Itachi 1

You were so bored.  What were you even doing at Narutos party in the first place? You miss Sasuke. He was your best friend and he left you. You really miss him.

“7 mins in he-” naruto begins but is interrupted by a door swinging open.  A guy who looks like sasuke stands in the door way. Only he looks older. Is this Sasuke’s brother?

“You”he grabs you and throws you into the cupboard. You hit your head. Sasuke runs through the door. You see him just but Itachi closes the door. You bang on the door
“SASUKE!!” You yell. A chuckle happens behind your ear.
“Lets make sasuke jealous” Itachi whispers in your ear.

“No” you push him away. He just comes back and kisses your neck. “NO” you yell but then he hits your soft spot. You let out an involuntary moan. Itachi makes note of this and sucks that spot hard.

“Lets have a loud moan now. So sasuke can get angry” itachi says and sucks harder. You hold in your moan. He slides his hand up your top. You slap it back down. You are really strong but Itachi is stronger.

His hand drives upwards onto your breast. He massages and plays around a bit with your boob. You cant give in but you feel like your going to explode. You let out a giant moan.

He pulls off you with his eyes wide. A smirk crawls onto his face.
“Your lucky. If you hadnt have moaned I would I have gone further” he says and leaves. Sasuke runs in.

“(Y/n) are you okay?” He looks at the massive black hickey on your neck. “ITACHI ILL KILL YOU!!!”