When the Reapers came to play- Chapter 9-11

Chapter 9

My eyes are open for everyone to see. Luckily only Ronald, Grell and William saw them. Will and Grell, of course, have already seen them- however this was Ronald’s first time seeing them. His reaction was beautiful. Grell understands that I don’t like people seeing my eyes so ripped her shirt as a temporary blindfold for me. I smiled and put it on. I am quite good at walking around blind, so the darkness was no problem for me. Something about the dark comforts me.

“Anna, your eyes are so beautiful, why do you hide the?” Ronald asks, I sigh in response. I am not explaining this to Ronald. I have already told both Grell and William the reason.

“Eyes show emotions, and emotions hurt” William spoke. This put a smile on my face. He remembered. I really do love him. I could just kiss him now.

“So what happened? Who did this to you?” Ronald asked. My head dropped. It is a very painful memory that I would prefer not to talk about, however I had to tell them. It won’t get better if I don’t tell them. I open my mouth to speak, but I got a sick feeling and started to feel dizzy at the memory. I was passed around from man to man. I don’t remember what most of them looked like.

“Anna, please tell us, we need to know this” Grell said. I wish they would stop panicking. Why can’t they be calm like Will? Undertaker walked in. He smiled at me then his face turned shocked, realizing who I was.

“Hello my dear” He spoke. I felt a shiver go down my spine. I hate people calling me ‘dear’, really it is weird. “I hadn’t realized it was you I was carrying.”

“Thank you Undie.” I smiled at him. He let out a sigh.

“And I was really hoping, when I saw the blood, that I had a new client. Such a shame. You know I like the ones with lots of cuts” I sighed. If I were human I would be dead. He would be so happy if I were human.

A few weeks later, I was discharged from hospital. The bruises had healed completely, my bones were set into place and the cuts were just about closed up- but they were scabbed. I walked with a limp. Ronald held me up.

“Anna, William left you another letter. Would you like me to read it to you?” Ronald offered. I shook my head to say no. Those letters are private between me and Will. I would feel awkward if Ronald read them, wouldn’t you? It is only logical that I don’t let him see them, isn’t it?

Chapter 10

Me and Will passed letters back and forth every day. I stored every letter he sent me. The latest one was the best one. He had finally asked me out. Instead of writing back, I decided I had to answer in person. The walk to his office was awful. Reapers stared at me with hate. The looks in their eyes were evil. I made it to Will’s office and knocked on the door. There was a woman’s giggle coming from inside. I opened the door. It was the woman from before. She was sat on the desk, with her legs spread for William. He couldn’t help but look.

“You!” I snapped and she turned around. “You are going to die” I yelled and grabbed her by the throat. William pulled me off of her.

“Anna, you need to calm down” he said mad.

“She’s one of the people who put me in the hospital!” I snapped loudly. Will’s eyes turned dark as he looked at the woman. She ran off scared. I struggled more, trying to chase after her. Will had hold of me firmly.

“Anna calm down please. She will be dealt with.” I felt something warm press against the back of my neck. Was Will kissing it?

“Will?” I asked and turned to him. He was kissing my neck. “I came to tell you yes. Yes to your question. I will be your girlfriend. But I have a question, why do you want to keep it a secret?” I ask. His face lit up when I said yes.

“Because I’m not a very open person” He responded.

Will and I spent the day together happily out of sight. I never knew he was such a good kisser. His lips were warm and full of life. It was honestly the best kiss I ever had.

“Anna” a voice called out. It was Ronald. I left William’s office with a pile of paperwork to meet Ronald. “Anna, now your finally back to health I need you to take care of my urges.” I shook my head

“Get another girl to do it, I have a boyfriend” I was making it very clear that I didn’t want too. I started to walk away but Ronald pulled on the knot of my blind fold. I can see a bit out of the blindfold so I aren’t completely blind.

“Anna, it is an order” I hate him right now. I cannot say no to him. I turned to face him.

“Pervert” I said, “but okay.” I walked away growling under my breath.

I went to Ronald’s place to fulfil my order. He was talking to Will and Grell about me. The all went silent when I walked in and they stared at me. Ronald smiled and the other two left. Ronald pulled me close.

“I missed you” he said, trying to be seductive. I turned my head, not wanting to look at him. He started to kiss my neck. “Are you in a relationship with William?” Ronald asked.

“Yes” I answered honestly. I hate not being able to lie. It is such a liability. He sighs and grabs my wrist tight.

“You are not allowed to leave this house, understood!” His eyes looked dark. “You belong to me, not him!” I wish I was allowed to hurt my master. What he is doing, is not right. I am not his property nor his prisoner.

“Why?” I asked. He sucked my neck leaving a massive hickey.

“It is an order. Love me, not him” He doesn’t know that he cannot order feelings. Fool. He can make me do whatever he likes, but feelings can’t be forced.

Chapter 11

Silence. Ronald had left the house for work. I aren’t allowed to leave the house so I am left in silence. I don’t mind this to be honest. It gives me chance to think things over without Ronald using me and ordering me about. There was a knock at the door. Do I answer it? I am going to anyway.

I opened the door to find Will standing there. He invited himself in and sat on the sofa before I could protest. He gestured for me to come over, so I did. He pulled me on to his lap and kissed my cheek. I swear I blushed because my cheeks went warm. Why is her here?

“Why aren’t you at work? I got worried” He asked. This made me blush more than I wanted to. “I will save you. What are your terms with Ronald?” I don’t want to tell him that it is to get him married- but I have to. I can’t lie.

“You have to get married” I whisper in hope that he didn’t hear me, but he did. He frowned. I have messed everything up now. I bet he thinks I am using him. I’m not. I actually care for him. These feelings can only be described as love. I cannot describe them as anything else. They are love.

“Okay” I was getting worried. There was an awkward silence. “Then I guess-“

“What?” I interrupted. I was just glad that the silence was gone. He took my hand and smiled.

“Will you marry me?” He asked. My eyes widened. Should I say yes? I think I should, but not yet. Isn’t this rushing it a bit? We only got together yesterday. “The wedding doesn’t have to be soon, but I want to save you, because I love you.” This was honestly the best thing I have ever heard in my whole life.

“Yes” I answered quietly. He kissed me happily and I kissed back. But then Ronald came home…

“Anna, what are you doing?” Ronald asked. He sounded so angry “William please leave.” Will kissed my cheek then got up to leave.

“I was kissing my fiancĂ©” I said bluntly. Ronald scoffed and grabbed my hand. He pinned me to the wall.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you are mine? Do I have to prove it too you?” He forced me into a kiss. I tried to escape his grip but it just tightened. Why won’t he let me be happy? I really regret making a contract with him! He dragged me too his room and locked the door. This is too horrible to say so I won’t tell you what happened. Let’s just say, Ronald has objectified me and claimed me.

If you ask me, the Gods are a load of rubbish- however, if there is a God he was definitely punishing me. I can’t hurt Ronald. I remember a demon named Claude Faustus recently killed his master, and karma killed him- literally. I don’t want karma to hurt me. I am hurt enough. Hopefully, William and I will marry soon and I can eat Ronald’s soul. Have you discovered who the hero and villain of this story is yet? I bet you can’t guess. You’re going to get a big shock in the end. I think this story is getting interesting, don’t you? Dark, but interesting.