Kakashi 1

You were reading an Icha Icha paradise book, which you had received when you stole the pouch of a Jonin with half his face covered and white hair. You had been invited to a party and you got bored so you was reading it. You had a light blush on your face and then you was distracted by the Jonins face in front of yours.

“So that’s where my pouch went” You had a nervous laugh and gave it back. “Not many people can steel from me you know, I’m impressed, what’s your name kid?” (Idk how old kakashi is so in this story he’s 30).
“First of all I’m not a kid, I’m 25 and my name is Aleya” you lied about your name.
“Hey (y/n) it’s your go to pick someone from the hat” you hang your head as Jaraiya yelled your name.
“Aleya? Huh?” Kakashi says.

You slouchily walk to Jaraiya and pick a name out of the hat.
“Kakashi Hatake” you read. He walks up to you.
“Well it looks like we’re going into the cupboard together” he smiles and closes an eye. You giggle.
“Okay” you smile back “so your the copy ninja huh?”
“Yes I am, which is why I’m curious of you and how you could steel from me” you get that nervous laugh again and you blush.

You walk into the cupboard.
“7 minutes guys, but knowing Kakashi, you may want more.” Jaraiya says and winks before closing the door. A bang could be heard from outside as Kakashi removed his mask and kissed you fast. You went straight back into the door and kissed back.
“Your very direct aren’t you?” You laugh.
“Unlike you, no wonder my Sharingan didn’t quite pick you up” You look into your eyes and smile seeing his Sharingan.

You were sat on the floor by the door
“Why did Jaraiya say that I might want more time?” You think back to reading his book.
“You read the book” Kakashi lays his head across you legs and looks up at your face.
“It was a porno, what has that got to do with you?”
“People think I’m a perv” You smile and bend over so you face is close to his.
“You are” you kiss and the door flys open.

Jaraiya chuckles at the sight. Kakashi pulls his mask up and gets up. He helps you and then puts his arm around you.
“I don’t want any longer in there Jaraiya.” you say and Kakashi leads you out like a gentleman.
“OH THE POWER OF YOUTH!” Guy thumbs up Kakashi.