I was telling the higher ups that I trust you and that you should work for us. You’re on a leash, you’re not much of a threat” He explained. He trusts me? I don’t understand. Why would he trust “low life scum” like me?

“What are you trying to pull?” There is no way I believe that he trusts me. William doesn’t even trust his own species, why would he trust a demon? He walks away and I spotted a slight blush on his cheeks. My jaw drops.

“Looks like Will has a crush on you” Ronald said. How much of that did he hear?

“What?” I ask. He smiles.

“I didn’t hear much of that conversation, only the bit where he said he trusts you and then he walked away blushing.” Ronald states. Will likes me? He actually likes me? My plan may not work if he likes me. Wait… He’s trying to get me to work as a reaper!

When you get told you are going to work as a reaper, you imagine soul collecting, not this: piles and piles of paperwork. Most of it is because of Ronald and Grell. It looks like Will just dumped all that paperwork on a desk and said the desk is mine. Do you reckon he trysts me enough to go soul collecting? I don’t think he does. No reaper in their right mind would let a demon handle souls. I found a note hidden in the mass of paperwork. I was written in William’s cursive.

“I know I don’t write much anymore, but I have been feeling very strange lately. I think it is because she has joined us…”

Who is she? Why is she important?

“She is really important to me. I have to make her feel welcome, but I can’t. I keep being rude and cold. She’s hanging around with Ronald. I know I have no chance with her- William T spears”

There is no date on this letter. When is it from? Is this recent or old? Maybe it is and old lover he had. There is another note.

“Hello again. So I can’t even talk to her anymore. I have ruined everything with her. She came into the building with a bruised neck and swollen lips. She’s with Ronald. This is it for me. I have screwed up every chance I had with her. I am useless, worthless and stupid. She hates me. She has since we met. I was far too cold towards her. I am an idiot- William T Spears.”

I feel rather sad for him now. Whoever this girl is, she must mean a lot to him, and yet she is into Ronald not him. He is a cold person, but if I were her, I would give him a chance. Everyone deserves a chance. Should I give him back the notes? He would ask if I read them and a demon cannot lie. Maybe I should go to Grell and ask her what to do. I will hand him the notes back and then talk to Grell. I have paperwork to do first however, so I am stuck. Who is this girl? It is really bugging me now.

Chapter 5

William’s Point of View:

She recently started following me. Do you think she knows? I have to write another note. Where is my pile of notes? Never mind, I found them. The last two are missing. Where are they? Has she found them? Thank God I never wrote the girls name in them or I would be damned to eternal embarrassment. But if she finds it then she will know it’s her. She’s not stupid. I will give that much to demons, they have quite a keen minds. I think I just told you who I like. How stupid of me. Well you were going to find out eventually, might as well be me who tells you. I like Anna. There, I said it. I haven’t ever admitted that I liked someone before. She is messing me up. I have to stay strong. From the way she’s following me, she has found the notes but hasn’t figured out who I like yet. That is a good sign.

“Will” she spoke.

Anna’s point of view:

Will.” I said. He turned around and I swear he had a smile on his face.

“Yes? What is it Anna?” He just called me by my first name. Wait. The girl in the notes. Could she be me?

“Do you fancy going out later? I’ll buy you a drink.” I smiled at him. He was quiet for a while.

“Yes” he said simply. He was so quite. It has to be me he likes. Why did it take so long for me to figure this out? That means my plan may work. That means… Ronald was right. Brilliant, that means I’ll be pleasuring him tonight. I might go and hide in the ladies toilets and cry. But if I do that, then I will miss going out with Will.

Me and Will leave early, which I know is very rare for him. He must really like me. I took him to this bar, which had rooms for rent. He smiled. I would much rather spend the night cuddling William T Spears, than having coitus with Ronald Knox. Ronnie is alright, he is just a bit too perverted for my tastes. I can’t wait to eat his soul though. I am actually starving because I can smell it.

“Have you brought a prostitute into my bar?” the bar tender asked Will. Like he was bothered if I was a prostitute. If I was a prostitute he would probably pay to have sex with me, but I am not one of those filthy things.

“No, I have brought my girlfriend” Will responded to the man. Girlfriend? When did I agree to that? Oh well, I guess I do have to get him married before I can eat Ronald’s soul.

We got a bit tipsy and went to the rented room. It only had one bed, Will can have it because I don’t sleep. He cuddled up to me very close. This is strange for me, I aren’t used to having William so close. He looked at my face and went to move my fringe. I let him move it, but my eyes were close.

“Why do you keep your eyes hidden?” Will asked.

“Eyes show emotions and emotions hurt.” I answered. He caressed my cheek.

“Can I see them?” I debated a bit whether I should let him or not, then I opened them. They are a beautiful crimson colour. “Wow” was all he could say in response to them.