Deidara 1

A/N- in this one you have been dating Deidara for 5 months. This is also set at the Akatsuki hideout.

“Can Tobi move yet?” Tobi asks. He was modeling for you while you painted. You nodded as you finished. Deidara grabbed your waist.

“looking good, un” He says with lust in his voice. You never thought you would be this infatuated with anyone in your life. You love Deidara. You love his deep manly voice, you love his long blonde hair, you love his art, you love is blue eyes. You love him!

Tobi looks at the painting.

“Tobi a good boy” he says and leaves.

“why dont we play a game?” You ask Deidara. He nods. “7 minutes in heave, but instead of it being 7m mins its as long as we like and instead of spinning a bottle or pulling sommat out of a hat, its just the two of us” You smirk.

“Y/N I love that idea” He says and starts kissing your neck. You smirk as he leaves a hickey on your neck.

Deidara picks you up and throws you onto your bed. He crawls over you and kisses your lips. He slowly dry humps you causing a small moan to slip out of your mouth.  He humped harder and slid his hand up your top, lifting the top as his hand went up towards your breasts.

Things happened but they were ruined when Tobi ran back in yelling “Tobis a good boy.”