Deidara 2 (lemon)

You were humming the song ‘its a beautiful day’ by Michael Buble. You don’t remember the lyrics to the verses properly so you tend to hum them and sing the chorus. Deidara had taken you out to a field and you were painting it.

“It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling, If we’re drinking, then I’m buying, And I know there’s no denying , It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing, And even if it started raining, You won’t hear this boy complaining, Cause I’m glad that you’re the one who got away, It’s a beautiful day” You sung as your painting was forming into shape. Your hands and face had paint on them. Deidara’s arms slide around your waist and his chin rested on your shoulder.
“That’s looking good, un” he complimented.
“Are you crazy?! It’s crap!” You say to your boyfriend of 9 months, your relationship started in the games.
You kick your painting over and sit down in a huff. Deidara picks it up.
“Maybe we could turn it into an explosion, un” he said.
“You are not blowing my art work up” you said in a serious tone.
“But you don’t like it, un?” Deidara said. he was baffled by you mixed emotions.
“I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I just said it was crap” you say. Deidara puts it on the easel. “By the way, speaking of explosions, I made you a present.” you went in your bag and brought out some home made fireworks.
“fireworks” Deidara said with a sparkle in his eye.
“I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed some if your detonating clay to make them” he didn’t mind.
“I don’t mind, yeah, I love them” he says.
“Happy 9 month anniversary” you say laughing.
“And to think I was just going to have sex with you as a present, un” he answers.
“You were what?” You feel your cheeks heat up.
“Oh shit, un, I ruined the surprise.” You walked up to him and cupped his cheek then kissed him.
“Take me home then” you say blushing.

*time skippy-no jutsu (a/n- sorry I had writers block for that bit so ill just move onto the lemon)

You laid on the bed and Deidara kissed your neck roughly. He always became a bit of an animal when kissing your neck, yet was so gentle when he kissed your lips and cheeks. Its what made him special to you. He kissed down your neck searching hungrily for that special spot that made you moan. He found it and you bit your lip to stop yourself from moaning, but a squeak came from the back of your throat, which told him that he had found it. He then sucked hard on that spot turning it black and nibbled at it a lot. You bit your lip harder and he looked at it.
“Come on (y/n), stop teasing me, un. How am i supposed to get turned on if you dont moan?” He asks. You look down his body and spotted the large tent in his pants.
“You look turned on anyway” You say and kiss his lips gently. His hands started to feel up and down your back and he unclipped your bra through your shirt. He broke the kiss slightly to remove both the shirt and the bra then went back to kissing. His tongue glided over your lip and into your mouth. He licked around merrily. He lightly groped your boob and you moaned onto his lips. He pressed his body against yours, so you could feel his hard member against your leg. You were getting wetter by the minute. The feeling of his schlong made you want to have him in you already

He started to kiss down your neck again and down your collar bone. He occasionally nipped and sucked in spots then made his way down the middle of your breasts. He rubbed them both with his hands quite roughly. You couldn’t stop moaning at his touch. He made his way back up your right boob and sucked on the bud of your nipple. Licking it and nibbling on it you moaned his name. With the other boob her was fiddling with your nipple. The pleasure was overwhelming. He then moved onto the other one and gave it the same treatment. His hand trailed down and went under your pants. He rubbed on your clit gently and you moaned an involuntary moan. He pulled down your pants and stuck 2 fingers inside of you. It stung a bit then it was pleasurable. You moaned more.

He pulled out and lined his member up at your entrance.
“You ready sexy, un?” He asked. You giggled because he called you sexy then nodded. He slowly entered you. It stung like a bitch but you soon got used to it and then came unimaginable pleasure. You moaned and that sparked something. Deidara started to thrust into you harder and fast. Getting harder with each thrust. You threw your head back moaning. He was also moaning. Each thrust was getting faster and then he hit that one spot which sent you over the edge. Seeing stars, you orgasmed and released onto his member but that didn’t stop him thrusting into you hard. You couldn’t keep up with the moans coming from your mouth. Deidara’s thrusts became sloppy. With one final thrust he came deep inside of you. You moaned releasing onto his member again. He pulled out and laid next to you. You snuggled up to him.
“Happy birthday, un, love you” He said through his pants.
“I love you to Dei-dei”