Choji 1

Nom nom nom nom nom. Nom nom nom nom nom. A nom nom nom nom nom nom. You were eating the whole buffet with choji at narutos party. Nom nom nom. The fish sticks… eaten. The chips… eaten. The cake… guess what… eaten. The sea food… eaten. The pie… about to be eaten.

“7 minutes in heaven” Naruto says in the main room. You and choji enter the room, stuffing your faces with the pie. Naruto forces a hat in your face and you put your hand in. You pull out a chip/crisp.

“I got you choji” you say. You were okay with this because Choji is your best friend.

You get shut into the cupboard with him.

“7 minutes guys”naruto says. You look at choji. The two of you barely fit in the cupboard but you didnt mind.

“Look (Y/N)…” choji begins. He rubs the back of his neck. “I kinda forced you to be in here.”

“Im lost” you say eating a bag of crisps/chips.

“I took everyone elses objects out of the hat and filled it with chips/crisps because I…” he blushes. “I think I- no I know I love you” he says making you blush. He kisses you.

“7 minutes is up” naruto says and swings the door open.

“Meet me at the buffet in a few” choji whispers and the two of you try to squeeze out of the cupboard. You met him at the buffet and kissed him.

“I love you to” you tell him.