Gaara 1

You sat in the lounge. You didn’t like playing games but Naruto wouldn’t let you out of playing this. 7 minutes in heaven. You were dreading getting a guy you didn’t like. You put your hand in a bag and ruffled through it. You pulled out a small object made of sand.

“who’s is this little cute thing?” you asked even though you knew who it belonged to. Gaara came to you and took your hand.
“That would be mine” he says in his deep amazing voice. You giggled. You always had a crush on Gaara, ever since you met him. While people were running from him screaming, you stayed put and was his friend.

You went into the cupboard, Naruto closed the door behind you.
“7 minutes you guys!” He yelled enthusiastically through the door. Your eyes soon adjusted to the dark room and you blushed seeing Gaara stood inches away from you.

“we don’t have to do anything (Y/N), but i thought i would tell you. You were the only person who stood by me when everyone ran and screamed…” his eyes lock onto your’s “what I’m trying to say is (Y/N) I think… no I know that I love you.” Your face turned bright red. “Gaara, it’s funny but I feel exactly the same about you, and I have been waiting for you to say that for months” You reply.

His lips pressed gently against your’s and his arms around your waist. He kissed you with so much passion and love that a happy tear came to your eye. You kissed back with the same amount of passion and your arms went around his neck.

The door swung open. A blinding light invaded the room. You heard some small giggles and you looked out of the door.
“Looks like (Y/N) enjoyed it in there” Sakura says. You throw her a smug smirk then kiss Gaara again. You didn’t care that people were looking, you loved Gaara with all of your heart!