Gaara 2 (lemon)

A/N so I thought I could write some lemons with the 7 minutes in heaven, like what happened afterwards and stuff. Idk, ill give it a chance and if it doesn’t work then meh. Heres the Gaara lemon. oh and a little information (y/b/d) means ‘your birthday date’ oh and your mother Is “SUPER SUPPORTIVE” over you in this.. (she just wants grandkids)

You had been with Gaara for about 5 months now after that cupboard. With Gaara being the kazekage of the sand village, you didn’t get to see him often, which hurt A LOT! So every time you got to be with him was special. Today was (y/b/d). You birthday yeyyyy. Gaara was coming to see you at your party. You really didn’t want to have a party but your mother said that you had to or you wouldn’t get to see no one. To be honest the only good things that comes from a birthday party thrown by your mother was presents. The food gave people food poisoning and the games put people to sleep.

The guests where arriving and wishing you happy birthday as they piled present upon present. You weren’t allowed to open any of the presents until all the guests had arrived and you was waiting for one person, Gaara.
“okay (y/n) you can open presents now” your mother says with a smile.
“No, not everyone is here, Gaara’s not here yet” You complain.
“Honey, hes the Kazekage now,  hes a very busy man, we don’t even know if he will come-”
“WE ARE WAITING FOR GAARA!” You snap and then the door opens and Gaara is stood there. He is dress like the pic above ^_^.
“sorry I’m late, I was doing paperwork” he says walking in. You run up to him and kiss him.
“You owe me Gaara” you giggle as you kiss each other.
“Ill make it worth your while” *insert winky face here*.

You opened your presents. There was a lot of stupid stuff. The only good thing you got was custom made kunai. You looked through the presents but couldn’t find Gaara’s. You looked around for him but he wasn’t there.
“Hey mum, wheres Gaara?” You asked. Your mother went super cheerful and had a fan girl moment.
“He’s in your room waiting for you” She informs you and then fangirls again. ‘Whats her problem?’ you think to yourself as you make your way to your room.

You opened your door and inside, laid sexily on your bed, was Gaara. The way he looked made you drool. This made him chuckle.
“Come here” he said with a purr in his voice. You did as told and climbed on the bed to him. He grabbed you by the waist and kissed you like a woman should be kissed. You kissed back. You felt his hands their way up your shirt and he removes it. You blush a lot as his kisses your neck and collar bone. You let out an involuntary moan from him hitting your soft spot. He took note of this and bit it. You both stripped completely off and it turned into a competition just like practically everything else you did. When ever you kissed you’d try and kiss the best. Now it was a competition for dominance. Person who moaned first lost.

Gaara groped your boob and rubbed it while sucking on the spot he marked out earlier. You were close to breaking with this. You bit your lip and tears formed in your eye. You rubbed your leg on his member to turn him on. He smirked and looked like he was holding back a moan aswell. He moved his hand down and started rubbing on your clit with one hand, with the other still groping your boob and him sucking on your neck. You couldn’t help it. It just slipped out. You moaned incredibly loud. You lost.

Gaara lays you down and straddles your waist. He goes up close to your ear and whispers
“i told you id make it worth your while” before lining himself up and thrusting into your womanhood. You yelled in pain and he stopped to let you adjust to his size. You gave him a nod when the pain had vanished and he started to pump in and out of you. You moaned as the pleasure filled your body and you shook. Gaara sucked on one of your boobs as he thrusted deep inside of you hard..
“FASTER GAARA” you moaned out and he picked up the speed. “HARDER” He thrusted harder and deeper. You bucked your hips as he did this, allowing him to get deeper and deeper. You felt yourself reaching your climax. “Gaara im gonna-” you came all over his member at the same time as having an orgasm. He released his hot seed into you and then collapsed next to you.
“Happy birthday (y/n)” he said before kissing your cheek and you both fell asleep

*Time skippy no jutsu*

You woke up feeling extremely soar. Gaara was still asleep next to you. You sat up to get ready for a shower then yelped as you ached. This woke Gaara up.
“huh?” he was confused and then he looked at you and smiled. “Morning (y/n) babe.”
“Morning Gaara” you smiled. “I was getting a shower, care to join me?”
“Id love to”

You both got into the shower and let the hot water fall over your bodies. You turned around to get the shampoo and Gaara hugged you from behind. He kissed your cheek and smiled.
“I love you (y/n), I’m so glad I got put in that cupboard with you” You blushed and smiled.”
“I love you to.”

*another time skippy no jutsu*

You was sat on the sofa snuggling up with Gaara when there was a knock at the door.
“Ill get it” Your mother says and opens the door. Some sand ninja are stood at the door.
“ma’am, is tha Kazekage here? he was last seen here yesterday and he has a lot of work to do” One of the ninja says.
“Why yes hes here, care to come in?” Your mother invited them in.

Gaara sat up from his slouching position seeing them enter. You frowned.
“have you come to take him back?” You ask in a glum, moody manner.
“Yes ma’am, im sorry but he has work to do”
“can I have a few minutes before I have to go?” Gaara requests. They give him 5 minutes and wait outside. Gaara looks at you. “(y/n), I know its hard for you to keep up with me. Not knowing when I’m going to have free time and all. I realised I never actually gave you your present last night.” Gaara knelt on one knee in front of you and held a ring up. “I don’t want to leave you so, (y/n) will you marry me?” He asks. Your eyes widen as he asks you this question.
“yes” you manage to say with the sudden shock. He puts the ring on your finger and takes your hand. You both walk out together and the sand ninja look at you and then see the engagement ring.

*a longer time skippy no justu 8 weeks later*

You looked at Gaara. You had been feeling sick all morning and Gaara was getting worried. You was currently sat at the toilet getting ready to vomit. Gaara rubbed your back.
“Gaara?” a ninja which you now know well says.
“Not now Kankuro, (y/n) isn’t very well.” Gaara says.
“Have you thought about taking her to medical.” to be honest Gaara hadn’t thought of that, he had just spent the morning trying to make you feel better.

*at medical*
The nurse looked at you.
“morning sickness, huh?” You nod. She goes through the routine questions. You know like whats your age and stuff, and then she got to, “is there any chance you could be pregnant?”
“what do you mean by that?”
“Well when was the last time you had sex?” you blushed bright red.
“ill repeat the question, when was the last time you had sex?”
“yeah I heard you the first time, I just don’t feel comfortable discussing this” you say.
“(y/n) we have a strict policy here, I can guarantee you anything said here will not leave the hospital” she convinces you to tell her.
“Last week…”
“Did you use contraception?” You shake your head. She runs some tests on you. She takes a wee sample and tests it.

After a little while of waiting she comes back in with the results of the test.
“So am I?” you say eagerly.
“my tests can confirm that you are indeed pregnant. About 2 weeks pregnant which mean you conceived around about 8 weeks ago” You mumble something about your party.
“well thank you, ill be off now”

You go back to a worried Gaara.
“Did you find out whats wrong? your not dying are you? please tell me your not dying” He panics.
“Gaara babe, I’m not dying. Its completely the opposite, I’m pregnant” you say. His face lightens up.
“That’s wonderful” he hugs you “im going to be a father and your going to be the most amazing mother ever!”