When the Reapers came to play- Prologue/Chapter1-2


Run and don’t stop
He’s right behind me
He’s almost upon me
He has caught up
He’s pulling out his death scythe
He slashes it at me

I never knew why I have thoughts like that when I sleep. Why do i even want to sleep? I am a demon, demons only sleep as a luxury, but considering I just finished my delicious feast- my masters soul- I decided it was time to sleep. It has, afterall, been 500 years since I last slept. But everytime I close my eyes the image of a reaper killing me is there. I don’t like to interfere with reapers, just like they don’t like to interfere with me. Why would I dream up a reaper killing me? And it gets worse because i know the reaper by name (or rather reapers). There is 3 of them. One has brown hair, which is neatly styled, and he acts all professional. That is William- he doesn’t like me very much. Another one has a shaggy hair cut which is blonde, this one is Ronald. He likes to flirt. The two of them dress in their uniform (a black suit) with pride.  The final one, Grell, has long, straight red hair that goes below their bottom.  He wears a beautiful red women’s coat which he half puts his arms into. Grell likes to be refereed to as a she and because I quite like this reaper, I will respect that decision. Besides, even though Grell is a reaper, I have a crush on her. I would love to have a taste of her soul. Not eat it – I care too much about her- never eat it, just taste it.

I just realized I never introduced myself. My last master called me Anna Lee. I know funny name for a demon, they thought so as well. Well anyway that’s me. I hope you enjoy my story :).

Chapter 1

 The wind blew. Shivers spread across my body. The time, 2:45 am. Reels and reels of cinematic records were flying through the sky. It looks like the reapers are having a busy night. I sometimes wish I could join them on their jobs, but I am not allowed to. They are scared I will “try and sink my teeth into the souls.” Why would I eat them low class souls that they deal with? I have a specific taste I like. I have class. Snow starts to fall. Wonderful. Just what I needed- more cold! The coldness wouldn’t normally bother me but I just ate. My skin is freezing.

“Mind out of the way Lee. You have no business here!” William said as he pushed his spectacles up his face using his death scythe. I told you he didn’t like me.

“Relax Spears, I am here to see Grell, not you” I moved a strand of hair from my mouth. I hate it when my hair does that. I can’t wait for my hair to grow out. I can either cut it -which isn’t really an option because super short hair doesn’t go well with a fringe that covers my eyes- or I can wait for it to grow out, which is taking forever.

“Why would Sutcliff want to see you?” William asked in an extremely cold and sharp tone. Grell is the only person alive to have seen my eyes, that’s how much I care for him.

“Because Grell cares for her.” Ronald interjected. When did Ronald even appear? “I will supervise her while she’s in the

building” Ronald spoke. I started to walk but instantly stopped.

“Ronald!” I said in a rather dark tone. He had smacked my bottom but left his hand there. What a pervert.

“Sorry Ann” He removed his hand.

“Don’t make me remind you of personal boundaries” I started to walk again.

“I don’t understand though. Why Grell? Why not me? What have I done that is so bad?” Ronald asked. I sighed and shook my head.

“Because you’re a pervert” I said blankly. Ronald stopped and then smirked. A thought has passed through his mind.

“Do you have a master?” He asked. I stopped at the question. “You don’t, do you?” He laughed a little. What is he trying to say?

“No, why you asking me that? Are you offering?” A laugh escaped my throat. Like a reaper would ask a demon for a contract.

“Yes I am offering” Ronald said. I have to reuse, don’t I? I mean he’s probably only after me for something perverted. I have to reject. But, a reapers soul. I hear they taste fantastic. No. I have to decline his offer.

“Deal” I said. Stupid me.

Ronald led me to his desk, where we are to discuss the terms of our agreement. It’s Ronald, I already know what he is going to ask me to do. It can’t be anything else because there isn’t really any reason for a reaper to have a contract with a demon. They are just as qualified at everything, if not better. They are nearly Gods. Am I sure I want this? Well I can’t say no now. Now it is up to Ronald, not me.

“So you are to stay with me until William gets married” he laughed. I looked at him confused.

“What do you gain from that? Is that worth giving up your soul to me?” I asked. He took my hand. He would have looked me in the eye, but my hair covers my eyes.

“Yes” he said simply. I sighed and agreed to the terms. Is it even possible for William to find love? I bet it is. I gave Ronald my contract seal on his hand. Now his soul belongs to me.

Chapter 2

The worst bit of being a demon on a leash, is the slave driving. “Do this” and “do that”. We never catch a break. I have been following Ronald around for a week now. William wasn’t happy when he found out about the contract deal. He gave Ronald stacks and stacks of paperwork. I am not allowed to walk around reaper headquarters without Ronald, but Ronald is tied down with work. I only want to see Grell.

“Anna, what do you say to me treating you tonight?” Ronald asks.

“Treating me how” I ask in return, he looks up from his stack of work to look at me.

“You have been cooped up here for 3 days, I just want to take you out for a meal and let you have a little fun.” He rubbed the back of his head like an innocent little child. I don’t trust him. “A little fun” must be a metaphor for something.

“Can I go see Grell now?” I asked. Ronald stood up.

“Sit down Knox” He sat back down.

“Will, don’t interfere, I need to speak to Grell.” I whined like a little child. Will didn’t respond to that. I have to come up with a new plan. I have an idea. “Oh Mr Spears.” He turned his head to look at me.

“What is it Lee?” he asked. I loosened my tie and undid my top button. I put my hand on his cheek, I was clearly flirting. A small, faint and barely- noticeable blush formed on his cheeks.

“I am too hot, please take me outside” I begged, getting extremely close to him. My hand was on his chest while the other one still laid on his cheek. He grabbed my arms quite tight to get me to stop.

“Demons don’t get too hot. Stop trying, I will not fraternize with low life scum like you.” He let go and pushed me. I don’t think he meant to push me that hard but I fell to the ground. Ronald rushed to my side and helped me up.

“Some gentleman you are Will, like that is anyway to treat a lady!” Ronald snapped at him. Will adjusted his tie, pushed up his spectacles and then pinched the bridge of his nose.

Ronald took me outside. I dusted off a bit of dirt from my suit. I had to start wearing a suit because I am working with Ronald, sort of.

“Are you alright?” Ronald asked, checking me over for injuries.

“Ronnie, I am fine” I said. He took my hand.

“Good.” His lips pressed against mine, his eyes were closed. My eyes widened (as if I hadn’t expected this). I saw Grell walk past. She looked at us.

“Anna, is that you?” She asked. I pushed Ronald off of me quickly.

“Grell, this isn’t what it looks like.” I said. Grell’s eyes showed hurt and upset but she smiled.

“You don’t have to explain yourself Anna. I don’t mind, really I don’t” Grell said. It was my turn to look sad.

“Oh I get it now. I get why it is always Grell over me, you like-“I put my hand over Ronald’s mouth to shut him up.

“Master, please don’t” I begged.

“Master?” Grell was confused, then she saw my contract seal on Ronald’s hand. “What terms did you agree too?” She questioned.

“I stay with him until William gets married.” I told Grell. She burst out laughing.

“That’s probably never going to happen” she laughed a lot. William probably won’t ever get married, he probably won’t even get a girlfriend, he doesn’t like people.