Kankuro 1

You put you hand in a bag and tried finding an object which suited your liking. You cut yourself on something sharp. You pulled your hand out quickly.

“OWW SWEAT MOTHER OF RAMEN! WHO PUT THAT IN THERE!” You yelled sucking your injury.

“Sorry I couldn’t think of what to put in so I put a mini kunai in” Kankuro apologizes then smirks at you. “Well at least I got the pretty one” he grabs your hand and takes you to the cupboard.  Naruto closes the door.

“7 minutes you two” he says directing it more at Kankuro than at you. The door closes and immediately you feel lips crash into yours.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do that” Kankuro smirks. You blush bright red. You kiss him gently. Kankuro kisses back and pushes you to the wall. He tries to slip is tongue into your mouth but you don’t let it through. He grins and touches your boobs making you gasp. His tongue slides in automatically and he licks around.

You tongue catches his and he licks your tongue roughly making you moan. Your arms went around his neck and his went round your waist. You blushed a little as he slid his hand down your pants onto your bottom.

Naruto opened the door.

“7 minutes are up” he says. Kankuro leaves like nothing happened and you left and washed of the smeared face paint that you got off Kankuro’s face. After that he beckoned you to sit next to him and he kissed you in public.