When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 6-8

Chapter 6

I woke up and Will was gone. Why do I feel so bad about cuddling with him? It isn’t right. Am I using him? Am I a terrible person? No I am not, I am a demon, and he probably expects me to do something dark and hurtful. I don’t want to hurt him. I got to know the real him while he was drunk. It was amazing. I really could fall for him. Do you think that when Grell flirts with him, it is because Will is cold and mysterious? Or because he knows the real William? I wouldn’t be surprised that she flirts with him that she flirts with him. I want to flirt with him. He’s gorgeous – for a reaper.

“Where have you been? You were gone all night, I got worried” Ronald said as I entered the building. He pulled me into a tight hug. I could see William over my shoulder. Will was looking down at his desk, presumably doing his work. He didn’t look up once. I felt really bad. “Anna, Where were you?” Ronald asked.

“I was with Will all night.” I responded, he kissed my head.

“Don’t stay out all night. I need to know you’re safe.” He rubbed my arm. Why does Ronald even care? He’s only using me for sex. Will actually cares for me. I walked over to my desk. There was a small, neat and organized pile of paperwork, with an envelope next to it. I opened the envelope- it was another one of Will’s notes, only this one had a letter to go along with it.

“She asked me out- I aren’t sure she likes me like that though. Now, however, I am wondering if she is in a relationship with Ronald or not- William T Spears”
That note was kind of cute. To answer your question Will, I aren’t interested in Ronald like that, he is my master, nothing more, nothing less. I aren’t sure if Will like him that way either but I need to be with him. I will learn to Love him, but demons struggle with love.

“Dear Anna,

Thank you for last night. I had a great time, but I can’t be with you if you are in a relationship. I am not quite sure if you are in a relationship or not- Which is kind of the problem. From last night, I would say you’re not, but I aren’t completely sure. You asked me out and I had to decline. Do you remember asking me out? You were pretty drunk and distracted at the time. I think you are a very beautiful person and if you were to ask me out sober, I would say yes. Do you know what the most beautiful part of you is? Your eyes. I wish you didn’t cover them up so much. I would love to see them again.

Yours truly

William T Spears.”

That let that Will sent was so cute. I am definitely going to ask him out. My eyes are my most beautiful part. That comment made me blush. I know it did. I think I am falling for him. Stupid reapers. So this is how love works? Have a crush on one to begin with, sleep with another and then fall in love with another? It is so complicated. It is like a big love triangle, except it’s more of a square. This is why I bury emotions like love.

Chapter 7

I wrote back to Will, and tried to put it on his desk without anyone noticing, but a blonde female and a ginger male caught me.

“Demon, why would you ever think Mr Spears will like you” The blonde yelled. Doesn’t news travel quickly? The ginger grabbed my hair and yanked my head down onto his knee, which rose at the same time. My nose bled instantly and bruised.

“No reaper would ever love scum like you!” The ginger male spat. He pinned me to the wall and the woman started to punch me.

“From what I have heard from Ronald, you’re a slut” The girl said. She tore my clothing “So let’s take you outside and see how much of a slut you are!”

There was more of them (mainly guys). I don’t want to say what they did to me next. It would ruin what little innocence this story has left. Right now, I want to die. They left me at the corner of the road, bleeding from more places than I wish to admit. Ronald called for me from his office, but I couldn’t move to go to him. They had broken me. The letter I had written was drenched in blood. My blood. I hope someone finds me soon. I hope it is William or Grell. I hope I can remove the memory of today and everything will be alright, but if I remove the memory from today then I remove the memory of the letter. The most beautiful part of me is my eyes. Am I beautiful now? Now that I am covered in bruises and my ribs are broken and I am bleeding. Am I still beautiful now?

Undertakers Point of view:

I needed to get some information on my latest client, so I went to reaper headquarters. The books in there have information on everyone’s life. As I was passing by, I heard a few groans and saw blood running down the pavement. Have I got another client? I turned down the streets and saw her. A girl, bruised to pieces, with ripped clothing –definitely not covering her areas- bleeding from a lot of her body. Her platinum blonde hair was staining red. Someone sure did a number on her. She was slipping in and out of consciousness. What kind of a monster does this to a person? I can sense that she is a demon but she has a contract. Demons aren’t that dangerous when they have a contract. Why would anyone do something like this? She clenched onto a blood stained envelope. I could just about tell who it said it was for.

I picked her up. She groaned and then screamed in pain. I needed to get her medical attention fast. I rushed into headquarters. William obviously saw me, and followed me. He looked worried seeing this woman, does he know her?

“Will, she is a demon” I said trying not to seem rude.

“I know, she is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen” he said. He sounds drunk. That really isn’t like him. He is walking fine and isn’t acting drunk, just talking like it. We got her help in time… I think.

Chapter 8

William’s Point of view:

I pasted backwards and forwards very worried. Anna had lost consciousness and I wasn’t allowed to her he condition. Whoever did this will pay! Undertaker is the person that found her, I will have to thank him. He is in the toilets washing her blood out of his long, grey hair. He had handed me a bloody letter. She must have written it too me. I opened it. Some of it was hard to read because the blood had seeped through the paper, but I can just about make out what it was saying.

“My dearest William,

I aren’t too sure what to say in this letter, you mean the world too me. I didn’t think a demon could find love, so I am a bit confused. Ronald and I are not an item. You don’t need to worry about that. He just uses me for his “needs” and of course, because I am under contract, I cannot say no to him. I always thought I was in love with Grell, but getting to know you these past few days, I have decided it is you I am in love with. You’re handsome, cool and have a beautiful personality (underneath the cold exterior). I hope we can send letters back and forth for a while. It is a way that you can show me that sweet side of you, without having to break your hard shell in public. I would love a relationship eventually because I have feelings for you. Eventually though, we need to get to know each other more first. I love you.

Yours truly

Anna lee


Three kisses on the end. I have to reply to her letter. I wonder what the terms of her contract are with Ronald. I might ask her, being a demon she can’t lie, so she will tell me. I will wait for her to recover first though.

The doctor came out of the room to tell me I could see her. Ronald and Grell ran around the corner and we all walked in together. She was sat up in a hospital gown. Her nose and eye was badly bruised. She has a cut on her cheek and was pale. Her eyes were closed. The doctor to cut her fringe because there was too much blood in it and it had clumped together. Her eyebrow had stitches. She looked terrible, and that was just her face.

“Good thing she is a demon, if she were human then she would have died” The doctor said. Thank God for that. “She will heal fine.”

She opened her eyes, making Ronald gasp. Ronald hasn’t seen her eyes before. She was wincing from the sunlight shining brightly through the window. I drew the curtains so it was a bit darker. Ronald was still in shock from her beautiful eyes. Why wasn’t Grell shocked? He hasn’t seen them has he? I thought I was the only one to have seen her eyes. I am a bit disappointed now. Grell and Ronald sat down on her bed and hugged her, making her grunt. They hadn’t realised they were hurting her. I sat down on the chair next to her bed and started to write her a letter for her to respond to later. I was telling her how I feel about her letter she sent me, and how much I needed her. I was telling her how she was making me feel with her in hospital. I was telling her how much I loved her.