Hidan 1

You were at Jaraiya’s party dancing. You had Kiba behind you and Neji in front. Your grinded them as you danced because you thought it was funny how easily they got a hard on.

Some unexpected guests had arrived and more than one of them were staring at you grinding on the boys. They were about to push Neji and Kiba away but Jaraiya yelled
“7 minutes in heaven!” There was multiple groans at this sentance. Kiba and Neji gave you a hug which made you laugh and then kissed your cheek before running away, which made you laugh more.

Jaraiya handed you a hat. You put your hand in and pulled out a random piece of paper.
“Jashin” you read the word out loud. Jaraiya’s smile faded which kinda worried you. “Who is it?” You asked with panic on your face. You felt a hand grab you and drag you towards the cupboard.
“Come on b****” You looked at your partner. Everyone knows his name, he’s such a loud mouth.
“Ya know Hidan you could be a bit more polite” You yanked your hand away from him.
“Yeah yeah” the cupboard closes and quickly your cornered to the door with both of Hidan’s hands at either side of your head. “I saw you with them boys, you really know how to make a c*** rise”
“I only make them rise if the man has no control of it” you look at him “which is pretty much every man.”
“Well let’s test if I have control or not” He kisses you which comes as a shock, but you soon kiss back. Your hands go on the side of his neck (under his ears) as you kiss with more passion. Hidan’s hands go on your hips but slide down to you bottom and goes down your pants. He pulls away to breathe.

His face inches away from yours.
“We have 3 minutes left” He whispers.
“That’s not long enough, my place afterwards?” You ask and he accepts. He said he had to be a Jashinist and completely destroy it. (if ya know what I mean ?)

He kissed you again and the door opens with you to having a make out session.
“Just couldn’t keep your hands of each other could you?” Jaraiya laughs. Hidan growls at him and yanks you out the cupboard.
“Which way to your house b****?”