Jiraiya 1

You sit on a chair, reading a book. You was at Jaraiya’s party and was bored. He was being a total idiot with his student, Naruto. You hate him sometimes. You just want to slap him. He is just like a little child. 50 year old men should not act like that. Maybe you will slap him. Naruto comes running to you.
“(Y/N), where playing seven minutes in heaven, do you want to play” He says.
“No” you say.
“Come on (Y/N), join in.” Jaraiya says. You sigh.
“Fine” You comment and groan.

Du sitzt auf einem stuhl, während du ein Buch liest. Du warst auf Jaraiya’s Party und zeimlich gelangweilt. Er war ein Vollidiot mit seinem Schüler Naruto. Du hasst ihn manchmal. Du willst ihn einfach nur ohrfeigen. Er ist wie ein Kleinkind. Ein 50-jähriger (Mann) sollte sich so nicht benehmen. Vielleicht wirst du ihn ohrfreigen. Naruto läuft auf dich zu.
“Hey (Y/N), wir spielen Seven minutes in heaven, willst du auch?” sagt er.
“Nein” sagst du.
“Ach komm schon (yn), mach mit. ” Sagst Jaraiya. Du seufzt.
“Fein” murmelst du. (I cba to do this no more XD)

You put your hand in the hat and felt around a bit. You pulled out something that felt cold in your hand. You looked at it and screamed. You threw it across the room.
“ALL RIGHT YOU GOT ME SWEETHEART!” Jaraiya said and picked up his object. It was a key ring with boobs on it.  You gulped as you made your way to the cupboard for your 7 minutes. You sat in the corner in a ball, scared of what Jaraiya might do to you. You know he sometimes touches you “accidently” on purpose. This game is practically giving him full rights to do them things to you. You see the door to the cupboard open and Jaraiya walk in. He sat in front of you and crawled towards you. You made your ball tighter and closed your eyes.

You felt a hand on your face. You opened your eyes to see your sensei looking into your eyes. For once you thought he was looking at you as a person and not a sex object but then his eyes looked down your shirt and you knew you was wrong. His nose began to bleed so you pushed him away.
“No pervy sage. Don’t touch me” You said firmly. Jaraiya backed off. You stood up and sighed before running behind him and jumping on his back. His hands held your legs and he smiled. You were both laughing. He twisted so you slid of his back onto his lap (weird flexibility). You look up at him and he kisses you. Weirdly you kiss back then the door flies open. You blush and run out of the cupboard quicker than you have ever run before.